Summer night with discord part 1

The end of school. and all the kids ran out of the building.

Smiling and yelling as they came out of the school.

Hercules and jason came out the doors. and were off to meet up with iolaus

at the stables. like they allways do after they walked inside the stables

there iolaus was ,on a white in iolaus hand was the robes that were

tied to the other two horses. Iolaus smiled I got permission for us to go riding,

He and jason tossed there packs they both said.

As hercules and jason got on the smiled and hes eyes sparkled.

Race ya to the pond he he rode off in a and jason

smiled and quickly rode off right horse went nuts and headed into the woods.

Stop iolaus shouted .the horse was running to fast to jump horse ran deep in the woods.

And iolaus had the chance to jump off ,and he iolaus got up from the ground

a light flashed in front of was jumped back and reached for hes sword.

But he did not have it with him.i am not here to hurt you iolaus, she said..

she walked up to him and layed her hand on hes face ,as she looked in to hes blue eyes.

Then she touched hes golden are so beautiful.i want to make peace with you

she I had to do what ares wanted me to do, but now iam free.

Do you hate me iolaus ,she was confused and a little shocked

that she is saying this to do you want discord he asked.

She smiled and reached out her hand to him, take it she I will show you.

He was not sure if he should are something inside wanted to.

He reached hes hand in then hercules and jason came looking for iolaus.

And seen discord and iolaus leave in a flash of and jason were scared

they might not ever see him started to discord and iolaus

were in a temple it was discords looked around then looked back to discord.

Come she told him as she walked in this dark room with candles all around the bed.

Just as iolaus walked passed the bedroom doors .they shut right behind him then locked.

Come here iolaus she said to him, and he walked up to wanted to know

why I came for stood there looking at her knowing what it was now.

She came closer near him,then kissed him on hes I dont understand he said.

She kissed him again,then slid her hand down and untied the string to hes bottoms.

She was taking them off, wait just wait he said ,she tossed him on the bed

before he could say another word. And started kissing on hes chest.

Moments and jason were walking to discords temple.

It will take them all night to get there.i hope he is ok said jason.

I am going to make her suffer hercules she hurt iolaus .and they started to walk again.

The temple started to shake and her screams were heard .hercules heard it.

Whats that started to walk moans and she rocked back and forth.

Making love to iolaus .being with iolaus was the sweetest and most pleasureable feeling she ever felt.

He took her lips in hes kissing her slow and body could not stop shaking with

pleasure. 3 hours of love making ,iolaus was so tired. He kissed her and fell to later.

It was getting close to and jason came up to discords temple.

To be Contuned