I Will Sing

by A'isha Ishtar

Summary: Sayuri belongs to the cadet branch of the Suzuki clan. Her Doreijutsu is dangerous, and she tries not to get it activated. When she is put on the same team as Neji Hyuga for the Chunin Exams, can she reach the faint glimmer of hope that the genius is giving her? Or will her Seal come between them? Will she even be able to tell the truth? NejiOC

Chapter 1: Deep as the Ocean

Sayuri Suzuki glanced in the mirror. Electric blue eyes stared back at her. The eyes of the Suzuki clan. Light lavender hair, pin-straight, flowed to her thighs, but she usually kept it in a ponytail, making it look shorter.

She decided not to tie it up today. Today was the beginning of the most recent Chunin Exams. She had to make a good impression on everyone-- especially her new sensei and teammates. This was the only time her uncle was allowing her to participate. If she didn't become a Chunin... she couldn't go next year.

As she pulled her white tank top over her body, she could see her Doreijutsu. The Suzukis' Doreijutsu, or Slave Seal, was applied in five parts, and she was the only one so far to have it done in her generation. Her mother and father once had it, but they had been killed by it. So she was the only one in her generation who would ever have it.

The first part was on her left hand, in the shape of an X. The second part was on her left arm, near her shoulder but exposed by the top. It was a black dragon with red eyes. It stretched almost to her elbow. The third part was shaped like a red handprint on her right thigh. The fourth part was a golden circlet stamped with leaf patterns that fit around her head. It wasn't extremely thick, and a single gold leaf was attached to the front. The fifth and final part lie in the middle of her chest. It was a black skull mark, with crossbones behind it.

The Slave Seal, she had been told, was similar to the Hyuga family's seal-- the Caged Bird Seal, or Juinjutsu. The Hyugas' seal was activated, like the Doreijutsu, by a member of the main branch. It killed brain cells of the cadet member. The Slave Seal, however, was a million times more deadly than that. When it was activated by a main branch member, it killed the cadet member's heart cells-- hence the Skull on the chest, signifying the murder of cells in the heart. Branded on Sayuri's forehead were the kanji for "shinzou no shin", together meaning "heart death". It wasn't part of the Seal; it simply explained her fate.

"Oji-san," she called out the door.


"May I please not wear the Circlet to the Exams? I'll be good. I don't want anyone to know about my seal just yet."

The Circlet would automatically tighten, cutting off oxygen to the brain as well as causing a major migraine, if the cadet member did something they weren't supposed to. She hated wearing it, though she would never say so, due to the fact that Oji-san would most likely activate her Seal, which would leave her writhing in agony until a heart attack put her to sleep.

"I'll give you a break today. You will wear it tomorrow," came Oji-san's voice.

"Yes, sir." Carefully, Sayuri lifted the Circlet off her head and placed it in the small glass case on her dresser. She looked in the mirror once more. The tank top covered the skull on her chest, but the Black Dragon, Handprint, and X-Mark were still visible. She quickly put a pair of jeans on, which covered the Handprint. That just left the X-Mark and the Black Dragon.

She slipped on a black jacket, which concealed the Black Dragon. Her kunai launcher hid the X-Mark, and her hitai-ate protected the kanji from sight.

She sat at the vanity and picked up her small, circular music box. It had been her mother's. It played a lullaby that Okaa-san would sing her to sleep with every night. She opened it, and the familiar tune played. Inside, little statues of Okaa-san and Otou-san danced with each other. With sad eyes and a sad voice, she sang softly to the song.

"The waves roll low

And the waves roll high

And so it goes

Under the bright, blue, endless sky

"Waves try to measure

The days that we treasure

Wave hello and

Wave good-bye..."

Sayuri closed the music box and slipped it in her shuriken pouch. She brushed her hair, and took a last look at herself in the full-length mirror. She smiled. "Now... Now I look like a normal girl."

She walked out of the room and downstairs to find Oji-san, Oba-san, and Shin-itoko sitting at the table. "Good-bye," she said quietly, a hand on the door. "I'll see you tonight... Oji-san, Oba-san, itoko."

"Don't disgrace our family," her cousin sneered from his place at the table.

Sayuri bit back tears. "I shan't let it happen, itoko." Swiftly, she opened the door, and closed it.

Approaching the arena, she took a breath. How would she survive this exam?

Judging by the way some of the competitors looked... and how they looked at her... she was sure she'd die in this game.


Japanese Translations

Sayuri = little lily

Suzuki = bell demon/demon of bells (this is just a guess, though, based on my knowledge of the Japanese language; Suzuki is an actual name, I just translated it using both parts of it, "Suzu" meaning "bell" or "bells" and "Ki" meaning "demon" or "demons". If anyone knows what it actually means do not hesitate to correct my Japanese-language-abusing butt!)

Dorei = slave (I have no idea if Juinjutsu actually means "Caged Bird Seal"-- probably not-- but I assume putting Dorei and Jutsu together creates the Dorei Seal, or Slave Seal; if I'm wrong please tell me because I don't want to be inaccurate T_T then I'll be sad, ashamed, and possibly depressificated)

Shinzou no Shin = heart death; literally death of heart or death at heart

Oji-san = uncle

Okaa-san = mother

Otou-san = father

Oba-san = aunt

Itoko = cousin

The lullaby is "Athena's Song" from Little Mermaid 3: Ariel's Beginning.

And also, I'm sooooo sorry this was so short! My chappies are usually longer! I promise Chapter 2 will be longer, I promise!

Your awesome authoress,

~A'isha ^^