This shall be a monumental undertaking! I will write the entire bleach series from start to its eventual finish (With a few new twists here and there), from the very beginning! The main pairing may be IchigoxRukia, IchigoxNel, IchigoxOrihime, IchigoxLisa etc. VOTE PLEASE! Note: One pairing for certain will be ToshirouxMomo. I will include all three movies in this LONG fic as well. So for now, enjoy! I do NOT own bleach!

A dark world, of arid sands, and lifeless granite. Lifeless, barren, not a single residence, other than a large, ominous castle...

Or so it seems.

Two shadowy figures discussed a matter of greater importance, not only to them, but to the world itself. They sat in two chairs, across a table, there were ten seats, but the rest were empty.

"Where is Agro?" Sighed the first, drumming his fingers impatiently upon the pristine surface of the table. They were the last three of their kind, and it simply would not do for their brother to constantly come and go as he pleased.

Compared to arrancar, they were gods.

"Late." Grumbled the second.

"I swear, he's-

A beam of light shot up from the table, and both individuals were clearly startled, illuminated in its pallid green glow.

"It is time." The first, a man with a large blade strapped to his back intoned. His face was covered by a crescent moon half mask, and one eye, an eerie blood red color, gleamed out. Dark blue hair hung down into his eye, partly obscuring it. He spoke with an air of reverence, as he beheld the image being broadcast to them. It was that of a young man, with strawberry blond hair, and brown eyes.

"They have found him!" A mighty laugh escaped the man. "A joyous day this is!"

"His powerssss may awaken ssssoon, Kane." Hissed the second, a tall, lanky individual, watching as the boy easily dispatched a trio of thugs, for knocking over a small vase of flowers. Long violet hair cascaded down her shoulders, and a long, thin tongue flitted in and out of her mouth, and her eyes seemed to be permanently squinted. "Very ssssoon...

"Our chosen one. The one who will bring balance. I did not expect to find him so soon."The two looked upon the boy with something akin to awe, and horror. The first still spoke with an air of reverence, his head inclined slightly.

He was the spitting image of their master, just without the mask and sword.

"We musssst tessst him first...The second said suddenly.

"What do you propose?" Kane replied, his visible eye narrowing slightly.

"Ssssend our legionssss againsssst him."Answered the second, loosely twirling a finger into the air. "If he can withstand them, then he issss the one."

"You send lambs to the slaughter then. He is the one, can you not feel it?" His tone was slightly confused, slightly outraged, but there was an almost religious fervor in his eyes now, as the image continued to broadcast.

"All the more reasssson to tessst him. If he issss our master, then he will not lose...

"Very well Shiva. To prove to you that he is our leader reborn, we will test him."


My name is Ichigo Kurosaki, I'm sixteen years old, so I'm a highschool student.

My family runs a medical clinic here in town.

For as long as I can remember, I've been able to see the souls of the departed.

Maybe its because its we're entrusted with the lives of the living?

Beats me.


"I'm home-


Kurosaki Ichigo twisted backwards as his father delivered a sharp kick to his face, stars exploding before his vision in a painful display of agony. He dropped flat to the floor, whilst his ever enthusiastic father declared:

"You let your guard down! Always stay alert when you enter a room and you're late for dinner again!"

Ichigo clambered back up, a vein throbbing in his head. "Oh come on! Is that anyway to welcome your only son after he just risked his life to help a spirit find peace?!"

Isshin Kurosaki responded with just as much force, shouting right back in his son's face."Oh so its the ghost's fault now?! I suppose it was ghosts that left your room a mess?!"

"Why you-

"Come on!"

The sounds of their bickering were heard and seen in the background, whilst Karin rolled her eyes and took some more rice. "Hey stop the fighting you two!" Pleaded Yuzu. "Just come over here and eat your dinner!"

"Let em fight." Replied Karin, filling her bowl again. "More rice for me."

Finally, son defeated father, walloping him hard in the face, then catapulting him across the room. A tick mark throbbing on his forehead, he jabbed a finger at Isshin "I gotta tell ya dad, for any normal healthy high school student a seven o' clock curfew is totally uncool!"

"Ichigo, speaking of uncool, Ichigo, you've got a new one." Retorted Karin.

"Gah! How long have you been there?!" He desperately swatted at the pesky spirit, but to no avail, as it still hovered there. "Take a hike will ya! Ya damn pest!"

Karin shook her head, and turned around in her chair, whilst her brother tried to ward of the pesky apparition. "Poor Ichigo, dad or ghost, its always one or the other with him." Sighed Karin. "I don't even see what the big deal is with ghosts. I don't even believe in them."

"I think its kind of lucky for him to be able to see ghosts! Chirped Yuzu, the ever cheerful one, before a look of confusion marred her innocent fae. "But didn't you have the power to see spirits too?"

"I'm in permanent denial." Grumbled her sister, ignoring the specter hovering just over her shoulder. "Just because I can see them, doesn't mean I actually believe in them."

"That's cold." Whined her twin, as the ghost faded away from the harsh verbal blow.

"You dropped your guard again!"


They were going at it again, but their little bout was shorter this time, as Ichigo slugged his father in the face. "Got ya...He chuckled, sliding to the floor, and off the fist of his only son.

"Ah forget this, never-mind dinner!" Ichigo grumbled under his breath, now stalking up the steps that led to the second floor. His hands were jammed deep into his pockets, and he ignored Yuzu's cry for him to wait. "I'm going to my room!"

"Wow. You sure have a way with kids don't you?" Chided Karin.

"Me?! What did I do?!"

"Ichigo's seeing more spirits lately."

"What?! Why would he talk with these things about you two instead of coming to his own dad?!" He ran his hands through his hair, utterly and hopelessly confused. "It doesn't make sense!"

"Of course it does." Replied Karin. "For one thing, you're over forty, and emotionally, you're still at a preschool level."

Isshin complained to the poster of Masaki, something about his daughters being so cold, and it having something to do with puberty..."Oh my dear wife! What do I do? What do I do?"







"Good morning Ichigo!"

He heard her words, but his gaze was drawn to the television. It was broadcasting an incident, and Ichigo absentmindedly munched on his toast as it broadcasted.

"Hmm? That's near here."



A roar was his answer.

Then everything exploded.

"Holy shit!"

A massive creature now reared up before him, but before he could even register its presence, a young girl ran past him. Almost immediately, he recognized her as the one from the other day, the one he had beat up those punks for.

"Help me!"

"Run!" He cried, taking off after her as the beast gave pursuit. It was gaining fast, and when the girl tripped, he bent down as he ran, scooping her up in his arms-

And the distraction cost him.

Somehow, the beast had snuck up on him, for that one second.

The monstrosity screeched and brought its pincers down!

Ichigo instinctively raised his free arm, a hand to cover his face-


The hollow reeled back, its left arm suddenly gone. Blood now poured like a fountain from the stump, which had been roughly and unevenly severed at the elbow. Its limb dissolving, the malevolent creature looked down at the cloud of smoke.

"My arm! Stupid human! What did you do?!"

Ichigo looked down at his hand, which now sparked with redish light.

Some of the ground cracked under his feet, and the tree next to him abruptly shattered into timber, due to its close proximity to his arm. He blinked slowly, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

"What the hell?"

He now looked on as a girl in a black kimono effortlessly dispatched the monster, via cutting it in half. The girl glanced at him for a second, then sheathed her sword to walk away.

"Who is that?"


"Now do you see? If that wasn't a bala, then I don't know what is."

"A mere chance. He did not activate his powerssss purposely." Shiva replied. "Nor has he awakened his sword, performed the trial for his mask, or remembered hisss true name. Only when he does that, will I acknowledge him."

"You are a fickle bitch." Kane replied with a wave of his hand. "But your words hold truth. Perhaps we should wait a bit longer, till our king recovers his strength, as well as his memories."

"You intend to let him go to Soul Society?" She asked, with an incredulous air, slapping both palms down upon the table in sheer disbelief."Have you not forseen the events that will ssssoon take place there?! You know what the one called Sosuke intends to do!"

"I know. But he cannot enter this palace, so long as one of us remains. The shield will not let him. Besides, I have already taken the most powerful adjuchas and vasto lorde under my wing. Let the shinigami have the weaklings. Our friends will not betray us."

She leaned back and sighed. "Well, though that would explain why you're not sssociable, he may not need to take this place. He is building one of his own, gathering hollows-

But Kane was not listening, he was instead looking on intently at the hologram. Her words bounced off his ears as he stared at the image. Ichigo lay back in bed, seemingly staring at the ceiling. The scowl the strawberry often wore was still there, and he had a rather annoyed look in his eyes.

"Our king will make himself known in the sereitei, I am sure of it!"

His hand clenched into a fist. The hollow they had sent was already on its way, given orders to devour him. As if it could possibly do such a thing. He knew of the shinigami in the vicinity, and this plan had finally begun to spin into motion.

"We we will make our move soon master, do not worry."

Wondering what's going on? Lets just say that Ichigo has a very interesting life ahead for him.