To their surprise Hidan and Kakuzu were the ones who woke up alone. They had meant—or at least Kakuzu had—to be up and gone before Geib ever woke. But the previous nights activities had tiered them both and Kakuzu couldn't remember that last time he had slept so late.

Sitting up he stretched his only slightly achy body. Looking down at his partner he glared; the other was still asleep. "Oi, Hidan get your ass up," he called hitting the other mans stomach as he stood up. Hidan gave a startled 'uff' and opened his eyes to look up at the other.

"Fuck you I'm still tiered," he said rolling on to his stomach and burying his face in his arms. Kakuzu glared him and prodded his back with his foot.

"To damn bad, we already over slept. Now get up," When all he got was a muffled curse Kakuzu glared harder at the others back. Drawing his foot back he kicked Hidan hard in the ribs and that got a not so muffled curse. "I'm going to find some clothes. If you're still laying here when I get back I'll cut your head off and just drag you the rest of the way back." With that said he stalked out of the room to look for clothes.

Hidan lay on the floor for another minute or so before sitting up. "Damn miser…" he groaned stretching and standing. "At least I got to sleep in a little," scratching his lower back lazily he walked out of the room and down the hall toward the kitchen. His stomach growled at him and he sighed looking around for something to eat.

Spotting a large bowl of fruit on the table he walked over to in and picked up the first thing he saw. Biting into it he chewed slowly. "Hate fucking mangos…" he drawled before sticking the fruit back in the mouth. And started to look through the bowl for something more appetizing. Then something on the table caught his eye. Picking up the small piece of paper he pulled the mango out of his mouth and chewed on a new bite lazily.

It was at this point Kakuzu walked into the kitchen. "Hidan what are you doing. Get dressed," he said walking up to his partner. Hidan turned around to glare to the other.

"I don't have my clothes in case you didn't notice," he said in a matter-o-fact tone.

"On the line in the back yard," Kakuzu said jerking a thumb over his shoulder. Hidan just huffed out an 'I know' and when Kakuzu opened his mouth to tell him to hurry he simply shoved the mango in it before he could talk.

"Oh and read this," he said putting the note on the table and walking outside to find his clothes. Kakuzu pulled the mango out of his mouth and chewed violently on what was in his mouth. Picking up the note he took another bite of the barley ripe fruit.

Kakuzu, Hidan;

Please help your selves to food before you go but don't make a fucking mess. I washed your clothes and hung them up to dry outside. Don't worry about cleaning up any of the mess for last night I'll do it later. Thank you again for all you help with the fence; as well as last night. It was…most enjoyable. Don't be afraid to stop by and stay the night if you're ever traveling in the area and need a place to stay.

With love, Geib.

P.S. if you're not out of my house by the time I get back there'll be hell to pay.

Kakuzu chuckled and set the note and mango back on the table. "Hidan," he called walking to the back porch. "Hurry up so we can go….What the hell is your problem now?" He questioned as he watched the other man struggle with getting his cloak of the clothes line.

"I can't get it off!" Hidan yelled pulling at the article of clothing impatiently.

"Well, that kind of sounds like a personal problem to me," Kakuzu said leaning on the porch rail.

"Oh ha, ha very funny," Hidan drawled and turned to look at the other. "Don't you have something else to do other than bug me?"

"Nope, just waiting on you to hurry your slow ass up so we can leave," Kakuzu said turning away and going back inside. Wondering back into the house he stopped in the living room. "Well hello there…" he mused walking up to the fire place. His eye practically turned to money signs as he took to music box from its glass case.

Running his fingers over the smooth pink marble he turned in over in his hands looking at it carefully. The detail put into it was amazing and hadn't a scratch on it. "This should fetch a pretty penny," he said to himself as he opened the box. Music started to play and he blinked at the tone.

It was a very old song. He recognized to melody but couldn't remember the words to it. He did remember that it was a soft, sweet, love song that was supposed to tell the tale of hardship and finding true love; or something like that. "How do the words go…" now it was going to bug him that he couldn't remember.

"Oi, I wouldn't touch that," Hidan said coming into the living room, now fully—or at least for him—dressed. "She totally flipped when she saw me touch it. Got like all psycho," he walked up to his partner and looked at the box again. "Cool song, sounds kind of sappy though."

Kakuzu closed the box and put it back on the mantel. "Yeah it is," he said turning back to the other. "You finely ready to go?" he asked very annoyed.

"What the hell do you mean finely!? We've been up for like…ten fucking minutes!"

"Shut up Hidan now let's go," Kakuzu stated and headed for the front door. Hidan gave a growl and followed the other.

"You know you're a real pain in my ass," Hidan grumbled as they stepped outside.

"Not last night I wasn't, remember."Kakuzu said glancing over at his lover. Hidan blushed for a second before he scowled at the other.

"Yeah about that! What the hell do you think you were doing starting something like that?!"

"Oh god, Hidan shut up…"

"No! I mean I know we aren't like…dating or any of that shit. But still! It hurts to know you would fuck somebody else so easily…and behind my back to!"

"Oh god, would you shut up! You got to join in; you had fun too, so just drop it already," Kakuzu said in a very aggravated tone.

"No I won't!" Hidan proclaimed and Kakuzu gave a heavy sigh; this was going to be a long trip.


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