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One Word

Tony sits watching a movie, but not really watching it. He was still in shock at the one word that Gibbs had said to him when he pulled him away from the bullpen away from the case that they had gotten when Gibbs was still in Mexico. Proud. Gibbs was proud of him and he had told him so. He couldn't remember when anybody had said that they were proud of him. Not even his father had said he was proud of him. He was always a nuisance to his father and never wanted to spend time with his son. The only time he let him go somewhere with him he left him for two days in a hotel not even missing him at all until he got the hotel room bill. Then he sent one of his people to come collect his son. He couldn't even come to get him himself.

He thought of Gibbs as his surrogate father. He was a better father than his father would have ever been. He wished sometimes wished that Gibbs could have been his father instead of the father who had raised him and disowned him at twelve. He knew that Gibbs would have never disowned him, or disinherited him because he wanted to become a policeman. He would have loved him no matter what he wanted to become.

He blinked his eyes and smiled. He turned his attention back to the movie and started to watch it. He glanced at the clock and knew that he had to go to sleep soon because tomorrow was anther day and it will be a busy day. He feel asleep with a smile on his face and in the morning he was surprised that he didn't have any nightmares and slept all though the night not waking up once.

The End