Just… had to happen. They were so cute. 3 ;_;
No lemons. Menma is the character from the penultimate filler arc. He was pretty cute, very quiet, enjoyed helping people. He tidied Naruto's room for him.

Oneshot Lemons Two-Menma

Sometimes, Naruto woke up in a cold sweat. Dreams, flashes of the past already gone, the present that never was, sometimes of the futures that could one day be.
Never long, protracted scenes. Just flashes. Snatches of conversation, a strong thought. Sometimes he felt the world from his own perspective, sometimes from another. Once, he'd seen the world from Ino's perspective. That had been an odd night.

It was worst when he'd been forced to use the youko chakra recently. The fox's essence coursed through him, giving him glimpses he had no right so see. Waking him up, sometimes in tears from the horrible things he'd seen, other times sobbing from the wonderful visions he'd lost as he awoke, but always crying.

None as bad as the time, maybe two weeks after he fought Orochimaru when he found himself in his bed, painfully aroused, eyes wet with emotion.

* * *

"Eh, Naruto-kun." smiled the boy. "Your room got so untidy again. I had to clean it."
"Menmaa…" groaned Naruto. "You only did that two days ago. You're so obsessive."
The blonde ex-bandit blushed.

"I just don't like living in a mess." he said, smiling ruefully.
"You could always get your own place." teased Naruto.
"I couldn't do that. After all, you saved my life." he said, another smile pulling on his lips. "I still don't know how you threw an explosive tag that accurately into the cave."

"I'm just that good." grinned Naruto. "Besides, your music lets me do anything."

Menma closed his eyes with another full smile. He opened them, his grey eyes serious.
"Naruto, I want to thank you. You saved my life at least twice, you believed in me, you got me trusted, believed, accepted as a ninja of the leaf. You gave me my second chance, and I just want to say thank you. And… I love you."

Naruto leaned forwards and kissed him.
"You've said that once a day for the last three years." he pointed out. "Even Pervy Sage got sick of it."
Menma blushed.
"Well… there was another reason I cleaned up. It's much healthier to do it on clean sheets…"

* * *

Naruto awoke with a jolt, the ocarina on his table staring accusingly at him.

* * *

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