Another side to them

Harry's heart was pounding as he crept along the dark hallway. This was such a bad idea, what had he been thinking?! Of all the idea's he'd ever had this one just had to be the worst. It wasn't like he even had an actual plan of action, or any real reason to be doing this. Following Malfoy off the train had seemed like a good alternative to going straight to the Dursley's, who for some reason had decided not to pick him up from the station this year.

He hadn't bothered to tell his friends, partly because he was ashamed that his so called family couldn't even be bothered to pick him up from the station and partly because of his pride, he couldn't tell them, he couldn't impose on the Weasley family any longer, expect them to sort out his problems when they had enough of their own. And even if they could, he didn't want them to. He'd been self sufficient for most of his childhood he could surely look after himself now that he was nearly 14.

He had Sirius now anyway, he'd have his little adventure and then surely Sirius would come find him? They could be on the run together, he could live in all sorts of places with Sirius for the summer and then…well then…then he could maybe go back to Hogwarts. Of course he'd have to find a way to explain why he hadn't been in touch with anyone over the summer but surely that wouldn't be that hard. They wouldn't even know he hadn't been at the Dursley's…unless Ron got it into his head that they had locked him up again and came to find him…well that could be bad. But he just wouldn't think about that. He'd have his little adventure now, and then he'd go find Sirius…somehow.

Hearing a door creak from the other end of the hallway Harry flattened himself against the wall. Oh God…what was he thinking! This was madness, pure madness it was as simple as that. He'd been functioning off pure adrenaline as he'd followed the Malfoy family under his invisibility cloak, wand in pocket, leaving Hedwig and his trunk hidden in the toilets of kings cross. He was shocked to say the least as he watched them take out an old shoe and all hold on to it. Sensing that it was somehow important he'd grabbed hold of it and immediately felt a pull behind his navel and landed in a heap on the ground of what he presumed was the living room, or whatever the Malfoy family called the expensive, posh looking room he found himself in. Posh…that was the only word he could think to describe it. There was at least five high backed green velvet sofas and chairs at points along the room, and a large chandelier hanging from the high ceiling. The middle of one wall hosted a large marble fireplace that at the time of the Malfoy's arrival was being frantically lit by a panicked house elf.

"Use is arriving early Mr Malfoy, Twinky is very sorry that the fire is not yet lit and dinner is not ready yets Mr Malfoy, Twinky is being very sorry and is setting the other elves to work rights away Mr Malfoy on dinner.' Harry had looked up at that point to see all three of the Malfoy's handing their cloaks to Twinky, none looking too concerned with the elf's predicament.

"Just see that dinner is prepared within the hour Twinky, the train arrived earlier than expected, and allowances must be made for Dumbledore's inability to give us an accurate time of arrival."

Harry had gaped at Lucius' casual tone as he addressed the elf. Yeah ok he was still posh be he was definitely not as nasty as he had been to Dobby in his second year. He watched still fascinated as Narcissa instructed the elf to bring them tea and biscuits and the whole family sat down on the sofas. Harry really didn't know why he found it so fascinating, but seeing the Malfoy family at home was…well it was just amazing.

"Draco darling, how was the train ride? No trouble I hope?" Narcissa had inquired, narrowing her eyes at her only son. Draco had shifted slightly in his seat, clearly uncomfortable under his mothers piercing gaze.

"No mother, there was no trouble on the train; though I swear every day Potter and his cronies get even more annoying. I just don't understand why you can't get rid of him father! He makes school extremely difficult for me, and you're the one always harping on about my grades not being good enough." Draco had finished with a huff, his arms cross defiantly across his chest. Harry had rolled his eyes, expecting Draco to be immediately placated by both his mother and father. He had been shocked however when Malfoy senior had said sharply.

"Draconis Malfoy! Has Hogwarts made you forget the proper ways to speak to you're elders? Do not use your petty school boy quarrels with Potter as an excuse for bad grades. You are a Malfoy; we do not pass blame or make excuses. You get away with many things in school because of your name and status Draco, but here you are our son and you will speak to us with the respect we deserve. Am I clear?" Draco had stared mutinously at his father for a moment longer.

"I said am I clear Draco? Or do I have to put my point across more firmly?" Harry had blanched at that, what did that mean? Did poor wittle Draco actually get punished by his father? Aww maybe the poor boy would only be allowed one house elf to see to his every need for a day, or god forbid a week! Draco had continued staring for a moment longer until his gaze had dropped to the floor.

"No" He muttered.

"No what Draco?" The elder Malfoy enquired sharply his tone of voice sending shivers down Harry's spine…and he wasn't even the one on the receiving end of it!

"No sir." A sulky Draco had replied. Lucius had nodded at that, clearly willing to accept his sons reply.

"Very well, we shall consider the matter over with, but Draco be warned, you speak to any elder that way again and you will regret it." Draco was quick with his reply that time, a slight tinge of red finding the way to his cheeks.

"Yes sir, he just annoys me so much!" Narcissa let out a small chuckle at this.

"Oh Draco darling, you always were stubborn, you never have got over him refusing to be your friend. Why you two boys can't just shake hands I'll never know.' From the other sofa Lucius was nodding his head in agreement.

"Shake hands? Mother…you can't be serious, I couldn't shake hands with Potter, I hate him, we hate him!"

"On the contrary Draco we do not know the boy; you seem to make many assumptions to people on behalf of the Malfoy family whilst you're at school. If it did us any harm in our social standing I would be concerned. As it happens a little healthy fear and respect in us doesn't seem to do our reputation any harm." Narcissa had finished with a fond look towards her husband as if sharing some secret joke about their son and the way he acted in school.

"I do not make assumptions mother." Draco had muttered under his breath. Lucius had let out a hearty laugh at that which had sent Harry into a complete state of shock.

"You do not make assumptions to people about us Draco? Would you prefer we call them fairy stories then? I dread to think what half that school thinks about us, if I remotely cared about other peoples opinions you would get your mouth washed out for all the lies you tell in school Draconis. As It so happens I don't care what a bunch of school boys think, however this lying best not carry on at home Draco because neither your mother nor I will tolerate it." Draco had stared furiously at his father at this point.

"Why do you have to lecture me as soon as I step off the train father? You could at least wait until after dinner when I am able to stomach some of the pure crap that comes out of your mouth better. Why can't you just be on my side! It seems everyone is determined to make a mockery of me and what I do for our name father! I'm surprised you haven't joined the Potter Fan club already, if not I'll be sure to buy you membership for Christmas!"

Lucius had stood up at this point and forcefully pulled his son up from the couch.

"I warned you about this attitude not five minutes ago Draconis, it seems every year you find it harder and harder to drop the attitude you develop with people in school. Well I am not one of your school friends Draco and I will not tolerate it! I suggest you go and wait in my study, I will be along shortly." With that he had given Draco a little push towards the door. Draco had turned back round, his eyes wide and fearful, clearly regretting his little outburst.

"Father please, I am sorry, I forgot myself that is all! Please don't make me go to the study father, I promise I won't speak that way again" Lucius had simply shaken his head and pointed once more towards the door.

"You have been warned before Draco, I do not condone you speaking that way to anyone; however I am not witness to it in school. When you are here it will most definitely not be tolerated. You know the rules, you had your warning, now go and wait in my study Draco before I become truly angry." Draco who had obviously taken leave of his senses by this point tried one last time to plead with his father.

"Please…I said I was sorry, I understand now, I am just tired that is all I didn't mean it…"

"The fact you are making excuses for your behaviour says a lot Draconis about how sorry you truly are. Malfoy's do not beg and I will not change my mind Draco as you will know by now, keep some of your dignity intact and go to my study right now." With one look at his mother as a last ditch attempt to escape whatever punishment was coming to him Draco had fled the room with a small whimper, leaving Harry completely baffled as to what was going on. Lucius made leave to follow him but was stopped by Narcissa.

"Do not be so hard on him Luc, I know we do not tolerate him making excuses for himself, but he is tired and hungry, you know how cranky that makes him. Every year he finds the transition from his attitude in school to how he should behave at home difficult, please bear that in mind honey, it is his first night back after all."

"Narcissa I know full well how my son behaves every year on his first night back, and every year I tell you and him that there is no excuse for it. I do not like the attitude he seems to develop in school. I know the boy I brought up and it is not the one who parades himself around Hogwarts, or who returns on the first night back. I will deal with him tonight and we shall have our boy back for the summer. You know this is how it works with us Narcissa, he struggles with the lack of authority at Hogwarts and I am here to assert it when he returns. He needs to learn cissy. You and I both know this."

With that he had swept from the room leaving Narcissa with her tea that Harry hadn't even noticed the house elves deliver, having been so captivated in watching the Malfoy's. It was obvious Draco was about to be punished, but Harry had had no idea his family disapproved of how Draco acted in school. He had fallen asleep pondering this thought, with only the sound of the clinking china of Narcissa's tea cup.

That was how Harry found himself wandering down one of Malfoy manors many hallways in the middle of the night. He now had no idea what he was doing. Had never really known in the first place and still pressed against the wall he was sincerely regretting his stupid stupid idea as he heard someone coming closer and closer. There was no way to escape, whoever it was, was going to walk right into him.

He was dead…