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In the eyes of a fangirl, the scene unfolding could be construed as 'kawaii'. But it is anything but. There is nothing cute about the dark-haired man with messy hair and bags under his eyes crouched over piling enough sugar cubes into his teacup to go into a diabetic shock right then and there. But he will not lose this battle because sugar cubes disappear in Rorschach's wake. Sugar fuels him, and while L admits to a grudging respect for his fellow detective, he too needs the sugar rush in order to solve the Kira case first. It is like watching a pair of goblins about to fight and the smell's not much better.

There is a part of Rorschach that admires the teenager whose fingers are breaking in his hand, one by one.

Because evil must be punished. Despite that evil must be punished.

The fire trap in the desk was fantastic- something Rorschach tucks away in his mind for future reference even as his trenchcoat is still smoking.

It's not even the cop and FBI names scrawled in the notebook. Rorschach has no qualms about those who interfere with Justice. Light Yagami is passing out, muttering about plans. He didn't plan for Rorschach.

It is the sheer numbers.

It is the way Light sauntered into the room a few minutes earlier- with the same assured, almost smug expression of Adrian Veidt when he thinks no one is looking.

Rorschach is no optimist. He has some sense of how many are so depraved, beyond redemption, beyond fixing, deserving of death if not an improvement as dead. But his number is nowhere near the amount written down- especially considering the few short months this Death Note's been used. This is only the second time his pessimism has been so challenged.

Rorschach releases the now-unconscious teenager and heads downstairs. The Shinigami follows cackling in complete fascination even as Rorschach ignores him completely.

Light stirs to "Checked your trash. Thought this fitting," as Rorschach pours the last bag of potato chips onto Light. He's no chemist but he's sure the mix of chemical preservatives and oils will burn eventually.