Chapter 13 realm of the unwanted.

Glitch skipped through the field, the yellow grass pulling at his pants, pouting. He knew he had been here before. He knew it was important, but he couldn't remember. He skipped up to Harry who smiled at him.

"I've been here before." Glitch demanded.

"Yes, this is where we met Glitch."

A wide smile broke out on his face and Harry had to chuckle. Pleasing Glitch had become almost as important as stopping the witch.

"Oh yea!" Glitch then did an odd dance over to Cain, who could hear them perfectly well, to tell him. "I met Harry here!"

"Did you?" Cain said. Sometimes it felt like Glitch was much younger then he was, but then the innocence of only having half a brain would do that to you.

"Yep. It's funny." He rolled his eyes when no one asked and said it again louder.

"What's funny love." Glitch grinned at Harry momentarily distracted by Harry's nickname. He shook his head to get the synapses to fire right.

"Its funny that you landed here Harry and this is where your Godfather is. Isn't that why you came here? To find him? You could have been with him this whole time." Glitch laughed at the irony and then an abstract thought distracted him from his humor. "But then, you'd never have met me.."

Cain wrapped an arm around Glitch's shoulders. "And he wouldn't have met any of us. It's better this way. Things have a way of working out."

"I hope you're right." DG said. Her worry and stress had become more obvious as her story unfolded. Harry and Cain, even being not quite as sensitive as Raw, could still see the strain this was having on the princess.

"Don't you know DG? He's Wyatt Cain. He's always right." Glitch joked. Cain caught him in a head lock and gave him a harsh kiss on his zipper.

"And don't you forget it Sweetheart."

Just then the shape shifter Toto barked and drew their attention to a wooden trap door he found. It revealed a ladder that disappeared into the darkness which lead down a long dark tunnel and opened out in an underworld city.

Glitch was nearly beside himself, glitching repeatedly as he tried to see and understand everything. The odd people in their colorful outfits, some spitting fire, some selling flashing wares, each drew Glitch's attention. Harry and Cain kept a hand on his arm so he wouldn't run off.

Harry, seeing the odd features and clothing of the people in this new place asked Cain, "So this is the Realm of the unwanted? Who are the unwanted?"

"Criminals, living experiments gone wrong and Outlaws." Cain said, grabbing his gun tighter. He'd chased plenty of people down here, and been undercover to many times to trust that they wouldn't be pick pocketed.

"And your father is down here." Glitch commented to DG. "Hey look." He ran over to a window. It was a woman, or a machine, in a glass window that said it had answers.

Like a child, Glitch held out his hand to Cain for the required payment. Harry handed Glitch one of his transfigured platinums which disappeared in the box.

The woman moved jerkily like a machine and opened her eyes, extra arms waved around like serpents. "Can't say they didn't welcome us with open arms." Glitch joked. Harry grinned at him.

"Questions are answers unspoken." The woman said in a thick accent.

"Isn't it cramped in there?" Glitch asked without thinking. He frowned when he realized he'd wasted their question.

"References to tight spaces; Answer yes" She said moving the extra arms.

"Where can we find Ahamo?" DG called out.

"answer: ahamo is hard man to find." She said.

"You know him?" Glitch said, excited. Arms pointed to the money box but Cain, who was sick of games, waved his gun.

The woman rolled her eyes and said, "Answer: not personally no.

DG rolled her eyes and pulled Glitch away from the window saying, "thank you for nothing, good bye."

The woman spoke quickly, "Not here in the realm, but I know someone who might know answer: the seaker."

"Where can we find the Seeker." Harry asked. Arms pointed in every direction.

The golden clad woman moved and showed them that the arms were two girls behind her. She came out from behind the window and told them. " The Seeker doesn't speak to just anyone. He doesn't like strangers."

"He'll like us." Cain said gruffly, "Where is he?"

"I may arrange meeting. Twenty platinums." She said decisively. Overriding Glitch's protestations Harry said "Done. Where is the meeting place?

"A local tavern at edge of the Realm. Meet me there at the rising of the first moon at midnight."

Harry rolled his eyes at the dramatics, "We'll be there."

She left and Harry allowed Glitch to distract them with the fanciful treasures found in the underground world. While the four of them hid Harry, he created another bag of silver coins to pay the woman.

They found out that the next moon wasn't until the next night so they had to find somewhere to sleep. They used Harry's platinums to get two rooms at a hotel. Cain, Glitch, and Harry got one room while DG pulled Raw and Toto into another, grinning and winking at them.

As they entered the room, Harry and Cain were aware of the tension that seemed to grow deeper with every moment. Glitch however bounced around the room, looking out the windows and checking out the bathroom. He stopped when he noticed the only bed, something Harry and Cain were very conscious of.

"There's only one bed." Glitch said without inflection. Just as Harry and Cain began to reassure him he grinned and bounded over to them. "That means I finally get to sleep with both of you!"

Harry and Cain promptly choked on air.

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Cain and Harry were only able to buy themselves a few hours before they grew tired. The room was secure and Harry cast wards that made it doubly so. There was no reason for either of them to keep watch and they both knew it.

Their unsubtle staring match was broken when Glitch began to strip. He pulled off his shirt, revealing pale skin and lean muscles. With his arms raised up high, Glitch stretched, unaware of Harry and Cain standing nearby watching with darkening gazes.

He bent down to untie his shoes, showing off his ass and flexibility and Harry moaned. His stamina was understandably low, being only 16 in mind and a total virgin. He didn't have the ability to be nervous as his whole world narrowed down to Glitch's pink nipples and long legs as they were bared.

He leaned hard against Cain who wrapped his arms around Harry's stomach and buried his hands under Harry's shirt.

When Glitch turned to find out why the room was so silent he found Harry and Cain watching him with hot, desperate eyes. He swallowed, suddenly aware of the tension and prowled closer.

He hugged them tightly, pressing his nearly naked body against Harry's front and Cain's arms. Both men moaned and then attacked. Harry kissed Glitch deeply, pulling his curls down to get a better angle, while Cain kneaded Glitch's ass and feasted on his neck.

Glitch was barely aware of Harry backing him up to the bed while Cain stripped economically. He did notice when Harry was replaced by a shirtless Cain.

Harry watched them together while undressing, Glitch's dark curls and lashes against Cain's pale skin. Cain was hulking, enveloping Glitch in strong arms. When Cain released Glitch's mouth to suckle on hardening nipples, Harry was there.

Glitch, while not fully understanding many things, knew exactly how to call out, how to move, how to draw his men in closer. He played them with his body until they were positioned where he wanted them; Cain leaning over Harry's back who was between Glitch's legs.

"Please, I need you, please." Glitch cried brokenly and his men responded.

Harry's magic rushed in the room and both his and Cain's hands were slick. Harry focused on preparing Glitch for penetration and was able to mostly block out the odd things happening to his own opening. Cain was a fantastic teacher, he led Harry when the wizard stumbled, calmly telling Glitch to calm down, to be patient and allowing Harry the enough time to get used to it, but not enough to grow nervous.

He pushed into Harry first, going slowly and praising the beautiful sorcerer until the pain passed. Then he guided Harry into Glitch who kept dark eyes focused on them with attentiveness. Cain couldn't wait to drive that consciousness from Glitch's unusually knowledgably eyes.

Once completely sheathed in Glitch, Harry struggled to simply breath. The pleasure and completeness was beyond his comprehension and Harry passively allowed Cain and Glitch to use his body.

Of its own accord, Harry's hand found Cain's and together they found a rhythm on Glitch's bobbing arousal. Glitch's cries joined theirs and they found a momentum.

The connection between them, always pulling on at the back of their minds, grew taut as the climax drew near. It wrapped around them, pulling them closer then physically possible.

Cain put his head on Harry's shoulder and picked up his pace, meeting Glitch's eyes. Glitch's awareness flickered between the men over him. He struggled to meet their gazes as pleasure overwhelmed him. His climax started a chain reaction. Harry shouted and froze deep inside Glitch while Cain groaned and thrust shallowly, allowing Harry to milk his orgasm.

They collapsed on Glitch and in a feat of strength, the zipper head pulled the other men up further onto the bed. They fell asleep that way, headless of the sweat, tears, and cum cooling on their skin.

They awoke in a jumble of limbs and blankets. Harry, the first awake, fell as his feet refused to become untangled and awoke the other two. He whispered apologies and took a hot shower. He smiled as they awoke slowly and watched them as they dressed.

The connection between them had solidified and Harry couldn't wait to test it out. He was more aware of the other two then he'd ever been, almost to the point that he was aware of their exact location. He was confident that he'd never loose Glitch again.

Cain's glower prevented any jokes from DG though Raw purred for nearly an hour after they met up with him.

The passed the time in the city following Glitch around and allowing he and DG to slate their curiosity.

When they met with the golden woman at the tavern, Harry was shocked when the woman introduced him to the Seeker. "Sirius?"


They hugged, with lots of back slapping and Glitch had to hold in his giggles.

Cain was watching the walls and windows, not likening the man who was subtly blocking the only exit. "Harry" he said lowly in warning but Harry didn't hear him.

"So this is DG?" Sirius asked. "Let me see your palm." DG held out her hand and while Harry and DG were distracted the golden clad woman said "NOW!"

Suddenly the bar erupted in action as six men jumped out and restrained Cain and Raw. Glitch was tied up and silenced.

Sirius quickly dragged DG away from the action and grabbed Harry's wrist. Harry struggled, franticly, to get to Glitch and Sirius hit him over the back of the head, knocking him out.

"Take them to Zero" Harry heard the golden woman say before he lost consciousness.