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Set after R2, somewhen in immortality...

Oh-So Perfect

"Will you marry me?"

He said that - of course, what else would he say? He was proposing. He was kneeling oh so perfectly in the middle of their oh-so perfect bedroom with their oh-so perfect background music, oh-so perfect roses for emphasis and he was sporting his oh-so perfect smile with that oh-so perfect look in his eyes...

She never liked rings or roses - and so he offered her a necklace instead. The golden chain was the oh so perfect bright shade of her eyes and the diamond pendant was the oh so perfect violet color of his orbs...

And everything else was perfect. His romantic pose and the romantic evening-

But she did not answer him. She looked at him with that beautiful, breathtaking... blank... face.


Yes, blank.

If he squinted any better or any nearer, he would have noticed her deadpanned expression...

She just stared. Stared so hard that he started to think that she was asleep with eyes open and sitting up on the bed.

"..uhh, C.C.?"

She blinked. "I-..."

She did not finish her sentence.

She didn't - it's as if she was waiting for him to say something, to cut her off, to...

"Will you... marry me?", he asked again.

The setting was perfect. He can't afford to mess up. And has she any reason to reject him? None as far as he can remember...

She stared still.

And Lelouch was inwardly scowling at his beloved. WHY OH WHY? He was determined to make her happy, finally propose and ask her to marry him in a finally decent marriage. He used those oh-so perfect racket and he said all those cheesy, flowery, disgusting pocketbook lines in his narration and all those will be answered with a deadpanned... expression?


It looked as if she had been staring for minutes now.

Maybe she's... speechless? Is she speechless? Is she.. asleep? Drunk? Drugged, whatever? Because she's still staring at him.

He decided to ask her again.

"C.C. - ", the Black Prince started. "I love you, and we have been partners for decades now... I was wondering if you'd finally... like to marry me... officially."

She blinked, looking down at him incredulously now.

Ah. Finally - she got his point. Lelouch never knew that C.C. could be this slow sometimes...

"Lelouch, you... you're serious?"

What the hell.

"Of course I am."

The woman blinked again, then scratched her head. "You.. You're serious, huh."

The raven-haired immortal raised an eyebrow. "Uh, yes." Damn his knee, it hurts with all the kneeling.

"For real?"

"Of course, why would I be kidding you?"

"OH." C.C. blinked again, then held back a laugh. "O-Oh.. haha.. hahaha..."

What in the world- his lover has gone nuts!!!

The woman reduced to a fit of giggles. "I thought you were pranking on me! Hahahah!"

"P-pranking?! What the.. hell, C.C.! What's WRONG WITH YOU?!"

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't understand you, seriously...!"

And Lelouch mustered everything in him to prevent himself from killing her with pillows.

"Anyways, alright, I'll marry you! hahaha!"

His oh-so perfect proposal... was ruined.

He never knew that dates should actually be considered in proposing.

No, really. Lelouch had NO idea.

No idea whatsoever...

...that this was going to be one damned, screwed-up proposal.

He'll never ever EVER bother telling her something important again every April Fool's.


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