By Marisha

"Where were you last night?" The Doctor gave Donna a strict look over the rim of his glasses. He had been re-cleaning all the instruments, dials and diodes in the control room since Donna hadn't returned as agreed.

"Who? Me?" she joked, her eyebrows jutting dangerously.

She was not taking him seriously! He glared over the panel without a word.

Donna laughed. "You were worried."

"Was not!" He pouted, figuring with the diodes.

"Yes, you were!" she said triumphantly. "Gotten used to me, have you?"

He opened his mouth to contradict her, but grinned instead. "Noooh, well, kind of…"

A smile beamed over her face. "I was just with Grandpaps – I told you."

"Oh, well, then, yeah." He dug his hands deep into his pockets. "Must have slipped my mind."

Donna grinned at his uneasiness. "Well, then, where are we going next?"

He flashed her a smile. "North?"

"North it is, then," she replied.

"You haven't asked which North." He winked at her and set the dials.

The End