Title: Protection

Chapter: 1

Disclaimer: I do not own ANY of the original characters from the show, they belong to the writers of NCIS but i do however claim ownership of all other non-original characters from the show.

Author's note: Hi! So this is my next fanfic, called protection. I've wanted to post it for a couple days but haven't had the time. This chapter is really short, but it's only the intro chapter, the others will be longer. :) I appreciate you reading my story and hope you enjoy!

The elevator doors opened and Gibbs stepped out, an unfamiliar scene played out before him--all three of his agents were working.

Gibbs raised an eyebrow but decided that if work was getting done, he wasn't going to ask.

He placed a cup of coffee in front of each of his agents, then sat down at his own desk.

Ziva's phone rang and she snapped it open, "Ziva David."

Tony smirked, "That's a warm greeting."

Ziva silenced him with a glare and Tony opened his mouth to make another smart remark, but stopped at the look on Ziva's face.

"Where are you?" The Mossad officer said coolly.

Tony felt his heart begin to race, his gut instinct was telling him something was wrong.

"Wait!" Ziva sighed in frustration as she realized the caller had hung up.

Without hesitation she pushed herself up from her chair and practically ran over to Gibbs' desk.

"Ziva, what's wrong?" Gibbs asked. The concern in his voice was evident, but he wasn't worried about showing weakness right now--he was only worried about Ziva and whatever it was that forced the urgency into her voice.

"I just received a call from an unknown number; they said that I'd better watch my back. It was a male voice and he said that he planned on getting revenge and that this time nothing was going to get in his way. Normally I would ignore such a threat, but something is telling me to take this one seriously."

Gibbs nodded, he wasn't taking this threat lightly either, "Anyone particular come to mind when you think of these threats?"

Ziva scoffed, "Gibbs, seriously? I work for Mossad, I have plenty of enemies who are seeking revenge."

Gibbs nodded, "I know that Ziva, but is there any particular name that pops into your head?"

Ziva sighed, "No, there are simply too many. I will try to think about it, but…" Ziva smirked, "Forget about it. I am simply being paranoid. I am sure that the threat is simply a joke, made by some prank caller."

"I don't know Ziva." Tony stepped in, unwilling to take any risks on Ziva's life, "You said that your gut was telling you this one was real."

Ziva glared at Tony, obviously not thankful for his input, "I know that Tony, but I now believe I was simply being paranoid—"

Ziva was cut off by the sound of an explosion. All four agents in the bullpen threw themselves to the floor.

Once realizing it was safe, Gibbs quickly got up and ran for the window, "Ziva, where did you park?"

"Why?" Ziva asked, she quickly got up and went to Gibbs' side.

Her eyes widened in horror as she looked down to the parking lot below. A single car was on its' back, it landed that way after what Ziva guessed to be a bomb sent it flying through the air.

One small sentence sent an eerie silence through the room, "That was my car."

Tony stood paralyzed with fear, fear for Ziva, as he watched her. Her calm demeanor shocked him, why is she taking this so lightly? Doesn't she realize this guy is out to kill her?

The thought sent a chill up Tony's spine, causing him to take a silent vow. I won't let him hurt you Ziva. As long as I'm alive you'll be okay.

"David!" Gibbs barked, "I'm ordering you to the safehouse."

"Gibbs, I am sure it is fi—"

"How can you say this is fine Ziva?!" Tony boomed. He lowered his voice and tried again, "How can you say this is fine? Some maniac is out to kill you, you just saw what he did to your car! You were supposed to be in there, the only reason you weren't is that we ran late on the case. Do you know what would have happened to you if you were in there?!"

"Tony, it is nothing."

"Enough." Gibbs cut them off, Ziva looked at him in annoyance but immediately backed off at the look on his face.

Gibbs shot Tony a glare for interfering before continuing his previous orders, "Ziva, you are going to the safehouse under my orders, got it?"

Ziva straightened her back, but one look at Gibbs showed the topic wasn't up for debate. "Yes Gibbs."

"Good." Gibbs nodded approvingly.

Tony shook his head slightly, he was happy Ziva was going to be in the safe house, but something told him it wasn't going to be enough. He wanted, no, needed to make sure she was okay. I should be there with her, I won't let anything happen.

Gibbs seemed to read Tony's thoughts. He took a deep breath, so much for rule twelve. "Ziva!"

"Yes Gibbs?" Ziva asked reluctantly and Gibbs couldn't help but smirk at her antics.

"I want you safe. Take DiNozzo with you for 24 hour protection."

So... that is the first chapter. I know that it's short, but like I said before, it's only an intro. Anyways... tell me if you like it because I love reading your reviews! :)

(PS. This is going to sound dumb but I've only been at fanfiction for a short time, so... does this classify as AU since Tony and Ziva are together in a different setting? And if not what kind of story is this? Lol, I know that sounds dumb, but hey, you learn by asking right?)

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