Zabuza sank to one knee in front of a blonde haired girl. "Will you marry me?"

The girl launched herself at Zabuza in a hug. "Of course!"

Zabuza grabbed a kunai knife that he always has on him, in case he doesn't have his sword with him, and stabbed the girl in the stomach, twisted it, and quickly pulled it out.

The girl fell back on Zabuza's bed, half-laying on it, bleeding severely. "Za…bu…za!" She had been holding her stomach but now a bloodied hand was in the air, she was hoping that Zabuza would help her.

Zabuza tossed the kunai knife aside. "I'm glad you think throwing your life away is the right thing to do, I was going to kill you either way, this was just easier."

She was looking at him through her tear-stained eyes with confusion and fear.

"Tossing away your life is smart, girl, it makes things easier for me when I kill you." Zabuza laughed.

"Help…me." She said weakly, her blood stained hand, that was in the air a second ago, was back to holding her bleeding stomach.

"No!" Zabuza nearly shouted. "I have someone more important to me to think about right now. I love him more, far more! And I think I need to tell him before it's too late." Zabuza walked casually out of the room.

The screams of the dying girl could be heard downstairs, Zabuza was sure.

Zabuza walked into Haku's room. "Haku, I need to tell you something." He looked around the room but saw no Haku. Zabuza looked around for any sign of Haku and saw a note that said:


I understand now that you don't need me, I've come to accept that. I'm going to Gato and taking a suicide mission so I can finally be at peace with myself. I know that this might be hard for you and you're fiancé to take, knowing you caused me to go over the edge, but I can't stand you not returning my feelings. I just wanted you to love me in return and I now understand that that will never happen. This is goodbye. Just know that I'll always love you Zabuza.

Love Haku

Zabuza looked solemnly at the familiar script that was Haku's handwriting. He sat down on Haku's bed; he didn't understand why Haku had been so upset. Zabuza realized just how blind he had been all this time, so blind to see how Haku truly felt for him. And the thing was…Zabuza did love him in return, he just didn't want Haku to know right then.

Zabuza rested his elbows on his knees as he read the note again and again until he could feel hot tears running down his face. Right now, Zabuza needed to find Haku and tell him how he felt but he didn't know what he'd say.

Zabuza stood up and walked back to his room where the dead body of the girl lay on his bed, a look of twisted pain was implanted on her face. He grabbed the body and threw it out of the window, into the forest where the wolves would eat it later. Zabuza grabbed his sword and walked out of the house, determined to stop Haku from dying and tell Haku how he truly felt for him. The thing was, Zabuza didn't know where Gato lived; he had to hope that he would make it in time.

Zabuza ran toward the group of ninja with his sword raised, aiming for Sakura first. Sasuke ran over to Sakura and Tazuna and got them out of the way before Zabuza could get them. Zabuza didn't care about them anymore; he wanted to kill them all for hurting Haku.

"Zabuza…" Haku reached out a shaking hand to Zabuza, as if Zabuza would take it.

Kakashi ran up to Zabuza and stopped in front of him. "Zabuza Momochi."

Zabuza stopped and thought for a minute, staring at Kakashi. "Copy-cat ninja Kakashi?"

Kakashi nodded.

Zabuza chuckled ominously. "Of course I have to kill you, you had to have been the one to hurt Haku."

Kakashi could've been smiling, but no one would know because of the mask. "Haku's his name. Strange, I didn't think you had any allies or people you cared about."

Naruto looked from Haku to Zabuza to Kakashi. "Kakashi-Sensei, what are you talking about?"

Kakashi assumed a battle position. "Zabuza Momochi, an S-Class criminal in the Bingo Book. Also known as 'the demon of the snow'." Kakashi paused. "But in Konoha he's referred to as 'the demon of the hidden mist'."

"But who's Haku then?" Naruto asked, looking at Haku.

Haku was holding his side in pain. "You fool, I'm 'the assassin of the snow'." Haku coughed up some blood. "Your sensei is exceptionally strong…and I thank him deeply."

"What?" Naruto was so confused now, he didn't understand what Haku meant.

Haku lifted his head, which had been facing the ground, and looked at Zabuza. "I'm sorry Zabuza, I just wanted you to know how I felt. I'm such a fool, but now you don't have to worry about me anymore." Haku fell to the ground and lay there, staring at Naruto; he wasn't quite dead yet.

"Haku!" Zabuza really thought that Haku was going to die. "Haku, just hold on, I'll get you to a clinic as soon as I can."

Haku was breathing heavily, he hadn't heard Zabuza.

Naruto looked over at Sasuke, Sakura, and Tazuna who were all looking over at Haku and Zabuza with the same sad look. They all felt as if they felt the connection between Haku and Zabuza; the love between the two. Haku was fading fast and no amount of surgery or medical jutsu could ever change that.

Naruto looked back over at Kakashi and Zabuza in time to see Kakashi launching himself at Zabuza in an attempt to kill him swiftly, but without much success.

Zabuza dodged Kakashi and started forming hand seals. "Water style: Giant Vortex Jutsu!"

A water vortex was formed out of the mist and water surrounding them and was sucking everything nearby into it. Kakashi had copied the jutsu just in time though and another water vortex appeared, canceling out the other one.

Zabuza ran at Kakashi again and swung his sword, hoping to slice Kakashi in two, but Kakashi jumped on Zabuza's sword and over Zabuza at the last second.

Kakashi took a scroll from his vest and formed hand seals, once all the seals were made and done Kakashi pressed the scroll against the ground and shouted, "Earth style: Rock Prison Jutsu!"

The ground around Zabuza rose in columns around him and tried to entrap him, but a bright blue light caused the rock blow apart and cancelled the jutsu.

"What?!" Kakashi didn't understand what had happened, that was one of his Jutsu's that always worked.

Zabuza seemed just as confused as Kakashi and looked over at Haku, who was now dead. Zabuza then looked for someone who could've helped him but didn't see anything besides the morning fog and the ninja.

Haku…It was you…wasn't it? Zabuza thought as he looked up at the sky.

Kakashi, no longer shocked, took out a kunai knife and launched himself at Zabuza as Sakura – being the only Gennin not injured – threw eight shuriken at Zabuza. Zabuza, no longer paying attention, was hit by all eight shuriken.

Kakashi, seeing this, formed hand seals and activated another copied jutsu, this one was courtesy of an old friend. "Ninja art of the chameleon: Hidden Assassin!" Kakashi blended in with, almost disappearing into, the fog.

Kakashi, still with the kunai knife in his hand, stabbed Zabuza over and over until he was close to death. By that point, Kakashi was on the verge of passing out.

Zabuza dropped to the ground, unable to stand any longer because of the blood loss. From where he lies he could see Haku's face. "Kakashi…"

Kakashi, breathing heavily, looked at Zabuza.

"Can you take me…to him?" Zabuza said, still looking straight at Haku.

Kakashi nodded and with the last bit of his strength carried Zabuza over to Haku's dead body. Kakashi put Zabuza next to Haku and walked over to his team.

Zabuza put his hand on Haku's face and felt the cold of the dead. "Haku…I'm sorry."

Just then, it started snowing lightly. Zabuza looked up at the sky best he could. Is this you Haku? Are you crying? He looked back at Haku just in time to see a snowflake fall under Haku's eye and melt, causing the water to run down his face just like a tear.

Zabuza took in one final breath and said, "Forgive me, Haku…but I can't follow you." Zabuza let out the breath and died with his hand still on Haku's face.

The Leaf ninja looked at the two dead ninja, but felt no sympathy.

Two days later, the Leaf ninja found themselves in front of the make shift graves for Haku and Zabuza, surrounded by the snow that had fallen but had yet to melt away. Haku's headband was around the wooden cross for him and Zabuza's sword was in ground behind his.

Mira was standing with them, nobody had said a word so nobody knew who she was. But finally she spoke up. "He saved me…Haku saved me and this is what happens…?"

Sakura looked over at Mira. "He…saved you?"

Mira nodded. "Yes…I'm leaving this village and I was hoping to ask him to come along."

"He didn't…He loved…" Sakura said, not sure if that's what Mira had meant.

"I know." Mira said flatly. "I know he loved someone else, I knew it from the start…but he looked like he wanted to get away. Why else would he have come to Gato?"

"I took care of Gato." Kakashi said.

"I'm still leaving." Mira turned around to leave but stopped and said over her shoulder, "Goodbye Haku…Thank you." She then walked away, the Leaf ninja still not knowing who she was.

"Kakashi-Sensei, why do people throw away their lives like Haku and Zabuza did?" Sakura asked.

Kakashi looked at Zabuza's sword and said, "They loved each other…they wanted to be together and so Zabuza lost the will to fight when Haku died."

"But that Haku guy…that girl just said that he wanted to get away." Sasuke said. "Away from what?"

"There's always complications…maybe something happened that made Haku depressed…so depressed that he might've wanted to die." Kakashi said calmly. This was nothing new to him but it was for the other three.

Kakashi turned around and said, "Lets go."

Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke quickly followed…leaving the graves alone.

Once the Leaf ninja were gone, a soft piano music started playing and the spirits of Zabuza and Haku danced in the snow. But where they danced the snow melted and flowers grew.

A love once hidden is now found…a love that had been hidden in the snow.