A.N-O.k. Just to let you guys know, this is my first crossover. In fact, it's the first story I've done that isn't a Naruto story, crossover or not. Ah well. Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.

Rosemarie P.O.V.

I was walking along campus, opening my bond with Lissa so I could see where she was when I was in her head. But not because of me opening the bond, but because her emotions were intense. See, I'm a dhampir, which is a half vampire, half human. And my best friend, Vasilisa (otherwise known as Lissa,) Dragomir, is a Moroi and of one of the twelve royal families of the vampire race. She's also the last of her family. Her brother, Andre, and her parents were killed in a car crash. So was I. So how am I telling you this? Well, the Moroi are bound to the earth's magic, and specialize in one of the five elements, earth, fire, water, earth, and spirit. Until Lissa and I found out about her having spirit, we thought she just hadn't specialized. But it was that spirit that was able to bring me back to life. It also opened up a bond between us, which means I can sense her emotions, and if they're intense or I think she's in trouble or I just want to find her, I can pop into her head. It's kinda cool, but not so much if she's making out or doing it with her boyfriend, Christian Ozera.

But back to the present situation. Since I was in her head, I saw through her. Freaky, right? You have no idea. But anyway, Lissa was looking down at a hole that seemed to have no end. She was curious, but unsure if she was investigate, wait for or go get me, get a guardian (more into that later), or just leave it alone. In the end she decided to investigate. She was in the woods, so I ran there as fast as I could. I ran faster when I saw her teetering on the edge. My panic was rising as she lost her balance. Now I was in the woods, almost there.

"Lissa!" I screamed. She turned to face me. Bad move. She lost her balance and tumbled into the hole. "Lissa!" I screamed again. As usual, though I'm trying to change that, I acted on impulse. As her will-be guardian, I must protect her at all costs. So I jumped into the hole after my best friend. And fell down, down, down, down. Like it looked like, this hole seemed to go on forever, with no end. Oh, what have we gotten into this time?

A.N-Short, I know, but not bad, right? The reason I put Rosemarie is because you might get confuse with Roselie, so yeah. Hoped you like(d)