Story: Forgiveness is Hell

Summary: With Rosette dead and their contract terminated because she cut it off right before her death, Chrno is living with the knowledge that he couldn't save her and it's tearing him apart. No longer part of the order, he now lives not far away in a small house. Now, another exorcist that has had some interest in him for a while has offered to become his contractor. But what she doesn't realize is just how attached she could become to him. Chrno/OC

Disclaimer: I don't own "Chrno Crusade" no matter how much I'd like to.

"I'm…sorry…" Joshua dropped down to his knees, panting and coughing, "…Rosette…" He fell forward, dead, in a puddle of blood from the wound Chrno inflicted.

Chrno was still in his true form, angry. He turned around when he heard labored breathing behind him. The breathing soon turned to a fit of terrible coughs. Chrno ran over to where Rosette lay and cradled her against his chest.

"Rosette…?" Chrno placed one hand on her pale cheek; she was freezing.

Rosette looked up at Chrno, her eyes blank. "C-Chrno…"

Chrno forced a smile. "It's good to see you're still conscience."

Rosette didn't smile though, she tried to look down at her stomach – which was completely numb – but Chrno turned her face towards him. "Chrno…how b-bad am I?"

Chrno didn't want to look because he already knew, but did anyway. Rosette's younger brother, Joshua, had pierced directly through her abdomen when she tried to reason with him. She was losing so much blood by the second – and because of their contract, Chrno was feeling it too.

Chrno's face dropped, he tried to put on a reassuring smile, but just couldn't. Instead, tears started running down his face involuntarily. "Y-You'll be…j-just fine."

Rosette started crying too. "Chrno! I don't w-wanna die!"

"Y-You won't, Rosette!" Chrno was using all his strength to tell this lie to her and keep himself supported up so that he could hold her. And he knew she didn't believe him, he was never good at lying to her.

Rosette took off the pocket watch and held it against Chrno's chest and he grabbed her hand to hold it there. "I don't w-want you to…die t-too. Our contract…is o-over."

Even though Chrno suddenly felt all his strength come back with the break of their contract, he couldn't help but to start sobbing now. "N-No! I don't want this to end! Rosette, w-what're you—"

"I love you…Chrno…" Rosette's body became limp, her hand slipped from Chrno's, dropping the pocket watch.

"Rosette…?" Chrno shook her a little. "C-Come on Rosette this isn't funny! …Don't leave me!" He shook her more as a rack of sobs shook him. "ROSETTE!!!!"

Chrno's eyes shot open and he gasped for breath as he woke from the memory that's served as his nightmare for the past year and a half. He sat up slowly in his bed and stared out the window to his right, sweat running down his face.

Chrno stood up and turned from the window, to his mirror. He was glad to see that he hadn't transformed last night – glad he was still in his "human child" form. He grabbed a brush and fixed his messy purple hair back into a braid.

As Chrno was reaching into his closet for some clothes, his door opened and a young blonde-haired girl of maybe fourteen walked in. She stopped in the doorway and looked at Chrno.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, I didn't think you'd be up yet." She blushed and hung her head. This girl really didn't like disturbing people.

Chrno pulled out a black t-shirt and black pants. "What are you here for, Az?"

"I wanted to check on you, you're up here all by yourself."

Chrno casually stripped off his white nightclothes, completely unaffected by the young girl freaking out because he was standing in front of her in his boxers. "I'll be fine, I normally am."

"Um, I know… But, there is another reason." Asmaria turned and stared out the door and into the hall, not able to look at Chrno.

It's not like Chrno wasn't good to look at or anything – in fact, he was gorgeous; thin with just the right amount of muscle to accent his figure, his pointed red eyes made his face seem mysterious and dangerous like his true form – but Asmaria was trying to get on Sister Kate's good side, something Rosette never did because of her behavior. That, and she was trying hard to become one of the Magdalene exorcists and didn't want anything to hold her back.

Chrno sighed and got dressed quickly; he grabbed a dark headband off of his windowsill and wrapped it around his forehead. "What would that 'other reason' be?"

"Another exorcist wanted to see you." Asmaria looked back in time to see Chrno grab his red trench coat.

Chrno shook his head and buttoned his trench coat at the neck. "What for?"

"She didn't say, she just wanted to see you herself…or something like that."

Chrno sighed again and walked out of his room and into the kitchen area. Sitting in a chair at his little wooden table was a tan-skinned teenage girl with waist-length dark red hair, wearing a long low-cut, thick-strapped dark blue dress. Her muddy brown eyes were narrow, just like Chrno's were in his demon form.

He stopped when he saw this girl, confused as to her appearance. "An exorcist?"

The girl laughed a high-pitched bell-like sound. "I'm a bit of a rebel." She held out her hand for Chrno to take. "My name's Rebecca Black, nice to meet you…" She laughed again. "Chrno the Sinner."

Chrno shook her hand and nodded once. "Likewise…I think."

Rebecca just continued smiling as she pulled her hand back and rested it on the table. She motioned to the seat across the table from her. "Come now, aren't you going to sit? Or, am I going to have to strain my neck talking to you?"

Chrno growled softly and sat down across from Rebecca. He couldn't believe that he actually waited for an invitation to sit down in his own house! "So, Az tells me that there's something you wanted to talk with me about…?"

"Oh, of course." Rebecca sighed, the smile fading from her face. She had kind of been hoping to make some small talk before actually getting to the point. She looked over at Asmaria and said, "If you want, you can leave. I just needed you to show me where Chrno lives."

Asmaria shook her head. "You might not be able to get back to the monastery."

Rebecca looked back at Chrno, lightly blushing. "Okay, I'll tell you if—"

"There is no 'if'. Either, tell me or get out of my house." Chrno said a little coldly.

Rebecca smirked. "You really are cold, Chrno. Treat a guest more kindly."

"Listen, you—"

"Especially considering you're dealing with one of your kind."

Chrno was confused for all of a half-minute before he saw ears like his were currently instead of human ears. "A demon? A demon can't be part of the order, I was told that myself!"

Rebecca giggled; she seemed quite entertained by Chrno. "Yes, yes, that's quite true. But, as all demons have their 'human form', I have just this one. A mix between an unleashed demon and a demon's 'human form'."

Chrno's face hardened. "What are you?"

Rebecca continued smiling as she rested her face in her left hand, her arm resting on the table. "I thought you wanted to know why I came."

Chrno sighed and rubbed his temples. This girl is so difficult! He yelled in his head. "Okay, tell me what you are first."

Rebecca nodded once. "Alright!" She cleared her throat. "I am a half-demon. Most of you demons call me a mutt, but I don't feel that I am."

"A half-demon? I didn't even know that a demon and a human would even consider…"

"Yeah, that's what a lot of people say when they find out what I am." Rebecca let her face drop. "Unfortunately, my father – who was the demon – grew tired of my human mother and me. One day he just…"

Chrno waited a moment before asking, "'He just'…what?"

She shook her head and smiled again. "Maybe if we become closer, I'll tell you. But, for now, you just have to wait!"

Chrno stared at her blankly for a moment before sighing and letting it go. "So, why did you come here? I mean, why did you come to see me?"

Rebecca giggled again, and it was seriously starting to get on Chrno's nerves. "Well, I just thought that maybe since you lost your contractor that maybe you might want…another one."

Chrno took a breath so he wouldn't freak out; he had never actually thought anyone from the order was that dumb. "I'm guessing you had yourself in mind then."



"Why not?"

Chrno sighed to let out the air he'd been holding in. "There are a lot of reasons, one being you're getting on my nerves with that stupid giggle."


"But the main reason is that you probably don't understand just want it means to be a contactor."

Rebecca became serious; her eyes seemed to attempt to pierce through Chrno. "Listen to me. I may seem like I'm just doing this for the hell of it, to be closer to a demon…to relate more to my father's side of blood. But I'm not!" Her hands started shaking, though she was clearly trying to hide it. "I know what the cost is, the cost is my soul! I know I probably won't live very long if I become your contractor, and I don't care!"

Chrno stayed surprisingly quiet, which confused the even quieter Asmaria.

"The only thing I ask for is to actually be accepted! Maybe you're right, maybe I don't know everything about being a contractor, but did Rosette…?!" Rebecca was standing by this point to emphasize what she was saying. "Tell me, just what is it that I have to do to show you that this is what I want?!"

Chrno sighed heavily. "Just tell me what you think you're going to accomplish by becoming my contractor."

"I have my reasons. And those reasons are because of my father…" She wiped a stray tear off of her face. "I'm tired of remembering what he did, remembering that to him I'm nothing more than a stupid mutt!!"

Chrno exchanged a look with Asmaria before looking back at the half-demon in front of him and asking, "What is it about your father that's tormenting you like this? Tell me and I might consider it."

She paused for a moment, not sure if she should tell him, but knew that it was the only way to get what she wanted. "Fine… My father killed my mother, and left me in the middle of a blizzard to die when I was only three-years-old."