don't own Watchmen, Death Note, DCU, V for Vendetta or Countdown. big fan, big consumer. seen watchmen movie 12 times- looks like I'll squeeze in a 13th this week. And this fic ends with this chapter.


Dr. Manhattan feels his interest waning as he watches the birth of the New Minutemen.

They come to England, the last of the Frontiersmen: Mothman II and Dollar Bill II, formerly know as Near.

They are based in an orphanage, having access to some of the sharpest young minds and molding them.

"I can tell you right now that they'll suggest a new name. How does the New Minutemen sound?" Matt says as he escorts them to the people in charge. "How about the Gunpowder plot?" Mothman II asks. For in this world, Matt is V- a symmetrical play on his first initial. "Like I don't get that one all the time."

Near recognizes the girl immediately even in full costume. Sayu has her brother's eyes, burning with desire for justice and revenge. "This here is Captain Metropolis..."

The other is crouched over and barefoot, his mask pulled up just enough to allow him to shovel all sorts of sweets into his body. He is Justice. Hooded Justice.

And in the corner of his eye, Dr. Manhattan sees him in another universe- piling sugar cube after sugar cube into his teacup as the original Rorschach glowers at him.

And at this point, I end the fanfic for both our sakes.