Passing Time

By Marisha

The Doctor was half-hidden under the control panel mumbling profanities Rose couldn't quite make out. Her long legs dangled down beside him. She was bored – utterly bored.

"Could you stop that?!" The Doctor's body shot out from under the panel.

"What?" Left leg swung in unison to her right leg rhythm.

He frowned pointedly, looking at her legs.

"Oh, that?" She grinned. "Sorry."

He disappeared under the panel again. Her legs continued to swing; now her hands joined in, tapping out the rhythm on the panel.

"ROSE!" an irritated yell rang out.

"Sooorrryy," she dragged out. "A tad irritated, are we?"

"I am doing very important, detailed and highly sensitive calibrations here. One wrong move and we went up years from where we planed," he lectured with the swishing sound of the sonic screwdriver accentuating each word.

"Like we normally do?" Rose asked innocently.

That got the desired reaction; he shot out under the console. "You're not helping!" His blue eyes flashed at her.

Rose shrugged her shoulders. "I'm bored."

"Then do something." Annoyed, he brushed off dust particles from his leather jacket.

"What? If you don't let me help?" She glared at him.

"As I said, these are sensitive mechanisms, way over your—"

"Understanding. General knowledge of the entire human race, etcetera." She rolled her eyes. "Been there, heard it before and got the speech."

He sighed dramatically. "What do you want me to tell you? It's a fact—"

"Never mind." Rose jumped off the console. "I'll just go for a walk."

"Out on an uninhabitable planet?" His tone dripped with irony.

"I don't care; should I?" She gave him her best dumb-little-girl expression and continued towards the door.

"Rose!" He jumped up, crossed the distance between them and held her back. "You can't!" Worry flashed over his face for a second before Rose broke out laughing. "Gotcha!"

He let go off her arm.

"As if I would walk out there." She giggled. "You go ahead and fix the TARDIS. I'll go exploring the inside."

Relieved, he followed her around the console. "You do that."

She gave him a quick look over her shoulder. "I'll just check out corridor 13."


The End