Okay, so this is the last chapter, finally, of Blood Lust. Before anything, I would like to thank those who supported this fic from the very start! I truly appreciate your enthusiasm! The much awaited lemon can be found in this chapter, so I'll do my best! Also, a fight scene between Dark and Krad will be featured so this is going to be one hell of a workload! I hope everyone appreciates it! I have advanced the timeline a little bit so this chapter will immediately start on the evening of the Initiation. BTW, it's not easy to write a good lemon. It took me 2 days of preparation, and of course, a handful of M-rated fics to get the mood going. Enjoy!


From within the cold Niwa dungeon, a pair of striking purple eyes opened. In its face was a queer look – a mixture of amusement and determination. A furry bunny-like creature jumped towards him and from it came ethereal black wings. Clenching his right hand, a black sword appeared, and he brandished it with confidence. Staring at the lone window, he could see the full moon shining brightly, almost eerily. Swiping a few bangs off his face, he smirked.

"It's show time…"

At that, the wings enveloped him and he disappeared. Black feathers rested on the spot where he once stood.

Meanwhile, Niwa Residence, Living Room…

The whole Niwa family sat on the living room's plush couches. Daiki was drinking a cup of tea while reading the evening paper. Kosuke was watching the evening news with Daisuke. Emiko was quietly drinking her own cup of tea. Towa promptly served mochi to go with the tea.

Everyone heard the rumble made by the strong wind hitting the living room windows. Daiki stared at it, before looking back at his evening paper.

"It's about to begin…"

Daisuke turned to his grandfather, a worried look on his face.

"Will they be alright?"

Towa smiled comfortingly at Daisuke.

"Of course they will be, Dai-chan. I can feel Dark's presence. He's on his way there as we speak. He won't let anything happen to your friends. Just believe in him."

Meanwhile, Hiwatari Manor…

The Hiwatari Manor was situated far from the bustling center of Azumano. It stood on top of a hill in all of its antique glory, surrounded by old trees and unkempt grasslands. Old-fashioned lamp sconces adorned the place, and faint candle lights can be seen emanating from within the candy glass windows. For some reason, there was a small clock tower on top of the manor's roof. Visitors would surely run away at first sight.

Dark landed on top of the roof, a couple of steps away from the clock tower. He stared at it, before smirking.

"What a house. No wonder the boy wants to stray away from his family. Ah well. This is the perfect setting for a final combat."

Dark took out a black feather from his sword. It flashed a purple light. He threw it directly towards the clock. Upon contact, there was a blinding white flash. After the flash, Krad stood in front of the clock tower, a couple of steps away from Dark. Upon seeing Dark, Krad smirked.

"I see you've been sent here to stop me from doing my task…"

"That's very sharp of you. We can also put it this way: I came here to end your existence once and for all."

"That's actually a better reason. It makes me want to taste your blood more. But I am not stupid like you. First things come first. I won't waste my time playing with you while there is still something for me to do."

Krad was about to levitate away from Dark when suddenly, a black force barrier stopped him from doing so. He landed back on his previous position. He scowled at Dark.

"I should have known you planned something like this."

Dark smirked.

"I won't let you get away from me, not this time. Your earthly life ends here tonight."

At that, Krad clenched his right hand. A white sword appeared and he brandished it bravely towards Dark.

"Come, Dark! Let me taste your blood!"

The two ephemeral beings flew towards each other in full speed, their swords clashing against each other. Feathers were starting to fly everywhere as the two continued their heated sword battle. No one was giving up as they both were struggling to hurt the other, without much success as they both have battle prowess.

Dark smirked at Krad in the middle of a supremacy struggle.

"Why don't you just let the boy do what he wants to do? It's his life and no one else can decide for him."

"What he wants to do is none of my business. I am merely following orders. You should know better than to act against your master's better judgment."

"Oh so you're a slave now? I'm losing the little respect I have left for you."

"What I do is none of your concern. But keep talking as this will be your last chance to do so."

"Tsch. You are no fun. Where's the liberated Krad I knew centuries ago?"

Dark swung his sword and somersaulted backwards. He then threw a magical black feather towards Krad, who evaded successfully. The latter flew swiftly towards Dark, resuming the once heated sword fight. Dark continued to taunt Krad.

"So you completely sold your soul to a bunch of bloodsucking weirdoes. I pity you. If I were you, I'd rather remain a corpse than to follow a bunch of twisted, mindless, spineless fools."

"Their power attracted me, and I'd rather serve them than serve a lowly vampire clan like the one you're serving."

"Insult me all you want but when you insult the people who treated me like family, and not a slave, you're crossing the line."

The heated sword battle continued. Several roof tiles were already disintegrating. Soon enough, both emitted large amounts of spiritual energy, causing a small explosion. Alas, the sword fight continued.

Meanwhile, Satoshi's Room…

Satoshi's room was very spacious for a single person. The walls were painted black, and so was the flooring. A king-sized bed was placed in the far middle part of the room and other essentials can be found inside: a closet, a desk, a chair, a couch, a tea cabinet, and rows of bookshelves. Candles were all over the place. For a room inside an old manor, the place seemed squeaky clean. No cobwebs or the like.

Underneath the bed, a purple pentagram shone.

Risa was lying on the bed, wearing her normal day clothes: a zip-up blouse and a skirt. Satoshi was wearing his normal day clothes too: a body-hugging black turtleneck and a pair of black pants. He towered on top of her, smoldering Risa with his warm, lustful gaze.

"S-So…this is what you meant by the Initiation…"

Risa gulped. Her cheeks were blushing profusely. It hasn't even started and yet she was already sweating. She was looking directly at Satoshi's eyes, falling prey under his intense gaze. At her innocence, Satoshi smirked in amusement.

"Yes. What's the matter? You were so looking forward to it a few days back…"

His tone was silky and seductive, so much so that Risa couldn't even retort. Her throat had gone dry, thanks to the beautiful creature caging her down. She yelped a little when Satoshi inched closer towards her. He planted a chaste kiss on her lips before proceeding to her ear.

"Shall we start?"

Risa knew she wanted this but a part of her was scared, a huge one at that. Despite her expertise in boys and shopping, this was her first time doing this sort of thing. But she didn't want to lose to him.

"Asking a girl that is so unromantic. Everything must be spontaneous…" she whispered back. It took her a lot of guts (and air) to be able to string a sentence given the current situation. Satoshi chuckled.

"Okay then, spontaneous it is…"

Risa gasped when Satoshi planted wet kisses on the skin connecting her ear and neck. This early and she was already moaning in pleasure. She felt his body pressed hard against hers, and the thought heated her more down there. Satoshi moved towards the neck under her chin, sucking on a particular sensitive part. His hands were wandering all over her body. His right hand stopped on her right thigh and as his kiss got lower, his hand moved higher. Risa squirmed against his rough touch.

Satoshi continued to kiss Risa's collarbone but he was abruptly stopped when Risa held him in the face, making him move towards her beautiful one. Without a second thought, Risa kissed him hard and passionate. Satoshi growled against the kiss and he completely dominated over her. Hungrily, passionately, and needily, he kissed her back, his ardor increasing with each thrust of his tongue. He tasted her sweet hot cavern, exploring it like a navigator beholding his price. She pulled her head closer, and the endless friction they emitted on each other caused them to both sizzle.

The kiss seemed to last forever, but they had to stop. The need for air was becoming overwhelming. Both panted hard.

"D-Didn't you know that foreplay is essential? I g-guess a vampire still d-does things the primitive way…"

"When I'm done with you, you'd wish to experience the 'primitive way' every time we do this…"

Risa removed Satoshi's turtleneck, revealing a well-toned body – hard, chiseled, delicious. Her fingers lazily touched his chest, memorizing every outline. Satoshi ached under her touch. What she was doing was simple, and yet it had a ground shaking effect on his body. When she started to suck on a sensitive part on his neck, he lost half of his mind.

Satoshi wasted no time. His hands resumed their work, exploring her creamy thighs, touching her where his touch hurt the most. Every smooth contour was explored by his needy fingers. The need to feel her, to taste her, to make her scream his name in ecstasy – everything was starting to cloud his already lustful mind. He had no idea before that giving in to such pleasures could feel so surreal.

His mouth lightly grazed the valley between her chest and she hitched a breath as soon as the realization struck her. With his mouth, he unzipped her blouse, the zipper traveling downwards painfully slow. With every inch of exposed skin, she could feel his hot breath caressing her sensuously. When the zipper traveled down to the lowest point, he managed to completely get the blouse off her.

She was wearing a simple bra but she had no idea how much the sight turned him on. Sure, every night, he watched her sleep, sometimes in only her camisole, but God knows how much blood traveled down his hotspot, seeing her lying on his bed, his for the taking. Wanting to see more of her, he focused all of his attention on her skirt, and how to get rid of it.

Risa's upper body felt cold but she gasped when she felt the warmth on her lower body. From the side, Satoshi used his mouth once again to unzip her skirt. When the zipper reached the lowest point it could travel to, he licked the newly revealed skin. He took it off with one swift action. Seeing his trophy wet and wanting, all hell broke loose.

Satoshi once again attacked her mouth, kissing it harder than ever. He made her mouth melt against him, pressing his body against hers, fitting into her like one perfect puzzle. Feeling her softness against him, he was totally brought to the edge.

To Risa, no other feeling felt perfect. Being the hopeless romantic that she was, she has waited for this moment since God knows when. While he manically assaulted her lips, she played with his hair, some of its strands tangling with her slender fingers. Satoshi groaned against her mouth. As if to punish her, he grinded his hip against hers, letting his erect manhood graze her wet core momentarily. Risa moaned with need against him. Still kissing, she rubbed the nape of his neck, before grazing her nails against his back. Never before has his body felt so alive and kicking.

While kissing her neck, his hands busily unclasped her bra. He took it off no problem, and Risa wondered why he did everything perfectly. Wasting no time, his mouth enjoyed her left mound, while his hand massaged the other. Risa moaned in delight, pushing his head harder towards her needy body. If it was humanely possible to melt into a puddle, she would have done so by now. Satoshi wetted her other mound, his tongue expertly teasing the hard pink bud, sucking on it like it was the most natural thing on earth. Risa arched her body with pleasure, and soon, another electrifying friction happened between their private parts. Satoshi grew harder. He wanted to thrust into her – yes, with her underwear still on. The need was that intense.

Risa moaned when Satoshi took her underwear off, swiftly cupping her core with his enthusiastic right hand. He rubbed her up and down, making Risa arch her body deliciously. He was surprised to see hers shaved – as if she actually prepared for this night. It was not necessary but it made her more appealing and delectable.

"S-Satoshi, I…-"

Her statement was replaced by a loud moan when Satoshi's mouth attacked her wet core, sipping, licking, and biting. His wild instincts made him devour her whole without a second thought. The smell of her was enough to drive him mad with wanting, let alone the sweet taste of her. His tongue thrusted in and out of her, tying knots on her stomach. The need for him to fill the only space between them increased, so much so that she was willing to beg him for it.

When Satoshi finally ended her torture, Risa knelt before he could react. She wanted to make him feel the mind blowing pleasure he gave her. She knelt in front of him, her chocolate brown locks making waves on her shoulders. Satoshi stared at the goddess in front of him. He groaned when she kissed his hardened manhood against the pants. Wanting to fulfill her vixen pleasure, he let her take his pants off, along with his boxers. She decided it was time for her to bring down her own hammer of justice on him.

She teased him by licking his tip first. Satoshi bit back a loud growl. She continued to do it, and he was starting to get frustrated. He wanted her to devour all of his length. Feeling his tension, Risa swallowed him whole, tasting him in the process. Satoshi, for the first time, felt weak against a human – a young human lady. His primitive side was unleashed. He pushed Risa, pinning her on the bed, entering her with one swift thrust. Risa moaned in agony. Satoshi felt a barrier inside her snap, and he saw her momentarily writhe in pain. He kissed her nose chastely and gently, apologizing for whatever pain he inflicted on her.

Soon, the pain was replaced by the need for movement. Satoshi felt her inner walls hog his gorged manhood, and so he slammed into her without restriction. Risa moaned with exotic pleasure. Faster, harder, he gave her what she wanted, and how fast she wanted to receive it. They could feel the tension building up, and both of them were feeling the peak point of release.

With one hard slam, they both released, feeling the warmth unite their clamoring bodies. The pleasure was too much. Satoshi fell flat on top of her, carefully angling his body so as not to crush her feminine frame. Risa panted against him. Seeing that this was the golden opportunity, Satoshi bit Risa hard on the neck. She flinched. Minimal blood flowed, but with one lick, the wound healed. The black mark turned purple, signaling the success of the Initiation.

"S-Satoshi…was this what you longed for?"

"Yes, maiden, and you gave it to me. You silenced my inner monsters, and for that, I thank you wholeheartedly."

"Does this mean Krad will…"

"Yes, even without Dark sealing him, he will eventually vanish. He failed his mission, and so he will be dismissed accordingly…"

True enough, a couple of white feathers adorned the roof of the manor. Dark bitterly stared at it.

"You failed. This is what you get for blind loyalty…"

The black-winged angel turned around. He stared at the moon. It was shining ethereally.

"Never have I seen the moon look so alive…"


Finally, I finished the story. Once again, thank you for the support and I hope I did not disappoint anyone. It was my first time writing a lemon, so ease on the flames.