Blue electricity smashed through the walls that stood beside Julian, leaving a massive hole. Nori seemed to appear out of the dust and smoke it created, her metal gauntlets crackling with electricity, and electricity flowing out her eyes. Then, without a hint, a black man the same age as Nori walked out from behind the dust and smoke. Julian observed him- hair shaved, big glasses, orange t-shirt tucked into jeans; Un-coolest person, ever Julian thought.

Cessily took a few steps forward from Julian's side. "H-h-h-how are we meant to fight that? WHAT IS THAT?" She yelled towards the machine, but obviously speaking to the others.

"It's a Sentinel, and there is only one way to stop it-" Julian shouted over the Sentinel's engines before being cut-off.

"By frying the fucking shit out of it" Nori said, cutting him off. She sprang forward, and jumped onto its hand. She then grabbed a hold of its hinges, and swung herself upwards, before landing on its arm. She sprinted up the arm and towards the neck, before raising her gauntlets up and sending them into the neck with force.

The electricity channelled through the Sentinel's metal body, melting and destroying wires and circuits. The electricity then started to channel up to its head, sending strands of electricity around it, before finally making the head explode. As the Sentinel fell forwards, Nori rang up its arm and jumped into the air, allowing the Sentinel to smash into the west-wing of the mansion before landing in front of Cessily.

After several seconds, a roaring flame was heard above them, before another Sentinel dropped down in front of them. It took only moments before sand was flying around it, shredding the metal into pieces and easily cutting all wires and circuits. By destroying the protection, the sand was able to reach the core, and flared it, causing an explosion that knocked the Hellions back, destroyed the West half of the mansion and the area surrounding it.

The sand flew over to the ever so slightly injured teens, since Julian formed a telekinetic shield, before forming back into Sooraya.

"It was… Annoying me. It interrupted my prayers," She said calmly, but the shakiness was in her voice.

From behind them, rubble started to move about, before a hand rose from it. Laura pulled herself out of it, before allowing her claws to slide out on her fists. She tilted her neck all the way around, allowing her bones to crack and loosen up, before charging forwards. She dived off the ledge where the window and wall once was, and rose up again on a Sentinel's back.

She slid her claws out of it's back, while climbing upwards, before jumping into the air, and allowing her foot claws out. She then did a spin-kick in the air, which easily cut the top of the sentinel's head off. She peered down into the head, and slashed at tons of wires, before the light in the sentinels eyes went put, and it fell to the ground, not moving.

"Yaaaay, only 20 more!" Julian said with mock enthusiasm, clapping his hands like a toddler.

He then pulled his hands apart, and aimed at the walls before sending out telekinetic blasts to them, destroying every remaining bit of them in seconds. He then saw Santo still in his bed, asleep. He waved his hand about, and raised his bed up with such speed, and slammed it against the wall. Santo then kicked it off of himself.


"Look around you, dumb-ass! INVASION!" Julian replied. He then used his telekinesis to raise Santo into the air, and faced the Sentinels. The aura around Santo shined a brilliant, emerald green. Julian pulled his arms backwards, before pushing them forwards again with force.

The build up Julian built for Santo was enough to send Santo flying miles, and he would of if the Sentinels didn't block his path. Santo easily smashed through 7 Sentinel's chests, leaving a gapping hole, before the Sentinels fell backwards and exploded. Santo slammed his foot to the ground, allowing him to break, but the distance of his brake was 12 metres, and left a massive empty line of dirt behind him, with his foot smoking.

Julian then raised himself and Cessily into the air, and sent himself and her flying towards the Sentinels.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! I DON'T WANNA DIE, ASS-WIPE. PUT ME THE FUCK DOWN! KELLER! KELLER! HOLY SHI- KELLER, LOOK OUT!" Cessily screamed and shouted at the top of her lungs, fear and rage boiling inside of her.

Julian had to pull right, and had nano-seconds to do so, otherwise the laser and Sentinel was charging would of hit him right in the chest. Luckily, only the left arm of his t-shirt got destroyed. He stopped mid-track, and just floated in that spot, staring at his t-shirt

"That was my favourite shirt…" he whined to himself, before his head snapping up, and his eyes glowing green, giving off green telekinetic energy. "That was my ONLY shirt!" he yelled, before turning around and formed green energy around his right arm. He curled his right hand into a fist, and sent his arm towards the Sentinel, and the Sentinel reacted as if a crane had been smashed into it.

"That's it, Keller- put me down… NOW" Cessily shouted, staring at Julian, before being lowered down.

She then quickly turned into a puddle, leaving her clothes to fall on top of each other. She moved forward with great speed before increasing her size, and forming her human-like body. She towered over the Sentinels, and formed her right arm into a massive metal spike, and her left hand into a massive spiked boulder. She slammed her left hand down on 2 of them, smashing them into pieces, before spinning her left arm around, smashing all the sentinels near her. She then spun her right arm around, cutting in half the remaining Sentinels she could reach.

Julian flew forward to the last 5, and raised his hands into the air. The Sentinels then had a green aura around them, before floating into the sky. He then curled both his hands into fists, and the Sentinels started to crush into circular balls. He then made sure they where destroyed, by slamming his fists together, and the Sentinel's remains smashed into each other, before exploding and raining Sentinel parts.

After Julian and Cessily made it back to the half-destroyed mansion, they all congratulated each other, and Julian caught Laura looking at him, before she looked away and walked downstairs.

'What's her deal? She loved me in the future, and she wasn't shy about it, so why is she now?' he thought to himself.

Only moments later, though, did Laura come back and announce to every "Illyana, Josh and the Cuckoo's are gone."