Extremely random mess. Made just because I was hyper…and listened to a certain song…and just saw wolverine and the x-men.

Emma's car drove threw the gates and into the garage. She parked her car beside the X-Van, and Logan's motorcycle, and exited her car. As she walked towards the door, she could hear laughter from the other room. Emma put her hands to her temples, and focused on the room a hallway away. Her eyes turned white, and Emma's face instantly turned into a frown. She then took her hands away, and slammed open the door, walking down the hallway.

"Kitty, I can't believe you found Emma's records! I mean, some of the songs here… they are ancient!" Bobby said between the laughs.

"I know! And this certain record is extremely unexpected to be in Emma's room!" Kitty said, placing a Record in her hand. She walked towards Emma's extremely dusty record player, and placed the record onto it. The music slowly started, and the song started to play.

Bobby and Kitty roared in laughter as soon as it got past it's short introduction.

The gooses drank wine
the monkey chewed tobacco on the streetcar line
the line broke
the monkey got chocked
and they all went to heaven in a little rowboat

Then, all a sudden, the door flew off its hinges at flied at Kitty. Kitty instantly turned in to her "Phase Mode", and the door flew threw her, smashing threw the window.

Emma stood at the Door Way, in full Diamond Form, glaring at Kitty and bobby, bu mostly Kitty.

"Now, children, if you had any manors, you would of knocked on my door, before entering," Emma slowly said, giving a fierce look to both of them.

"Yeh, we did, and no one answered, and we where…erm…worried? And Kitty phases threw to see if you where all right," Bobby said stuttering the whole way threw.

"THANKS!" Kitty screamed at him.

Emma turned back to human form and pushed her arms outwards, sending out a telepathic wave towards them.

Kitty instantly turned into Phase Mode, making her nearly immune to the pain; while Bobby didn't train enough to instantly turn to ice form, leaving him vulnerable. Bobby fell to the floor and was withering in pain within seconds.

"Emma, stop!" Kitty shouted towards Emma.

Emma then focused most of the Psychic Wave towards Kitty. It slowly started to grow on Kitty's mind, and she too writhed in pain. Emma then clicked her fingers, and they where unconscious.

Emma knelt down towards her childish "Team mates", and placed her hands on their fore heads. She then focused on their memories and erased them with ease.

Emma then walked over to her records, and placed them in a box, and put them in her wardrobe.

Kitty and Bobby awoke on a pile of clothes, on the floor, in Bobby's bedroom. Kitty was the first to speak.

"Wow. Do you even have a floor?" Kitty asked, staring at all the clothes "and boy, you change more than a girl!"

"Shut up! This is just clothes I haven't put in the wash for one, two, no three months,"

Kitty screamed and instantly jumped up, and landed on the air. This was a new thing Kitty learnt. By being Intangible, Kitty could walk threw and on molecules.

"Yeh, everyone gets that reaction. But you have to admit, it was cool"

"Laying on your rotting clothes? No, it wasn't cool at all!" Kitty said with a slight cocky tone.

"No, not that. Making Emma angry! I mean, when she gets angry, it can get funny, exciting, thrilling!" Bobby said, with happiness.

"Wow. You knew all those adjectives? I'm impressed Mr. Drake! But yes, I see where you are coming from. I mean, if we make Emma so angry, she practically will try to murder us, it'll be proven she's evil, and she'll be kicked off the team!" Kitty said, not even noticing Bobby's confused face.

"Err, no. That's not what I meant. I just want to get her angry so it'll be funny," Bobby said, really fast.

Kitty came over to him, and tried to tap his back, but instead pushed his organs forwards, and pulled them back. "Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. You are so simple minded, it's actually cute! Well it would be cute if you where a four year old," Kitty said. "And plus, we still get to have fun, while doing it," Kitty smiled to Bobby, and his face lightened up.

Emma walked threw the doors and entered the classroom, which held the new students that she was chosen to teach. Emma picked up a piece of chalk and turned towards the black board.

"There will be no foolishness in this class, no arrogance, you will be formal, you will use your powers for good, and you will call me Miss. Frost, and I WILL have order," Emma said, while writing on the board 'Miss. Frost'.

Emma turned towards her new students who where all trying to sneak out the classroom by any means necessary.

Emma focused on all the minds in her classroom, and telepathically made them come back and sit down.

"See? Order. It's not that hard," Emma said with a smirk on her face. She had already thought of a name for these group of people already; Hellions.

"Right, as none of you have no choice, we are going to learn about Mutant Genetics," Emma said when she turned back to the black board. She could feel a mind pulling away, disappearing, as if it was turning to sand.

Emma spun around angrily, but slightly panicked. She then saw a girl turning INTO sand. Emma grew even angrier, and took control of a mind in the classroom that could do basically anything she wanted with magic. The possessed body turned to the girl trying to slide out the door.

She waved her hand, and white energy surrounded the sand, by every grain, and placed it into a human shape. She then waved her other hand, and the sand slowly started to gains kin and organs. Emma then released the young girl, and telepathically put the other girl into 'detention'.

"Anyone else want to try and escape this lesson? Because I certainly want to escape teaching you all. Apart from this remarkable girl here," Emma said, staring at the body she controlled only seconds ago.

"What's your name?" Emma asked her.

"Magik" she responded with a strong Russian accent. She was clearly a shy girl and kept to her self.

"No, I meant your real name. Oh silly me, I forgot real names are for humans. Let me re-introduce myself," Emma said walking to the black board and rubbing out 'Miss. Frost'.

"The name is the White Queen,"