Title: Snowing Heart Flakes

Rating: M

Summary: Troy Bolton, worker and snowboarder (skiing at times) at Croascount Snow Resort. Gabriella Montez, visitor and snowboarder(skiier at times). She decides to spend the winter in CR with her friends, expecting to have some time to relax. But when Troy Bolton, the gorgeous ski lift worker turns out to be her friend's boyfriend's friend, things won't be the same.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. The resort is a made up name. Take everything as a fiction.

A/N: This is probably suicide, starting a new story when I don't even update SOAB once a week. But this idea have been stuck in my head for over a year now, yes a year! I've had this idea about two people meeting in a Snow Resort even though I haven't even had a ff account that long. LOL! But yeah, here it is. I feel like I need to write something funny in between everything too, and this is perfect since I'm a snowboarder myself. And oh, don't pick on me about the names. I like the name Croascount and I got up with it, so if it's not a real name, then that's just better x]

I just have to tell about how much I debatted with myself about the whole Troy and Gabriella meeting thing. That's probably what's taken so long. I couldn't decide if they were going to like each other from the start, or be a bit annoyed with each other. Well, Gabriella. And I just decided as I wrote the chapter, so I really really hope that it will be the right thing. Please, please, please review and tell me what you think of it because like I said, this is different from what I've written before. I love to hear you guys words and thoughts about it :)

So, relax and get ready for a hell of a story ride, this is, Snowing Heart Flakes.

Gabriella Montez sighed as she watched the hundreds of people that walked by her were she was sitting on a comfortable bench in the middle of LAX. People were really crazy these days, all different kind of looks, clothes and company. Who get up this early anyway? Oh right, she did.

"Taylor, can you please tell me why I agreed to come on this trip again?" Gabriella groaned as she closed her eyes to lock out all the people around her. Sleep wasn't her best friend these days, her mind was full of crap that needed to be taken care of, the heat was incredible for being December and the teenage boy next door had seemed to find a new liking for blasting rock music.

"Because you'll meet tons of hot snowboarders and let me tell you Gabs, snowboarders fuck like real men." Sharpay cut in with a matter of fact tone and a satisfied smirk playing on her model-like face.

"Oh dear god." The tired brunette groaned and put her face in her hands, Taylor just arched an eyebrow at Sharpay who just flipped her long, blonde hair while the smirk lingered on her a bit too glossy lips. Those lines were not the words Gabriella needed to hear at 6am, but if you were friends with Sharpay, let's just say that that is something you'll have to learn.

"What are you doing here anyway, Sharpay? We're not going to a fashion show, it's going to be cold and if you haven't noticed, your butler's not coming with us." Taylor cut in and watched as the blonde glared back at her. You could think that the two of them came from completely different planets. A blonde, fashion crazed pink-lover and a dark and smart girl.

"Like I said," she smirked. "Good fucks. And for your record, I can actually snowboard AND ski." She told Taylor, obviously a bit annoyed.

"Yeah, yeah whatever, little Miss Fucker. When's the plane boarding anyway?" Gabriella sighed and looked around the airport while wishing one of her friends could carry her aboard the plane so she could at least sleep. This sucked, really hard.

"Flight 7O1EFH3 to Colorado is now boarding in Gate 5."

"Thank god!" Gabriella groaned and shot up from her seat.

"This is so beautiful, Taylor! I can't believe that Chad actually got it cheaper for us." Gabriella exclaimed as she and the three girls' was sitting on the couch in her hotel room 8 hours later. The room had a big living room, with a sofa and a flat screen TV, to the left was the bedroom with a queen size bed and a wooden design. The bathroom sat together with the bedroom and had the same wooden design with black tile, a huge Jacuzzi was placed in one of the corners but there was also a cabinet. The balcony had a sight over the east hill frame and the lights from the hills were beautiful.

The whole hotel was in three sections excluding the ski-shop, a mini-supermarket and parking lot. Croascount Resort had an amount of 63 lifts, 40 cabins around the resort and the hotel had 100 rooms all together. It was a very popular skiing resort and thanks to Taylor's boyfriend, the three ladies' had decided to go up there for the winter to take a break from real-life. Sharpay from her acting career in Hollywood, Taylor from being the assistant to the president and Gabriella from… well, life.

"Yeah I know, though I told Chad that he shouldn't book the most expensive ones. But you know how boys are; don't listen to a damn thing." Taylor laughed.

"Your boyfriend is weird," Sharpay said to Taylor before turning to Gabriella. "But Gabs, Taylor told me about this über-gorgeous friend of Chad, and he sounds like a man for you. And I've seen about 10 good fucks already."

Gabriella looked at Sharpay like she was crazy. "Sharpay, I know you're blonde, but can you get those words into your brain? I don't want a fuck!" Sharpay's eyes widened in horror and her glossy lips parted to let her jaw drop to the floor. For a second she actually looked like hell had come crashing down.

"Gabriella, hun," she said, and walked over to sit next to her while placing a tiny hand on the brunette's petite shoulder. "I know that you're having a hard time finding boyfriends, but that will change now, sweetie. You see, this Troy boy, he is really gorgeous, a muscular body with this chestnut sandy brown hair. He works in the ski-shop and restaurant 3 hours a day. Taylor told me all about him, and I think you should give it a chance."

"Sharpay! None of us have met the guy, how can you tell me to give him a chance now?!" The petite brunette exclaimed and threw her hands in the air for the dramatic effect.

"Well then," Sharpay said and turned back to Taylor. "Let's go meet him."

Taylor and Gabriella both looked at Sharpay with an odd expression. They'd been friends for years and years, and they were used to the blonde's crazy life and ideas, but this was pure shit. The guy cold be an asshole or who knew what else since he actually hung out with Chad.

"I think we should've gone to the mental instead of ski trip," Taylor said and nodded to Sharpay with a look on her face.

"Hey! I'm completely fine thank you, I think Gabriella is the one to worry about and not me. Just because you two have a problem getting it on doesn't mean that I have a problem because I do. Some people just can't live without it." Sharpay exclaimed with a furious look on her face while her two friends just looked at her with confused faces.

"Uh…right, let's go eat, I'm hungry." Gabriella hurried up from the couch and sprinted to the door to get away from the talk before her blonde friend could get up with some more ideas that told Gabriella to take the first guy she saw and tell him to fuck her.

"Well, well, well, who do we have here if not the gorgeous LA chicks?" A male's voice said from behind the three ladies as they sat in the hotel restaurant and waited for a waiter to serve them. All three of them turned around and the dark skinned girl squealed and shot up from her stool and right into the man's arms.

"Chad!" Taylor exclaimed happily while hugging him tight. Gabriella and Sharpay rolled their eyes meaningful while the two lovebirds hugged and kissed.

"Okay, okay! Love's over, get a room if you feel the need to let your balls out, Chad, or serve us and spare us the details," Sharpay said and walked up and separated the two lovers, which gave a dangerous glare from the dark girl while the guy with the almost-afro chuckled and opened his arms to the blonde one.

"Drama queen, ice-queen, I could go on forever-" Chad chuckled but got cut off by Sharpay.

"I'm sure you could but Sharpay will do great, thanks." Chad chuckled once again and shrugged as he scoped Sharpay in for a friendly hug. They pulled back after a short second and Sharpay smirked up at him.

"Why, hello Chad. I see you still haven't done anything to your hair." Chad glared at her for a second but then replied with a proud smile.


Sharpay had always told Chad that he should cut his hair, at least straighten it. But being the man in love with his own hair, Chad had just shrugged it off and used his basketball and snowboard legs to run away from the shear in Sharpay's hands.

"Aaah, Gabriella." Chad sighed with a huge smile on his face as he turned to the only girl still sitting and walked to her with his arms out. The petite girl smiled as big as the guy and hugged him back. No matter how tired, annoying and did she mention tired, she was at her friend, Gabriella couldn't help but take a deep breath and sigh in relief as she hugged the man that has been like a brother for her.

"Hi, Chad, how are you?" She giggled as they pulled back and the other girls sat down again.

"Pretty darn good if I could say so myself, how about you? Are the boy's lining outside your apartment?" He chuckled and the other girls giggled at the comment, it was almost true.

"No, and they never will so stop being a Sharpay. I have enough with one already." Gabriella muttered and glared at the two mentioned.

"Hey! I can at least do something with my hair, but this little boy right here," Sharpay said and patted Chad's head. "He doesn't even know what a straighten iron is." Chad just chuckled at the comment and patted her back.

"So, what can I have for the gorgeous ladies today?"

"You now what, Chad? You really shouldn't hit on other girls' while your girlfriend's sitting-" Sharpay began but was cut off my two very irritated females.

"Shut up, Shar!"

Sharpay immediately put her hands up in defence and shrugged before she turned her attention to the menu to see what the world could offer a drama-queen.

Chad got back 10 minutes later with each dish that the girls' ordered and placed it in front of them. The girls' licked their lips hungrily and two of them began to cut the meat while the third turned her attention to the waiter once again.

"Yo Chad, where's your oh-so-über-gorgeous friend, Troy?" Sharpay asked.

A figure suddenly turned up from behind Chad. "Did I hear my name?"

Gabriella's eyes shot up like a rocket shooting for the stars and almost fainted at what she saw. A guy in what looked like 24 years old body (a perfect muscular body to be exact) stood on the other side of the table. The black waiter-pants and white shirt clung to it with a perfection that could blend your eyes. His chestnut sandy hair was ruffled with some jelly, with the bangs to the side. The brunette's coffee eyes rolled over the way it was shifted to the side and then her heart stopped as it landed on the owner's eyes.

Azure blue looked back at the coffee brown, sparkling like a star-crossed night.

"Guys, this is Troy Bolton." Chad introduced, and Troy smiled as Sharpay squealed and jumped up, hugging him like she'd known him for years. This girl REALLY needs help.

"This is Sharpay, Taylor and that's Gabriella," Chad said as he pointed at the girls and Sharpay and Taylor got a nod and a "Troy Bolton, nice to meet you" until his eyes landed on Gabriella.

The petite brunette's eyes were locked on the blue-eyed boy. The blue-eyed boy walked to her with a huge smile showing off his snow white teeth. He put his hand out for her to shake and she smiled back politely. A tingle shot up both arms. Gabriella narrowed her eyes slightly at him and tried to read what was on his mind right now.

"Troy Bolton"

"Gabriella Montez"

"We're heading back now, we have a lot of work to do tonight," Chad said as he waved around the room to reveal that the restaurant was almost full. All three girls' nodded.

"But hey, why don't we all go snowboarding tomorrow when our shifts are over?" Chad suggested and Taylor and Sharpay nodded while Gabriella kept her eyes on Troy.

"Great, I'll see you tomorrow then." Chad kissed Taylor's cheek and they both waved to the girls' before they started to head back to the kitchen, only to have Troy turning around and wink at Gabriella before the doors closed behind him.

"I didn't like him," Gabriella said sternly. Her eyes lingered on the door where the boy had just disappeared. Something about him made her crave for him, but another part of her told her that she needed to stay away from him if she wanted to keep control of her life. And that's what she's here for right?

"WHAT?! Gabriella, how can you NOT like him? You've only met him once, besides, his body's nothing to joke about." Sharpay exclaimed and looked dreamily at the door where the boy's just walked in. Obviously, Sharpay wasn't one of the girls who looked behind the surface to get to know the person. No, Sharpay Evans enjoy life as long as she gets a good fuck and all the guys around her knows that she's the queen. But for Gabriella, there is so much more.