1:57 pm

Walking home. Really cold. Wish I'd gone home earlier.

After he told me he loved me, about a thousand times, I had some juice and he tried to kiss me. But I dodged and he went straight into the fridge and hit his head. And fell on the floor. And he was unconcious. So for 45 minutes I was sitting next to him, drinking all the juice. (Hahahahahaha)

Must call Jazzy and tell her. Oh no, she's probably busy with Tom.


2:16 pm

Having lunch. All aloney. But we have no juice so I'm just eating stale bread. What is wrong with my parents? Can't they buy EDIBLE food? I think they try to starve me. And then, interupting my thoughts, the phone rang. OhMyGiddyGod!! It was the (Ex) Sex God!!

"Hello? Is that Georgia?" He asked.

"Erm.. Ye.. No. Why? Who is that?" I said, putting on a weird voice.

"It's Robbie. Can you please tell her I rang?"

"Erm.. Who is Georgia?"

"Oh god... Please don't tell me she moved..."

"Oh yes, Young Georgia Nicolson. I remember her."

"Huh?" He sounded utterly confused.

"She's my... daughter." I couldn't think of anything else and he just didn't speak.

"But why do you have a man's voice?"

"Erm..." And I slammed the phone down.

I was full of laughosity because that was quite funny.

But then mutti came home and said: "Why are you off school?"


Wednesday 7th September


Having lunch with my besty pally, Jazzy Spazzy. Well, you would have thought so. But, no. She's over with Tom talking about nature. Hmph. Oh no. No!!!

Tosser Thompson and the trainee tossers have come to sit next to me. Oh, Lord Sandra.

"Hey look, it's the rat with the 2D face and a man's voice!"

"Shut it or I will kick you. You are so immature, Thompson."

And then Dave came to save my arse.

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