Some things are worth getting your heart broken over

By Marisha

Sarah Jane's voice rang through Rose's head as she watched the Doctor's grin widen smugly. Hunched over the monitor, he watched Sarah Jane's reaction to the new K9. He looked up beaming and caught Rose watching. "What?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "Nutting."

His grin faded a little before he caught himself. "Well, then where to next?" He clapped his hands eagerly.

"Space!" Mickey burst out, shuffling excited from one foot to the next.

The Doctor looked at Rose, who shrugged again. "Whatever."

"Space, it is then," the Doctor spun around the control panel adjusting dials, pushing switches.

"Hold on!" the Doctor shouted as Mickey flew back. "Oops, too late." He grinned at Rose.

Clinging to her seat, she grinned back. "First timers."

She jumped down to look at the monitor. Well, anything rather than the Doctor. Was Sarah Jane right? She peeked at the Doctor out of the corner of her eye. But he had promised her. Had said it was different this time. Rose's heart clung to these words. She had to – otherwise how could she go on? But Sarah Jane had been so certain. Rose bit her lip. She didn't want to follow her footsteps. She was stronger. She would just not leave the Doctor! And hadn't she already proven that? She would risk anything for him – absorbing the time vortex to save him. She went back. And she would do it again. No, she had to trust his word.

But he tried to dump you last time, a nasty voice whispered in her mind.

Only to save me, Rose defended him.

Yeah, so? He will do it again – any time.

To keep me safe, Rose countered. But I won't let him. I'm stronger and I made up my mind a long time ago.

She looked over her shoulder at Mickey and the Doctor bickering in the corner. Happy for a new audience, the Doctor lectured Mickey about space traveling. Rose grinned and her heart beat faster as the Doctor looked over and winked at her.

She turned quickly to the console to hide her blushing. "Calm, my little heart," she whispered under her breath. "I won't allow you to get broken."

The Doctor fired off his time travel speech for Mickey's sake, but his mind was on Rose. Ever since she realized Sarah Jane had been his companion too, she was so quiet, and he caught the sadness in her eyes when she thought he wasn't looking. Humans are so complicated. He thought their talk in front of the diner had resolved all, but Rose had retreated since then. She seemed changed, more composed, more grown-up. How was he to explain that yes, sooner or later, he would break her heart too? Not that he wanted to, but that's how his life was. Humans were never able to understand. Their lives end – his doesn't. He has to move on – alone again. He wished he had the right words to explain it, but it was a time concept humans didn't have. How could they?

He felt her gaze on him, looked up and winked. His left heart fluttered seeing her blushing and he turned back to Mickey – confused. He hadn't felt so strongly for another being in a long time. His left heart ached for a chance to defy time, to make it possible. A miracle in time – for Rose to stay.

But his right heart drummed harder. That's impossible and you know it! It can't, it won't and it wasn't to happen. They all decay.

His left heart sighed at the right's harsh reality. It was correct, but maybe… it dared to dream. What if?

Don't even think about it, his right heart interjected. Don't go there. You know how it ends.

But the left remained stubborn. Could make an exception…

He agreed with his left heart. What if he stayed? Just this time? Stayed with her until the end. Risk getting his hearts broken instead of hers?

He looked up again and caught Rose observing him. She smiled sheepishly and his left heart beat faster. He looked into her eyes; a smile was spreading over his face. She was worth it!

The End