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Chapter 1: Wrong Place.

Superman flew across the city sky line, he moved to avoid the large green energy ball, it shot pass him and disappeared into the darkened clouds.

"Give it up Toyman, you'll never hit me with that thing!" Superman yelled.

"Maybe not, but what about your friends?!" Toyman smiled back. Taking aim of the dazed Wonder Woman. Batman streaked in to help his fallen comrade. Grabbing her arm he tried to help her to her feet.

Superman yelled "NO!" as the green ball of energy shot out at them both. Flying as fast as he could, he try to stop it.

Engulfing both Batman and Wonder Woman. Superman wasn't fast enough to stop it. The green light absorbed them. When it dissipated there was nothing left of either of them.

Toyman clapped in glee "Batman and Wonder Woman go bye bye"

The Flash, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Superman and the rest of the people caught at the battle scene looked in horror. Batman and Wonder Woman just disappeared, nothing was left of them.

Superman rammed himself into the giant toy robot. Smashing the particle gun, knocking the robot down to the ground. He flew up to the prone Toyman and stared down at him with anger fill eyes.

Toyman pulled out a water gun "Stay back.. it's full of acid!" he said in a frighten voice.

He knocked it away from his grasp and picked him up. Toyman saw something he never knew he would ever see. Blinding rage in Superman's eyes.

"What are you going to do to me?" Toyman almost pleaded.

Flash noticed the glowing eyes of Superman and stepped up to stop him from making the biggest mistake of his entire life. Placing a hand on his shoulder The Flash spoke "Batman and Wonder Woman wouldn't of wanted you to kill in there name."

Superman continued to eye Toyman, he closed his eyes and released the small boyish villain.

Batman laid on his side, Wonder Woman mirrored his unconscious body. Both slowly started to regain consciousness. The quiet park was littered with circular concrete cut out buildings. When both heroes raised to there feet they looked around for there companions. None were in site. A movement caught Batman's attention. It was standing in the shadow of a tree.

"Fancy meeting you two here!" the voice said harshly.

"Superman?" Wonder Woman questioned.

"Wow I should be honored, your not calling me an Alien." Superman said sarcastically. He slowly pulled himself from the shadows into the light.

Both Batman and Wonder Woman's breath sucked in at what they saw.

Superman was missing his left eye a metal patch covered it. There was a long running scar below it.

He wasn't wearing his regular blue and red suit. It was black as the night without a cape. The big 'S' on his chest was also missing.

"What happened to you Superman?" Wonder Woman asked in awe at what she saw.

The deep laughter scared her, his lone eye looked at her with hatred "Don't play dumb Diana, you and him played us all for fools!" he spit out.

Both Batman and Wonder Woman looked confused at him. Seeing the confusion on both there faces he spoke once again "What forget? Your the one that did this to me!" he growled out and pointed a finger at Wonder Woman.

Both Batman and Wonder Woman noticed the missing baby and ring finger on the hand that pointed at them.

"I never did such a thing!" Diana said in defense.

"So you have an evil twin running around then?" he said sarcastically. Batman finally looked around and noticed the mountain range in the distance.

"Where are we?" Batman said out loud. Diana took her eyes off of Superman and saw the mountains range also. This wasn't right, they weren't near any mountains before the blast of green light.

"Denver Colorado, one of the last free states from your reign of conquest Bruce!" Superman said with discuss in his voice.

"What are you talking about Clark? My reign of conquest?" Batman said in total confusion. What happened? He thought to himself.

"DON'T YOU DARE try to play with my emotions again Bruce, your the cause of all this!" Superman yelled out at him.

"Clark we were fighting together against Toyman." Diana told their friend.

This time Clark looked confused. They were not dressed right, they had on there old costumes. When both were in the Justice League they never fought Toyman.

"Clark I think we might have been transported to another dimension." Bruce tried to convince his friend.

"Oh no?? this is some kind of trick?!?!" Clark backed up a few steps.

"Then its one hades of a good one!" the female voice boomed above them. They looked up and saw Diana floating above them. This one was dressed in her battle armor. It sparkled in the moon light.

She was accompanied by a small group of metallic robot soldiers, bat insignia on their chests.