Dear Readers

First of all, thanks for reading the Trinity…and coming back to read this little add-on chapter one year after the story was published (one year!? It's been that long!?). Well anyway, some of you a while back were bugging for a sequel, and, unfortunately, there is no sequel. I know, I know, don't cry. Just kidding. But anyway, back on topic. I have written a new story for Percy Jackson and the Olympians (anyone jumping out of their seat in anxiety yet? Yes? No? Just checking…) called "I am become Death."

Summary: Shane, a son of Athena, and Miranda, a daughter of Apollo, who discover a girl in the forest while playing capture the flag. Her powers – which are far more than she should be able to wield – are soon exhibited, and it's not long before the three of them are sent on a quest, centered around the girl, Maria. But throughout the mythological adventures of the triad and some unusual allies along the way, Shane and Miranda are constantly reminded of the question that, if answered, could be the only thing that will save our world…and the Olympians. Just who is the parent god – or goddess – of this all-too-powerful demigod?

So there's the summary. Sound cool? I thought so. Anyway, so just go to my profile page and the story is there. The title is "I am become Death" and you should TOTALLY go read it! So what are you still doing here!? Go read it!

Thanks for Reading!
-Shane Lutz