This is the epilogue to Back To Nursery, and I thought it best to start the story off with this. As i would make more sense to those who haven't read it before. xxx

The Doctor drummed his fingers on the wooden table, glancing at the food on the counter longingly. Every now and then, Rose would stop chopping tomatoes and turn around to watch him. Each time the Doctor would jerk his head back the other way, acting as if he wasn't looking.

"Doctor, the more you watch me, the longer I'm gonna take." She called firmly over her shoulder, smiling when she heard him sigh.

"I don't even know why we need salad Rose. It's just leaves!" He cried out, looking towards the pork chops on the other side of the kitchen.

"It's lettuce."

"It's just lettuce!" Rose laughed and dropped said lettuce into the bowl.

"Well, we need to be healthy Doctor." A crash sounded behind her, and Rose whirled around to see the Doctor on the floor. She started towards him, concern on her face. However she stopped, when she realised he had thrown himself off of the chair, and was currently on his back, clutching his stomach over theatrically.

"You're trying to kill me. I know it. I'm so hungry right now. I need the food." He moaned, and Rose cocked her head to one side, considering him. Their eyes met, and he offered her a smile.

"You have the mentality of a five year old you do. Who needs kids when you've got a Time Lord." Rose muttered the last part to herself.

"Rose." He moaned, and drew out the word to last at least ten seconds. Rose laughed despite herself, and turned back towards the tomatoes.

"Let me finish cutting these, and then we can eat."

"Brilliant." The Doctor's voice came from behind her now. Directly behind her. And all she could feel on the back of her neck, was his breath as he watched her cut. She shuddered every time he breathed out, losing focus so much that the knife she was chopping with slipped, slicing her finger. Rose cried out as a sharp pain sped through her finger, and blood spilled onto the side. A flurry of movement found the Doctor sitting her on a chair, and grabbing a towel from the counter.

"Oh, Rose. You have to be more careful." He muttered, inspecting the cut.

"It was your fault! You were distracting me!" She cried out in indignation. The Doctor looked up, eyebrow raised.

"How was I distracting you?"

"You were doing that thing you do." Rose waved it off blushing slightly. The Doctor leant in to inspect the flood of colour.

"What thing?"

"You know that thing you do…breathing." The Doctor stayed still, looking at her steadily, till a grin broke out on his face.

"Of all the creatures I have ever met, I do believe that you are the strangest Rose Tyler." Rose smiled as he rolled her name over his tongue.

"How's it looking Doc?" She winced as he removed the towel.

"Well, I think you'll live. No sonic screwdriver anymore. I can't just heal it up like before."

"What about the one you made? You know, from the parts that I snuck out of Torchwood for you?" Rose sat up straighter, annoyed.

"I didn't ask you to bring them to me!" The Doctor frowned and Rose laughed.

"O.k. But the hints you were dropping were actually killing me. Rose, do you think that there would be any zucilini metal in the Torchwood vaults? Oh, I dunno, why Doctor? Oh, no reason. If only I could get some then I could build a new screwdriver. That ring a bell?" The Doctor spluttered for a moment, searching for words.

"Number one, I do not sound like that! And number two, I still didn't actually ask you." Rose looked at him as he wiped away any excess blood.

"You could've just gotten it yourself you know. I've told you Torchwood isn't so bad." She whispered. She thought that the Doctor had ignored her, before he muttered quietly.

"I'm grateful, Rose. I'm grateful that they helped you with the cannon. But can you honestly tell me, if there was no personal gain in it for them…they would have helped you, let you do it?" They remained staring at each other, until the Doctor smiled softly.

"Beside, I've got papers to mark Rose. I never realised how many people actually took my class till I had to grade them all. There's a lot….right. I think that a plaster will suffice for the time being." Rose watched him pat down his pocket, before pulling out a roll of plasters. He tore one off, and stuck it over her cut. Rose made to pull her hand away, but smiled as the Doctor leant down to kiss the plaster.

"Always got to kiss it better." The Doctor smiled, but it faded as he saw Rose sitting stock still.

"Rose, what is it?" He grasped her hand, squeezing it.

"Nothing….I just…I just got a really, really strong sense of déjà vu." She said softly. The Doctor beamed at her, remembering kissing her cut better when she was in nursery.

"It's funny that, isn't it?" He patted her knee and stood up, grabbing the two plates loaded with the dinner. He stopped as he looked to the picture of the two of them hanging on the wall....something about it, just didn't seem quite right.


"Yeah." Came the answering reply.

"How do you feel about having children?" The Doctor smiled at the resulting thud, that told him Rose had fallen from her chair.