The Other Way Around

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Summary: What if Mikan was at the academy transferred at age 8 and later met her childhood friend Hotaru. Then, when she was the age of 12, she met Natsume and Ruka, whom transferred to the academy the day after her birthday. Mikan is a cold girl, who was abandoned by her mother and was adopted by her grandfather, but he died because he saved her from the AAO. Her father was dead before she was born. When she entered the academy, she became cold and her emotions were gone. She goes on missions and her alias is Shiro Neko. What if Natsume finds out everything about Mikan and begins to help her? Will she allow him or push him away afraid that he would only get hurt?

Chapter 1: Prologue

A girl with shoulder length raven hair and beautiful calm purple eyes, now replaced with worry, was pacing back and forth on the carpet in the room of her best friend Mikan Sakura. Yes, this girl was Hotaru Imai. She was worried because Mikan was taking an awfully long time on her third mission that week. Ruka is waiting for Mikan also on the couch doing everything he can to tell Hotaru that maybe Mikan was taking her time and that she should take a rest from pacing, but she wouldn't listen to him at all. She was just so damn worried about Mikan being so late. Natsume was only laying on Mikan's bed with his manga on his face. He seemed calm, but in reality he was just as worried as Hotaru was, maybe even more worried. It was late at night, near midnight, and Mikan was gone for 5 hours already, longer than she normally would. Usually she would only take an hour to 3 hours to do her missions, but that was only when she wasn't injured. There was never a time when Mikan would be injured. Just thinking of that made Hotaru even more worried.

The three of them were all dressed ready to go to bed when Mikan came back. Hotaru was in a purple tank top and white shorts. Ruka was in a white shirt and sweatpants whilst Natsume only in his sweatpants. "Where are you, Mikan?! Hurry and get here!" thought Hotaru and continued pacing. The scenery changed as a silhouette appeared with waist length brunette hair tailed into a high ponytail, secured by a black ribbon, and dull brown eyes, yet, others find them to be beautiful. The brunette was Mikan Sakura, the girl that Hotaru, Ruka, and Natsume were waiting for to return. She was injured and limped her way out of the Northern Woods. Her left leg has a bullet wound which is now frozen to keep blood from flowing out, a gash on her stomach tearing the lower half of her black tank top, her right hand holding it to keep the blood from spilling out anymore than it had back in the AAO headquarters, and her left hand on the branch of the tree to keep her supported from falling on the ground due to blood loss. She was bent forward breathing heavily.

Mikan's POV

Yo, my name is Mikan Sakura. I'm 13 years old and you're probably wondering why I'm here injured and practically bleeding to death, right? Well, I'm a special star and in the Dangerous Ability class and those in the class are required to take missions unless someone is doing their missions in place of them. I have 2 alices; the nullification alice and steal. They're quite rare as you probably have heard. I was trained by Persona that emotions are useless during battle and can only get in the way as they show signs of weaknesses. Oh speak of the devil, here comes Persona. "Status." I heard him say. "Completed." I breathed out. "Dismissed." he said before disappearing into the darkness. Anyways, this is how I started doing missions.

As a child I was always kind to others no matter who they were, but my mother, Yuka Azumi, abandoned me at the age of 3 leaving me in the cares of my grandfather who later died, when I was 8, to save me from the AAO. I despise the AAO and Yuka Azumi because they killed my grandfather and because Yuka was their leaser. My father, Izumi Yukihara, was already dead by the time I was born into the world. I was transferred into the academy at the age of 8 where I met my best and childhood friend, Hotaru Imai. I was trained to do missions and my alias is Shiro Neko. The day after my 12th birthday, I was planning to escape the academy with Hotaru, but Naru was outside talking with the 2 transfer students. I took a bomb that Hotaru invented and threw it at the goddamn wall and it exploded causing Naru to run to the wall. I was standing on the wall with my mask on which was a white half mask and I also had to wear white cat ears to it.

I told Hotaru to run and that I would catch up with her. I was waiting for Naru to arrive so that I would stall for Hotaru to leave before I did. She had a place to return to whilst I didn't have a home unless you call the AAO a place for me to return to then yes that would be my home. I saw the two transfer students. One of them had blond hair and beautiful ocean blue eyes. I smirked. Hotaru would definitely fall for this one as he, too, would fall for her. The other had messy raven hair and piercing crimson red eyes. The moment he saw me staring at him, he raked his messy hair making it even more messy and winked at me. I rolled my eyes and gave him a brief message through my telepathy alice saying 'I know you're interested in me, but I'm not interested with you.'

And with that, his expression turned to flirty to shocked. I smirked and yelled out to him. "Oh please this isn't the first time its happened handsome!!" I yelled out to him. He smirked. Predictable, a lot like the other admirers of mine. I saw Naru. "You sure took a while to get here, Naru." I said. He took out his bean whip. When did he get that from? Oh, I remember, he stole that from Misaki. I leaped of the wall and landed on the ground gracefully as a cat. That was until a skateboard suddenly came rolling by and I just had to land on it and lose my balance and land on the ground with my mask off laying next to me. I saw Hotaru being held by two guards. She was struggling to get out of their grips and sent me a sad smile saying that she was sorry she ran back to me. Naru popped a pill into my mouth, and out of surprise, I swallowed it and fell unconscious.

End of POV

With Natsume and Ruka, they followed Narumi secretly and saw the two girls with Narumi. Ruka instantly fell in love with Hotaru while Natsume was rather proud that he picked the right girl to be interested in. He took a mental picture of Mikan's beauty while Ruka did the same with Hotaru.

End of Flashbacks

Mikan found herself on the balcony of her room and decided to make a grand entrance. She made an ice dagger and threw it into her room through the open balcony doors and landed next to Ruka on the couch. Out of surprise, Ruka jumped up and hugged Hotaru yelling on and on about how afraid he is. Now, Hotaru isn't bothered by the fact that Ruka is hugging her because they are dating, but she IS annoyed by his blabbering so she took out her baka gun and shot it at him sending him flaying across the room.

Hotaru rushed to Mikan, Natsume jumped of the bed trying to keep his composure walked(he wants to run)to Mikan, and Ruka got off the floor in pain and walked towards Mikan. Hotaru hugged Mikan going on and on about how worried she was and told her not to do it again until she noticed Mikan's injuries. She took Mikan into the room and was almost at her bed when Mikan suddenly collapsed halfway towards her bed due to loss of her blood.

Wow, I think this is probably the longest prologue that I've ever done. Well, hoped you enjoy this so far. Please review.