Chapter 2 : iTruth or iDare

Sam and Carly were in her room and it was late at night, they had finished watching a film and are

feeling a bit bored.'Carly do you wanna play something' Sam asks eating some popcorn left from

the film. ' Like what'

Sam thinks for a minute and said 'how about truth or dare ?'

Sam nods and sits on her bed ready. Carly starts it 'Truth of Dare'

'I pick Truth' Carly thought for a minute and said 'Do you masturbate' after she said it she felt

embarrassed. Unlike Carly she felt fine with the question and said 'Sure sometimes, I do'

'Truth or Dare Carlz' Sam asks

'Erm....I pick dare' Carly answered slowly

'Okay I dare you to a strip' She said laughing. Carly looks shocked and isnt sure.

'Come on Carly its a bit of fun' She said seemingly a little annoyed.

Carly stood up and took of her top revealing a pink bra underneath and she the pulls down her

trouser and shows her matching pink pants, she stop then.

'All of it Carlz, ill let you do any dare to me afterwards'

Carly nods and slowly undoes her bra and pants revealing her whole body to Sam.

'Now its your turn Carly, pick any dare you wish' Carly nodded and was about to put her underwear

back on but Sam shakes her head and asks 'Can you stay naked for a while Carlz'

Carly nods and says 'Sam I dare you to also do a strip'

Sam smiles and pulls of her top and undoes her bra without thinking, she then pulls her trousers

and pants off. 'Happy now'. She had bigger breasts than Carly and a slightly bigger pussy.

'Carly can we sleep like this tonight' pointing to her nakedness and Carly nakedness.

'Look at the time' Carly pointing to the clock which says 23:01.

'Sam lets go to bed now' she said climbing in to her bed then Sam walked over and climbed in too

As she lied in the bed she felt Sam hand on her own breast and another hand massaging her leg

near her vagina.

Carly decided after a while to massage Sam's breasts and she felt her nipples grow bigger.

After a while they both fell asleep hugging each other closely and Carly's hand still on Sam's


When she woke up a mysterious boy in a hood was massaging her breasts hard.

Carly looked shocked and in pain and noticed she was handcuffed to her bed, she struggled and

saw that Sam was in the same place on another bed across the room.

To be continued in part 3 !

I don't own iCarly or any or the characters in it.