AN: A romance story, plot is somewhere behind the curtains, but it is there.

Warning: male/male ghaphical sex, NC-17, mpreg

Chapter I

It was the greatest day. One where everybody was ridiculously happy, roaring drunk and crying out things like "You-Know-Who is gone! Let us drink for Harry Potter!" "Cheer, cheers! For our Saviour!"

To be truthful, this warm and sunny day of June very much resembled in its joyous atmosphere the Halloween night sixteen years ago when the Dark Lord had been temporarily banished by a small baby-boy.

The final battle was, of course, glorious. Of course, it happened on the Hogwarts grounds, and, of course, it happened, at the end of the seventh year, very near to Harry Potter's graduation.

The showdown itself was surprisingly short. As soon as Voldemort took his most imposing and evil-looking stance and opened his mouth to exchange the necessary scathing lines with his opponent, the Hero muttered something under his breath and waved his wand in a large vertical arch.

For a moment, nothing happened. Then the body of the most dangerous Dark Lord of all times and seasons crumbled to dust. Everybody was understandably shocked, and some swift-thinking DEs took this chance to escape justice. Thankfully, though, the majority was just as stupefied as the Light Side and was easily apprehended by the arriving Aurors.

Everybody celebrated. Everybody was happy. Everybody but the one and only hero of the day. The teen looked pensive.

He accepted all the congratulations with surprising grace and disappeared into the shadows a short while after the beginning of the hastily organized banquet.

The Destroyer of Voldemort now stood dejectedly deep under the foundations of the Hogwarts castle in a small and cozy chamber, facing the portrait of a middle-aged man. Harry still wore his battle robes that were singed and dirty due to all the fights he had to endure before he finally faced Voldemort.

"I see you've finally done it…" The man in the portrait casually remarked, his pale lips smirking and dark-blue eyes glinting dangerously.

"Yes," was the only thing that Harry uttered.

"Are you truly ready, Harry?" the soft seductive hissing caused Harry's hair to stand on end. He involuntarily shivered.

"I've come to fulfill my part of the agreement. You have yet to stipulate what exactly you are expecting of me."

Harry was indeed ready. After all, it was Salazar who helped him defeat Voldemort. Though being the original Slytherin and all that, he didn't do it selflessly. The sneaky portrait asked the young wizard to swear an oath to do a favor for the deceased founder. Harry naturally made stipulations, such as not harming his friends and innocents, but, nevertheless, agreed.

"I am curious… What is it that you require of me?" Harry repeated his question. "Do you want me to become the next Dark Lord? Do you want me to grant the Slytherin students the authority in the school? Breed a new Basilisk? Perhaps, move the Slytherin dormitories into some less damp location?.."

Salazar studied him with the same smirk adorning his aristocratic features. "All tempting, but no… What I want… What I want, for now, is for you to come visit me inside this portrait. Then we'll discuss it further."

"And just how do I do that?" Harry looked skeptical.

"It's quite simple, really. Just reach for my hand…"

Hesitantly, Harry touched the canvas and the next moment he was pulled inside. He stumbled in surprise and would have fallen, if not for the strong hands that supported him.

The green-eyed boy was shocked to feel another being's body warmth and breath ghosting over his ear. He looked up and drowned in the familiar smoldering eyes of the founder. The man felt so very real at the moment. The teen realized that Salazar was taller than him by at least half a foot and much more muscular. He suddenly felt himself lacking. How a portrait could have such predatory and wild air around him, Harry would never know.

Silently, he disentangled himself from the accidental embrace and looked around. He was in a large room that combined in itself bedroom, parlor and office. And it had a door, leading… somewhere. He had only seen a small part of the room from the outside. How curious. He turned around and saw the chamber he came from in the wall-length painting.

"Take a seat, Harry," Salazar gestured to an inviting-looking armchair near the lit fireplace.

The young wizard did just that. He was nervous. He was wary. He never expected to come into such close proximity to Salazar. Harry knew very well how dangerous the man was. Would he be killed now? What should he expect?..

And the bastard seemed to enjoy his fidgeting. The dark-brown-haired man sat in the twin armchair and simply stared at the boy.

The silence stretched and stretched until it became unbearable.

"I am waiting… What do you want out of this deal?"

"Harry, Harry, has anybody never told you before that patience is a virtue?.. Why do you begrudge me some company? Let me enjoy it, while I can. It has being so many lonely centuries…"

"Talk!" demanded Harry, his eyes flashing.

"Oh, well. The youth today… No respect for elders…"

"Are you quite done with the clowning yet?" asked the green-eyed teen harshly.

Salazar's face suddenly became blank and threatening.

"Very well, if you want it this way. Now, I presume, that you realize Tom was my last living descendant running around and that with his death the Slytherin line has died out?"

Harry kept silence.

"You do. What I want from you, Harry, is… an heir."

Harry started and mulled the revelation over in his head.

"You want me to become your heir?"

"Hm-m. You are worthy, yes. But no. While it is still a viable option, can you imagine an offspring who'll combine the best parts of you and me? We're both very powerful wizards and our children would be even more so…"

Harry didn't like the predatory look in the older man's eyes. In fact, he didn't like this conversation at all.

"But you're… well, dead! And we're both males! Are you insane?!"

"You know, Harry, there is such thing as magic. It makes many things possible. Besides, the dimension inside this portrait has its own rules – my will. What I want to happen – will happen. So you should be prepared to spend the next nine or ten months here, with me. You'll give birth here, and then you would be free to leave. Of course, you'll also have to raise the child when outside, but I don't think you'll be against this part of the bargain."

Harry was grossed out and not a little terrified.

"Well, I guess I had to go and warn my friends that I will be away for a while…" Harry muttered feeling numb and standing up on the autopilot. He headed blindly towards the exit out of this hell. Before he could escape, he was caught, his back pressed up against the taller man.

Salazar leaned down ghosting his lips over the green-eyed boy's neck and hissing amusedly.

"Now, Harry, normally I would trust the person to come back, not wanting to lose their magic. But with you being raised a Muggle, I can imagine you taking that risk… So, I'm afraid your friends will have to agonize about your unexpected departure… Can't be helped."

"I would never…" Harry's breath sped up. He tried to break away, but Salazar held him firmly. The other man's hands ran up and down his torso and then to his head, messing up his hair… A panic was encroaching upon him, his vision swam and bells rang in his ears from shock… And suddenly he was free.

"You are quite dirty, Harry," said the founder good-naturedly. "Perhaps, you would like to take a bath?"

"I… Yes. Yes, bath sounds nice," Harry agreed in a daze, happy at the opportunity to be alone and gather his thoughts.

"I'll show you the way then. Follow me…"

Salazar headed towards the mysterious door. They came through and… How the hell was this possible? He was standing in the hallway of a pretty large-looking mansion. The setting sun shined through the tall stained-glass windows, casting colorful shades on the silver-and-green interior.



Harry glowered at the wall in front of him. Why did he agree to this? Oh yes, Voldemort. If the ugly arse were still alive, he would have killed in a decidedly more painful manner.

The bathroom was all about size and splendor… But it was good. He felt cleaner and more refreshed and his thoughts were more focused.

He still wanted to cling to the hope that he would, perhaps, drink some kind of arcane potion and magically (heh) get pregnant, but upon seeing the clothes that were left for him to wear… He had no choice but to discard this naive thinking. Harry had to think realistic. The man spent quite some time in the portrait without indulging himself in carnal activities. At least not with a partner.

Harry sighed and bravely put on the indecent see-through pajamas. His hands were shaking. He hated it.

The wizard decided to be vindictive and put on the clothes on his still wet body. The already slutty material now looked even more whorish. He didn't care. If he had to go through this shit then he at least wanted the pervert founder to lose some of his aloof and cool exterior.

Salazar was waiting for him in the parlor.

Harry walked confidently through the door, mussing up his wet hair and asked trying to look uncaring:

"Where do I sleep?"

Salazar looked up from a book he was reading and his eyes seemed to scorch his skin. Harry wouldn't be surprised to see the mist coming from his wet self.

"Where do you sleep?.." the older man repeated the question, standing up from a couch. "Where do you sleep, huh? Harry, I know you are not that oblivious. Tonight you won't sleep…"

Harry suddenly felt faint. Was he really ready for this? He looked at the approaching figure and gulped. No. No, he was definitely not ready. 'Goodbye, my virginity. Sorry, Ginny… Guess, our dreams of hot post-graduation sex weren't meant to be…'

His inner ramblings were interrupted by a hand lifting up his chin. His eyes that he closed in panic flew open. And he was burning… He was devoured by the fire in Salazar's eyes.

Then he felt the other man's lips on his own. Pressing, moving, licking… The foreign tongue invaded his mouth, teased the roof of his mouth, inviting Harry's own tongue to join in the dance.

What else could he have done in this situation? He was the same hormonal teenager as the rest of them. Of course, he had responded.

Harry's hands out of their own will buried in Salazar's shoulder-length hair. It was soft and silky to touch. It wasn't enough. He yanked the dark-brown strands, forcing the taller male to stumble and their bodies to touch.

Salazar yelped in surprise and broke the kiss. But didn't move away.

"My, my, you're not behaving like a passive and confused little virgin, Harry. Why is it so?"

Was there a hint of jealousy in the blackened eyes of the ancient wizard? No, couldn't be. He was hearing things.

"I think, Salazar, you confuse me with some blushing sheltered maiden. I am not one."

"Hm-m. You always looked the part."

"Sorry to disappoint you," said Harry but there was no regret in his voice. He was feeling quite smug that he ruined the older man's fantasies. But seeing the thunderous expression he backtracked. Just in case. "I am still a virgin, though. So don't go sticking things in places unprepared."

Salazar's mood suddenly lightened. He would never understand the man…

"Is that so?" the founder drawled. "I can do nothing but to comply then. I'll just have to make you very-very prepared. I promise that you'll be moaning and begging for more till this day is over."

"We'll see," the green-eyed wizard growled petulantly.

"Harry… You really shouldn't have challenged me like that," Salazar's happy smile was ominous.

Uh-oh. Maybe, he really shouldn't have…

Salazar lifted his body in the air and threw over the shoulder. And did it like it was nothing… Harry knew he was not that light. He was impressed, even if he would never admit it.

Harry stayed still while the man adjusted his weight and went out into the hall.

"What are you doing?" the teen's voice was deceptively calm.

"Changing the scenery. Or do you want your first time to be on the cold stone floor?"

"I don't care."

"Hm-m. I'll ignore that for now. You are just being difficult."

"Am not!" In Harry's opinion, he was being shamefully easy. Even though there was no point in putting up a fight, he, probably, would have been better off pretending to be a skittish little thing. But his pride wouldn't allow him to behave in such an undignified manner. Not that this was much better. "And I can walk! You don't have to carry me!"

"Now, Harry…" Salazar's hand caressed his buttocks teasingly. "Don't argue with me. Besides we're here already."

The teen was put back on his feet. He resisted the urge to pout and looked around. Well wasn't that a shocker… They were in a bedroom. The large king-sized monstrosity with silk emerald-green sheets and silver pillows was the first thing that caught Harry's attention. His eyes widened.


"Undress me."

The wizard turned to the old man… No, he didn't want to contemplate the age difference. Neither did he want to consider the fact he was going to sleep with a portrait. Why everything in his life had to be so… horrifyingly freaky?.. Fate?… Bitch!

"No 'please'?" Harry muttered.

Salazar just stood regally and stared him down. Now that wouldn't do it… Harry crossed his arms and refused to back down. Instead he glared at the founder heatedly.

"How is this going to work again? Why do I have to sleep with you to give you an heir?"

The older man looked at him incredulously.

"Hm-m. So you want it to be spelled out, don't you? Very well. First, I'll impregnate you in the most joyous way. Then you'll develop a womb inside your body and when the fetus grows, you will get a vagina to deliver the baby. After the birth all the unnatural parts will disappear."

"That… that certainly clears things up," all the traces of sexual excitement had vanished, and Harry felt sick. From the concerned expression on Salazar's face, he suspected he must have turned green. "Will the… the pregnancy have the same symptoms as it does regularly?"

"Hm-m. I am not completely sure, but I suspect it would be pretty much the same."

"I can't do it!" Harry knew he started getting hysterical but couldn't stop. Fuck his magic, he wasn't going to go through this. He was going to defend his virtue.

Salazar silently stepped into his comfort zone. Harry backed away. "Don't you dare! Why don't you get pregnant?!"

He was caught. Behind him was the horrifying bed. There was no way to escape. Harry closed his eyes, his body trembling. Why did it have to be like this? He…

He was being gently embraced, smothered with warmth and sympathy.

"Sh-sh… We don't have to do this straight away, Harry. I am sorry if I frightened you. I just never expected you to be so receptive. I see now that it was all bravado…"

Harry relaxed slowly. The scent of parchment and summer woods, that was Salazar, was calming him down.

"No, it wasn't just bravado," Harry broke away from the man and looked up to meet dark eyes. "But… the being pregnant stuff is finally getting to me."

The boy looked at Salazar and studied his features carefully. The founder was actually very attractive, he wouldn't go as far as to call him effeminate – no, not at all, but the face features were all straight and sharp lines, very classical. The model world would happily welcome such a face and body into the fold. But it was so much more than the cold beauty of the Muggle-world high class. No, Salazar looked so much more alive, reachable, warm, touchable

Harry didn't fight himself as his hand moved on its own accord to trace the older man's smooth jaw, straight nose, pale pink lips, arched black eyebrows…

The man stood still and let him explore. The ancient wizard was dressed in a white cotton poet-shirt and black slacks. Harry decided to take up Salazar on the offer and started unbuttoning the top piece. Slowly, unhurriedly. The air in the room grew heavier, his own breathing became labored. He tugged the shirt away from Salazar's shoulders revealing unblemished white skin of the sculptured lightly-haired chest. Who knew… The man was a god amongst men. Harry already considered Salazar perfect and yet more was to be revealed. Harry now understood why Salazar requested that he undressed him. It gave him the opportunity to study and to have some measure of control. He was very grateful.

The young wizard's hands kept wandering and stopped for a second at the waistline. Then he lowered himself to his knees and with shaking fingers undid the belt, pulling the trousers down. My, my, so the founder was going commando…

This was a mouth-watering view. Salazar's hard member stood proudly erected, long and thick. Leaking pearly precome. And it was cut. Harry didn't know whether this fact made him happy or sad. He never really thought about cocks and cock preferences before. But now he longed to touch it, to lick it, to swallow it whole. Harry almost came at the sight, his own length started straining the translucent white fabric some time ago.

He was going to get to have sex with this gorgeous specimen in order to fulfill his own debt. Merlin, he was ready to pay for this. Though, there was the icky part about getting pregnant. Shoot…

This unwelcome reminder broke through the haze of desire and prevented Harry from jumping Salazar's bones and rutting against him in the most primal way. Yes, he was that far gone. Somewhere in the backyard of his mind, the conclusion was drawn, that yes, he was most definitely gay, at the very least bi, and yes, he was a virgin, but a nymphomaniac virgin. But he didn't want to analyze these truths of the universe at the moment.

Harry stood up and met the eyes of the founder. The hungry look in the dark-blue eyes of Slytherin made his breath hitch.

"You… you're undressed now."


His whole frame shuddered. Fuck it, but he was perverted. Why else would his body go through such pleasurable convulsions just at the sound of a sharp and precise command. And in Parsletongue too. Nevertheless, he gladly followed this request.

He didn't draw out the action and simply took off the pajamas. Military style. And waited for the events to unfold. All his limbs were tingling from anticipation, and some even twitching. If he had to stay still for a few more moments he was going to pass out from the pent-up sexual frustration. Still… He waited for the other man to act.

Salazar devoured the marvelous sight before him. He had known this would happen eventually, that all his sufferings of false immortality would be rewarded. He had clung to the thought, but with the years and centuries passing by, he had begun to lose hope. Even now he was afraid that he would suddenly wake up and Harry would vanish from his world like a phantom being.

The founder never expected the teen to be so beautiful… He traced the fine outline of the lightly-muscled body in front of him with heated eyes. It still had to reach its peak but the limbs had already lost adolescent awkwardness and gained the allure of the young flower which petals just started opening up. Fresh and untainted yet calling and irresistible.

The emerald-green eyes were rare and almost seemed unreal. Harry fixed his eyesight during his sixth year, but chose to wear the ugly glasses for decorative purposes. Salazar was grateful for that fact actually. It added to the teen's carefully constructed dorky image and significantly cut down on the admirers.

The combination of the brilliant eyes with the gloriously black perpetually disheveled hair was even more stunning. The unblemished skin was tanned golden from the summer sun. Harry looked dazzling really, like some creature from a fairy-tale that would disappear into mist if the onlooker made any wrong move. And all this beauty belonged to him…

The man stepped closer to the boy and was gratified with the widening of the almond-shaped eyes and a hitched breath. Salazar was joyful that the young wizard's body was so responsive to his presence.

He slowly wound his arms around the nude torso of his prey, squeezed the perfectly shaped arse cheeks and brought their bodies closer, their erections almost touching. He continued to massage Harry's buttocks but was interrupted from his careful seduction technique by a growl.

"You're such a cruel-cruel man, Salazar…"

And suddenly he was on his back on the carpeted floor, with a tongue stuck down his throat, his hips straddled and his cock pressing up against the body holding him down. The founder couldn't help it - he moaned. Again, he was glad for the teen's initiative – the image of Harry riding his dick in abandon flashed through his depraved mind – but for now this sudden aggressiveness had to be suppressed.

Salazar flipped them over and kissed the raven-haired beauty deeply receiving an equally passionate response. He stood up lifting the lighter body with him and breaking the kiss threw Harry on the bed.

Out of breath, the teen sat up on the springy mattress, supporting himself on the elbows, and looked at the founder intently. He even raised an eyebrow in a silent question "now what?". Salazar's answering smile was positively evil. Harry was already past gulping and just stared expectantly at the man, his eyes hooded with eyelashes.

The glorious body covered his own and Salazar sucked on his neck somehow latching immediately on the spot that made Harry moan and his arms reach out clutching the strong torso closer.

"Fuck… Enough… enough with prelude. Can't we get on with it?" Harry whined out. His heart beat rapidly and he wanted more. To be closer, to melt into Salazar. He lifted his hips trying to rub his leaking cock against the man's thigh.

The bastard ignored his plea and continued to hold him down. Abandoning the tender neck, he sucked on his nipple instead.

The torture continued in this manner for another ten minutes. Harry moaned and writhed in pleasure, all his feeble attempts to take the initiative and finish it were ruthlessly deflected.

"Dammit… Salaza-ar… Could you, PLEASE, fuck me already?" The sound of a deep rumbling chuckle seemed to reverberate through his stressed body.

"Ah, and all you had to do was to ask nicely. How can I disagree?" Salazar stopped the ministrations for a moment and stretched his hand to the nightstand for a strategically placed bottle.

Harry sighed in relief, thankful and at the same time disappointed for this moment of freedom. He giddily reached his hand to his hurting erection that seemed to beg its owner to come already…

Only for his hand to be slapped.


"Oh no, you don't. You are going to come from my touch alone, Harry…"

Salazar moved back to his position above Harry and made a show of coating his dick with the lube. Harry was watching the sight in rapture. Then the man poured the generous amount of the slick liquid on his right hand's fingers. The drops of lube fell down on the silk sheets, marring the fabric.

"Spread you legs," Salazar's voice was low and husky. Harry obeyed immediately. He was so crazed with lust that he would either come or pass out very soon.

The man placed the oiled hand on the inner side of the teen's thigh and moved it straight behind the balls, bypassing the erection altogether. The forefinger circled his anus teasingly and then pushed inside.

Harry tried to relax. The feeling was odd but not unwelcome either. It heightened the pleasure even more. Soon the finger was joined by the other one, and Harry winced at the sudden twinge of hurt, but the pain was so mild that it could be very well overlooked. The teen closed his eyes and concentrated on the sensations. Salazar scissored the fingers. Stretched him and coated his insides. The sensation was so intimate that it made Harry feel utterly vulnerable and exposed.

The digits suddenly grazed over a spot that caused a spike of sharp pleasure race through his body. He cried out and saw stars but still didn't come. Harry suspected that some evil magic was at play here. He wouldn't put it past this Slytherin.

"Enough! I am ready!"

The man just smirked at him but thankfully complied. He aligned the tip of his long cock to Harry's entrance and carefully pressed it inside.

Harry couldn't take the agonizingly slow pace any longer. He didn't care if he hurt himself in the process. He relaxed his inner muscles as well as he could and pushed himself onto the member in one smooth jerk of his hips.

"Oh…" Harry groaned out. It hurt, it actually hurt, but the pain was inseparable from pleasure. He felt filled and full. He choked on the air and arched his back, trying at the same time to regain his breath.

"Silly child… You shouldn't be in a hurry…" Salazar whispered in his ear and kissed him languidly, mimicking with his tongue movement that was all too soon to follow.

The careful withdrawal stroked his prostate and Harry moaned. The small movements back and forth stretched Harry's walls further and soon the strokes became harsher, longer and quicker. It was indescribable and melted Harry's flesh. The pressure kept steadily growing.

Harry clenched his hands on Salazar's back, digging the nails into the muscled flesh. Another thrust from Salazar hit his prostate dead on and the teen cried out, his consciousness blurring in white-hot pleasure. His member ejaculated long and plenty, dirtying his and Salazar's stomachs.

The founder's stamina was astounding, he still kept going. Shifting Harry's arse higher in the air he continued thrusting. Harry regained his faculties and gazed at Salazar in appreciation. His spent cock twitched from its slumber again from the prostate abuse. The wizard was beautiful in his disheveled state, the dark eyes looked at him in passion and the face was contorted in pleasure. The man leaned down and captured Harry's lips in a bruising kiss. The hot wetness spread in Harry's backside, and he felt the invading him flesh softening.

The kiss turned gentle, and Harry wound his hands into Salazar's hair, his body relishing in the weight holding him down, the stickiness and the still filled anus. He never expected that sex with a male would provide him with such satisfaction.

Salazar moved his face away and lifted his upper torso on the elbows. The utter devotion and admiration in the older man's eyes made Harry's heart skip a beat and think that maybe it wasn't just happening because of the debt. Maybe, the founder actually felt something for him… No! The young wizard pushed the thought into the back of his mind. It was useless to hope and useless to become infatuated. Just sex, just for conceiving an heir… Great sex, though. With that memorable experience in his mind, Harry answered Salazar's gaze with his own – open and appreciative – and smiled sweetly.

"You're gorgeous, Harry…" the words slipped from the founder's lips and he himself seemed surprised by their sincerity.

The seriousness was not something the teen wanted now, so he replied happily:

"You're not too shabby yourself, Salazar," Harry laughed jovially and sat up in order to reach those red and glistening from saliva lips. A beautiful reminder of their activities.

The young wizard shifted their position so that he was lying on top of the older man. He sighed contently and continued on with the kissing. It was unbearably sweet. Just for tonight he wanted to indulge himself.

"Can we sleep like this?" asked Harry in an uncharacteristically timid manner.

"Whatever you want, Harry. I'll be happy to oblige," Salazar's smile was gentle and reassuring.

"Sweet dreams," wished Harry and continued to cuddle the warm body. His breathing soon slowed and evened, his consciousness blanketing.

He was already deeply asleep, when Salazar stroked his back in reverence and whispered:

"Who needs dreams, when the reality is so much better…"