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Chapter 9: It's not over until...

After a few moments Batman found the program that would return Diana and him back to their world. Running the program in reverse they saw the portal to their world open up in front of them. They both looked at each other and smiled as they walked hand in hand into the swirling vortex.

Once within the vortex they were both knocked unconscious and when they awoke they found themselves laying in an abandon alley way. Diana activated her communicator, "Wonder Woman to Watchtower?"

A few seconds later a familiar voice rang out from it "Wondy is that really you?" Flash's asked in a confused voice.

"Yes it is Flash! Batman and I are..." she didn't really know where they were " Please send down a Javelin to pick us up?"

"I'm so glad you're alive! We all missed you so much, oh yeah and, Batman too, but not as much!" Flash waffled on, Diana laughed at the expression on Batman's face. Lucky the Flash was the fastest man in the world. From the look on Batman's face he would need all the distance he could get.

As soon as they arrived back on the Watchtower and everyone expressed their relief and joy of having them back. Batman and Wonder Woman debriefed everyone on what occurred on the alternate Earth and when all was said Batman headed home for a shower and some rest.

Several days after the grand homecoming, Batman beamed back up to the Watchtower. As he was making his way to the meeting room he ran into Superman and Wonder Woman who were talking when he entered the hallway. Superman's eyebrow was cocked high on his face as he listened intently to Diana.

Diana soon noticed Batman and said a cheer hello to him leaving the two men while stating she would see them later at the meeting. Superman now alone with Batman crossed his arms across his chest and looked jokingly menacingly at him.

Superman finally spoke up "So Bruce. You seem to have a thing for my cousin!?!?!" Batman's mouth turned into a sneer as he cursed Diana under his breath. "I heard that." Superman stated.

Ignoring the blue Boy Scout he continued on his way. "Batman you're twice her age! I'm going to have to place some ground rules for you in regard of dating my cousin." Superman said as he tried to hold the laugher in from the look on Batman's face.

"Shut up Kent!" Batman growled out.

For the next twenty minutes Clark continued to harass Batman about liking his cousin. Each word that came out of his mouth was adding fuel to the fire of revenge he was going to do to Diana.

The next day during Diana's monitor duty she receive a communication from Batman.

"Diana you have a moment?" Batman's deep baritone voice came out over the speaker.

"Yes why?" she asked wondering what he was going to say to her.

"I have just sent you an email, open it up and erase it before Flash gets a hold of it" Batman said just before he killed the transmission.

Diana's raised an eyebrow as she opened up the email. It read.

Dear Diana:

I did not appreciate that you told Clark about my evil counterpart's involvement with that world's Supergirl. Kent wouldn't stop annoying me about it never mind that was a completely evil and other world Bruce Wayne! He actually gave me a list telling me what I could and could not do if I decided to court (his words!) his cousin! Well for playing a part in that little bit of hell I have a photographic surprise for you.
Beware I am everywhere Diana.


Diana scrolled down the screen to see what kind of surprise Batman had for her. Under the photograph it read, "I have more!" Diana's eyes turned to rage at seeing what the picture was of. She uttered an ancient Themysciran curse word under her breath.

Batman smiled to himself as he got into his Batmobile. He needed to get as far away from the cave, before a very angry Amazon Princess found him. The photo that he sent Diana was that of Evil Diana in her black baby doll outfit 'Huh and people say that I don't have a sense of humor' he thought as he left the cave with a huge smile on his face.

After parking the Batmobile Batman hopped out, but suddenly he was lifted into the sky, and within seconds he was looking down at his city. 'It looks so small from up here' he thought.

"You're lucky that you got out of your car at that moment Mr. Wayne, otherwise you and it would have been up with me." With a twist he was eye to eye with a not so happy Wonder Woman.

"I want all the copies Bruce, digital and printed." Diana's voice was threatening but her eyes had an amused quality to them.

"Good evening Princess.., I think we can negotiate …" his mouth turned into a smile "over dinner at the manor tomorrow night?"

Diana's left eyebrow rose in curiosity "Are you trying to trick me?"

Batman lifted his cowl off of his face "No Diana.. That world showed me that I could turn into a monster if I didn't allow some light into my life… would you be that light?" he looked at her like a lost little boy.

Her heart felt like it would explode, he had never opened up like this to her. She smiled at the Dark Knight before responding, "Dinner would be lovely Bruce." Then she did something that took them both by surprise.

Pulling him towards her, their lips met in a kiss. The simple kiss slowly started to heat up before Bruce reluctantly pulled his lips away.

"Sorry to interrupt this moment Princess, but do you think that we continue this on solid ground?"

Diana laughed as she slowly descended towards Gotham.

A silent figure on top of a distant building watched as Wonder Woman punched Bruce. The binoculars fell from her hands as she raced back into the building.

Talia ran down the hallway and opened a door "Morgan! They have captured Beloved!" the frantic woman yelled.

Morgan had been asleep when she was rudely awakened, but the anger on her face disappeared once she heard Talia say that Bruce had been captured.

Morgan was still weak from teleporting Diana and the robots behind the shield, but she got out of bed and retrieved a few of her belongings. "Meet me in the nursery." Once both women were in the nursery she teleported the children along with herself, Talia, and Dinah to her pocket dimension.

Diana and Kara returned to the nursery to retrieve their children after making sure that Bruce wouldn't be able to escape. Seeing that the nursery was empty. Diana growled out "Talia!!"

Bruce was being held in a room tied to a chair when a voice from behind him spoke "I'm here to release you."

Smiling as the binds were magically removed he turned to see Morgan there. "Ah the lovely Morgan! I need something from my cave, do you have it in you to take me there?" he asked her.

"Yes, as long as I don't have to teleport something large."

"Good lets go."

The two vanished in a puff of smoke and light.

Bruce walked over to a closet and put some cloths on. He dressed in some black dress slacks, and a matching shirt. He was just finished buttoning it up with voice boomed in the cave.

"You little insignificant toad!" Ares called out. Bruce looked up and saw the angry god of war.

"Your plan failed! Those dimensional doppelgangers of yours contacted Aphrodite. She told Zeus I stole her love potion. I'm in big trouble and so are you now!" he growled out.

Bruce looked at the so called god "Its just a minor set back Ares. I lost the battle not the war. You knew the risk, go and fix this with Aphrodite or Zeus; you're good at lying. Oh and our deal is still in motion, you will get Diana. Just not at this moment."

Ares was about to say something when a thunderous boom made him stop with a sneer on his lips "Zeus demands my presence. Bring me Diana or else..." Ares eyes glowed hot red with the open threat. Bruce just smugly waved the god good-bye as the god disappeared.

Morgan stood next to Bruce "Is it wise to anger the god of war?"

Bruce smiled at his love slave "I haven't failed yet and he knows it, when we struck this deal there was never a time limit stated."

He then walked up to a dusty old suitcase. Opening it up his face was washed in a pink light. Pulling out the glowing pink vile he spoke "Our family will be whole once more." Placing the vile in a pocket he returned his gaze back to the suitcase. Reaching in he removed a green ring. Placing it on his finger his eyes glowed green.

"Batman I will come for you soon, and you will feel the pain of humiliation!" he growled as Morgan transported them to Greece were he would amass his army and take back everything that he lost.

The End?!

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