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Chapter 4: Enemies Are Allies + Allies Are Enemies?!


"Ah. Onee-chan, who is this person?" asked the boy. "Youichi, this is Natsume Hyuuga. He is my partner and is currently my boyfriend." said Mikan and with that Youichi moved his eyes up and down on Natsume making him twitch his eye in annoyance. "Okay, at least he's better than those fan boys over there." said Youichi pointing to some boys at the tree. Natsume followed Youichi's finger and set the boys' hair, shirts, and pants on fire and they ran for their lives. Now these pair of eyes that were watching them belonged to Persona. He followed them since Mikan forgot to bring her gun in case of emergencies. "Please be careful, Mikan. Don't try and remember your past." thought Persona before disappearing back into the darkness once again.

End of Recap

"Let's go Youichi, Natsume." she said putting Youichi down and stood up with Natsume. Youichi eyes started to tear and Mikan panicked. "Youichi?! What's wrong?" she asked squatting down next to him. "Mm." he said raising his arms towards her. She sighed before smiling and carried Youichi while standing up. His arms wrapped around her neck and his head rested in her neck while her hands were supporting him. Soon, they were walking around Central Town, window shopping. A breeze went by and Youichi shivered. Mikan noticed the sudden change in temperature and snapped her fingers only to find a blanket on her hand. Gently, Mikan wrapped the blanket around Youichi to keep him warm and to keep him asleep. She took his arms off her neck because she knew if he kept them there they would freeze so she put them inside the blanket next to him. He held onto a piece of her shirt and mumbled some stuff. " safe." causing her to smile, she laid her hand on his head and kissed his forehead. She stroked his hair gently and started to sing his favorite lullaby.

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

When the blazing sun is gone,
When there's nothing he shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle, through the night.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

In the dark blue sky so deep
Through my curtains often peep
For you never close your eyes
'Til the morning sun does rise
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are"

It started to get windy...too windy. Mikan sensed something was up. "Come on, Natsume. Let's go back to our rooms." she said walking towards the dorms with Natsume trotting behind her. since when does Natsume listen to Mikan?!XD She called Hotaru and told her to take Ruka with her to her room. By the time, Mikan, Natsume, and Youichi arrived at her room, both Hotaru and Ruka were waiting for her inside the room. "Okay, hopefully, you guys understand the weather change from outside." she said sitting on her bed stroking Youichi's hair keeping him asleep. They all nodded their heads. "Well," she put Youichi on her bed under the covers, "The AAO is planning to attack us. I want you to stay here with Youichi and keep him safe for me." she said. She laced her fingers and started to make alice stones. There were 3 crimson red, 4 clear, and 4 yellow and orange stones. She put one of each one into Youichi's hand and whispered to him to hold onto them tightly for those were her alice stones causing him to nod in his sleep as if he understood her. She handed the rest of the alice stones to Hotaru, Ruka, and Natsume, only Natsume didn't receive the crimson red stone since he already has the fire alice. "The red one is the fire alice to keep you warm during the weather. The clear one will teleport you anywhere to keep you safe. And the yellow ones are barriers to keep you safe. And the orange one is my alice, nullification to repel alices that are against you." she said snapping her fingers and her outfit changed.

She was wearing black shorts with a black tank top. She had a studded belt that was loose and knee length boots that were alice made for her to run safely. On her back was her katana in its sheath. There were belts around herself to keep bullets, dynamites, and grenades in. Her rifle was in both her hands and her back-up guns were strapped onto her shorts. Her hair was down with her cat ears and mask. "Well then, let the games begin." she said disappearing to the High School Principal's office and informed him of the AAO attack. Mikan was about to walk out the office before he interrupted her. "Mikan. Stay safe I can't afford to have to dead especially when you're the only one I have left." he said putting his papers down and looking at her sternly. She turned around with a smile on her face. "Okay, Ojii-chan! I promise to stay safe!" she said running out the room and went to the D.A. Class and prepared the class for the attack. Persona was telling everyone what to do. Suddenly, the P.A. System turned on. "Everyone, please evacuate to the gym. This is not a drill. This is not a drill. We are being under attack by the AAO. Teachers please make sure that everyone is in the gym. High school students please find the elementary school students and bring them back safely to the gym. Middle school students please head to the gym and wait for orders. D.A. Class please head to your class and speak of your plans! This is not a drill!!" yelled the system before shutting off.

Screams and yells were heard everywhere as everyone rushed to the gym. High school students ran to find the younger ones. Middle school students were rushing to the gym for their lives. Elementary school students were running in different directions trying to find the gym while some were on the ground crying their eyes out. Teachers were telling everyone to evacuate. The D.A. Class were talking about strategies until the building was caught in flames and that's when Mikan remembered about Hotaru, Ruka, Natsume, and Youichi. "SHIT!" she yelled and talked to Hotaru telepathically. "Hotaru, you and the others teleport to the gym! Take Youichi with you in his blanket! Make sure he is covered! The AAO is targetting the five of us!" She used her tracking alice and saw that the four of them were now safe in the gym. She sighed in relief and got ready for the AAO jumpiing out the window with the others before the flames touched them.

"D.A. Class, let the games begin. If we lose any of our members, it's game over for us." she said shooting a bullet at the tree and an AAO member was shot. They all split up and killed the AAO and saved some students and backed them off while they went to the gym.

Hours later...

Every single D.A. Class member was in different locations, tired and weak, but still fought by orders of Persona, the High School Principal....and Mikan. Ever since she came into the academy and escaped, unsuccessfully, they learned that she treated life as a game, just as they had. They never expected her to feel like this, but now they know. While fighting the AAO, they played, teased, and mocked their enemies just to get them frustrated enough to fight harder so it would be more challenging for the students.

Mikan's rifle was now long gone broken in half by an AAO kicking it. Her katana now bathed in blood and dull from cutting incoming bullets is that possible? oh well use ur imagination!! [X. She only had 2 grenades left, in her pockets, and they were now backup as she is using her backup guns. The belts around her body laid on the ground empty.

When Mikan was finished with her opponents, her guard still up and high, she used her tracking alice. A holograph appeared as she slide her hand over it causing red and a blue light to appear and a pile of green, black, yellow, orange, and white lights to appear. Each representing different group of people. The only ones that aren't in the pile are her class and the AAO. There was only one blue light left...and as her eyes was heading towards the pile of students. She yelled with all her might, fully knowing the whole academy can hear it, "D.A. CLASS! HEAD TO THE GYM! AN AAO MEMBER IS HEADING THERE! IF ANYONE OF THEM ARE HURT, IT'S ALSO GAME OVER FOR US!!!!"

At the sound of her voice, D.A. Class rushed, even using their alice, to the gym. All students whom had the barrier alice moved into a pile along with Hotaru, Ruka, Natsume, and Youichi, for the alice Mikan had given them. Their alices were combined and everyone inside the gym was protected, including the AAO member who was inside. "Damn." said Mikan once she broke the door open. A man with orange hair and purple eyes was seen in front of the pile of students, turned towards Mikan with a smirk on his face. "My, if it isn't 'that person's' daughter, Mikan Sakura." he said. "Yes, I am 'that person's' daughter and I'm proud of it." she retorted with a smirk on her face. haha i got this idea from talking with my friends X] Reo was flabbergasted. "Hm. I guess that doesn't affect you anymore." he said. "Fine, since my alice won't work on you, I guess I'll have to use THIS." he said pulling a cannon from behind him. "Shit." she muttered out. "Hotaru, take everyone down and duck for cover!!" she told Hotaru telepathically. Hotaru, with Youichi in her arms, pulled Ruka down pulling Natsume down who in turn pulled the person next to him down. Everyone was pulled down like dominoes stacked next to each other and tumbled down.

Mikan pulled out her own cannon and shot the wall behind the students and as if on cue, they all rushed out leaving Mikan and Reo in the gym. "This makes the match fair. Nothing to worry about." said Mikan throwing the cannon as she can only use it once. "Yes, but I have an advantage." said Reo loading the cannon. She raised a brow and did a back flip keeping her distance from Reo. "Tch, that's no way I can escape the cannon." she thought keeping her distance.


Reo shot the cannon. Mikan shut her eyes, her arm covering her eyes. Reo fell back from the pressure caused by the cannon. Students covered their ears and eyes. Teachers saluted in her recognition. Principals watched calmly, while one was nervous inside. A figure rushed to Mikan taking in the cannon. She fell with a loud thud. Reo sat up eyes widening at Mikan's savior. Students, teachers, as well as Mikan, opened their eyes and saw who the savior was.


"Okaa-san!!" she yelled diving for her mother and held onto her. She cried on and on. She hadn't seen her mother and wanted to meet her again, but not like this. Reo was trembling and shaking. "Y-Yu-ka-sen-pai?" he breathed out. Suddenly, Yuka disappeared and a figure appeared behind Reo and gunshots came from every direction and shot him. He turned to see who shot him, eyes widened, and fell. "Y-Yuka-senpai...doshite?" he asked. "You were planning to kill my daughter. My creation with Izumi. The only thing I had left excluding Kazu-nii. The one person I didn't want to have an alice, but she also inherited Izumi's alice. I'll keep her safe from you no matter what." she said. Reo looked down and smiled coughing blood. "I guess so. Though, you should blame it on Persona for killing Izumi." he said. "That was the past. And what's in the past I've forgotten." she said. "But you still hold onto the past. You still believe that Izumi would come back because he promised you. You're a hypocrite, you know that?" said Reo. Yuka flinched. How was he able to know?

"Okaa-san?" Mikan muttered out standing up unbalanced and walked towards Yuka reaching out to her. "Mikan." Yuka breathed out holding her hands together. Narumi entered the hole in the wall. "Yuka-senpai?" he asked. Yuka turned around, frightened, Mikan watched the two, and Reo with his eyes wide open preparing for Narumi. "Naru." both Yuka and Mikan said at the same time. "Pft." went Narumi before rolling on the floor laughing his guts out along with Reo whom was rolling every which way laughing and coughing at the same time. Mikan and Yuka looked at each other giving both a questioning look and stared at Reo and Narumi who were laughing and coughing, in Reo's case, on the floor. At last, Narumi and Reo rolled into each other causing them to hurt themselves. "Itai Naru/Reo." said Narumi and Reo rubbing their heads from the impact. The next thing they knew, Mikan and Yuka were on the floor laughing and rolling and whining, Mikan, that her tummy hurts. "O-Okaa-s-san-laugh-my tum-laugh-my hurt-s." she laughed out. "So does m-mine." said Yuka.

Narumi and Reo watched them with the same reaction and from their view it looked like Mikan and Yuka were twins doing the exact same thing only Yuka was a grown woman and Mikan is still a teen. Mikan and Yuka stopped laughing and sat. "Reo. How can you still live from those gunshots?" asked Mikan with bright eyes. i bet u guys were wondering about that too XD "Thanks to this." said Reo taking of his shirt no its not wat u think and revealed a vest underneath with bullets stuck on them. "Thank God you're still alive Reo. To be honest, I didn't want to kill you unless necessary." said Yuka patting Reo's shoulder while nodding her head. "Good...'cuz...I didn't want to die yet either." said Reo. Narumi came over and wrapped his arms around Yuka's and Reo's shoulder. "We're one happy family again." said Narumi. "We're not family Naru." said Yuka. "We're not even related. Now, let go of me you freak!!" Reo yelled pulling Narumi's arm off of him. Narumi's arm tightened around Yuka and Reo. Immediately, Yuka sensed something and kicked Narumi only to have her foot caught by him. "Now now Yuka-senpai. No need to kick me." said Narumi. Reo escaped from Narumi and ran behind Mikan and squatted next to her legs holding onto them. "There is a need Naru. I thought you were going to help me change the academy from inside." hissed Yuka. "Ah, but you never told me how long to keep it this way." said Narumi smirking. Yuka was furious.

"When happened to you?" asked Yuka. "Nothing. Haven't you heard that your enemies are your allies as soon as your allies become your enemies? You know all these years can do a lot of change to some people." said Narumi going on and on about allies and enemies. "Tsk." said Yuka retrieving her leg. "Let's go men. Back to the AAO." said Narumi leading the AAO members back to the hideout. "You traitors!! Come back here!" yelled Reo throwing a fist at them only to go back behind Mikan's leg when his trusted, well not anymore, assistant glared at him. "On second thought, you can follow him if you want." he said cowering. "Who would have thought that Narumi would become an enemy." said Hotaru entering the gym with Youichi in her arms handing him off to Yuka. "My little Youichi." she said softly rocking him to sleep. "I guess the saying is true then." said Mikan looking at the sunset outside the hole. "What saying?" asked Ruka. "Enemies become your allies just as well as allies become your enemies." said Natsume and Hotaru at the same time. They all smiled and watched the sunset. "Who would have thought Naru would be able to switch sides." thought Mikan.

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