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Like Mothers, Like Daughter

"Where is she?" asked Ron. He was starting to sound really annoyed.
"I dunno." She's not in the library; she's not in any of our classrooms. We've looked through almost all of the other classrooms as well." said Harry.

The two of them had been looking through the entire space of Hogwarts for Hermione. They'd been given a load of work to do over Christmas, and a brief attempt that morning had convinced them that they needed to find Hermione. And Harry was right, they really had searched everywhere she normally went. But they still hadn't found her.

"Hey, do you want to check this one?" asked Ron, pointing towards a shut door.
"It's ok, you do it." said Harry.

Ron opened the door, looked in, then came out and shut the door very quickly.

"I found her." he said.

* * *

"Oh god. Do you think he saw us?" asked Hermione, worried. She was pacing.
"He might have. He looked very surprised. Maybe he saw some Nargles."

Of course, that voice could only have come from Luna Lovegood.
"Don't be silly Luna, I've told you before there's no evidence that they exist.
"Nor that they don't." pointed out Luna, dreamily.
Hermione sighed.
"We've had this argument before, it's entirely pointless. I'm going to go talk to Ron and tell him something, I don't know, anything!"
"How about the truth?" said Luna. "You said you were going to eventually."
"…fine. I'll go out and tell him." said Hermione. She turned towards the door.

"Hermione?" sad Luna calmly.
"What?" snapped Hermione.
"Don't you think you should put some clothes on?"

* * *

Ron took it a little hard when he found out, but within a few weeks everything was back to normal, and the entire school had found out that Hermione Granger was dating Luna Lovegood.

Their relationship lasted for a long time.

* * *

"Hermione?" said Luna.
"I want a daughter."
"…is that possible?" said Hermione.
"I bet it is." said Luna, her eyes far away.
Hermione kissed her.

"I'll start researching."

* * *
Some years later
* * *

"…and that's why the Crumple Horned Snorkack exists!" said Luna.
"Don't be silly, there's no such thing!" said a different voice. This was a little girl, four years old, with very curly golden-white hair.

Hermione laughed, and Luna sighed.
"Like mother, like daughter." she said, grudgingly.

"But wouldn't it be great if they did!" said the little girl.

Luna laughed.
"Like Mothers, like daughter."

Luna and Hermione embraced their daughter, and kissed.

* * *

Crack romance for the win.