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"A fever?" Lavi repeated from his curled up position in one of the library's comfy chairs, an open book lay forgotten in his lap.

"When did this happen?"

"I'm not too sure," replied Linalee, "You know how he is when it comes to covering up his discomforts. For all I know, he could have been feeling bad before the mission even started."

Lavi had to agree with the girl there. The moyashi did have a bad habit of hiding things, especially things that concerned said moyashi's heath.

"So where's moyashi-chan now?" asked the red-head.

"I think he said something about having a nap once we'd handed the report in." answered Linalee. She suddenly looked nervous and began fiddling with the hem of her uniform.

"Normally I'd go check on him, but Nii-san needs me to go on another mission straight away, so…um…do you think you could…?"

Lavi waved the girl's question away with a grin.

"Don't worry about it Linalee, I was gonna visit the Bean Sprout when I knew he'd got back anyways."

Linalee smiled gratefully at the red-head.

"Thanks Lavi, I wasn't sure who I could ask if you couldn't see him."

"Yeah, I hear ya. I think hell will freeze over before Yû-chan pronouces the words: 'are you all right?'."

Linalee giggled.

"Yeah, your right. I'd best be off. Thanks again Lavi, try not to catch whatever he's got okay?"

"Sure thing! See you when you get back."

The Chinese girl waved as she left the library, leaving Lavi alone in his chair next to the fire.

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