By Marisha

Rose danced beside him, her arm tucked under his. "Feels like old times."

He shot her a big grin. "Sure does!"

"Nothing will separate us again – ever."

She laughed happily, ignoring the look he gave her.

"You know about that—"

"Oh, don't be so daft!" She smacked him teasingly. "I didn't come all this way through the void to leave, you know."

"Rose—" he started, but she pushed him way angrily.

"Don't! Don't you dare!" Her eyes flashed. "I don't want to hear it and—", she poked his chest. "This time, I'm prepared. You won't get rid of me that easily."

His face clouded over. "I never wanted to get rid of you, but you know yourself—"

"Good, then that is all settled." She grinned as she hopped away to catch up with Jack.

The Doctor looked after her, trying to fight the pain threatening to overwhelm him. This wouldn't be easy. He couldn't break her heart again.

"You'll think of something." Donna laid her hand gently on his shoulder. "You'll always do."

He grinned half-heartedly at her. "I'll always do, don't I?"

The End