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"Damn it!" Harry whispered as he fought to remain standing against the vicious gale force wind pressing against him.

He had been in Hogwarts pacing opposite of a tapestry depicting the attempt of Barnabas the Barmy to teach trolls ballet, when to his surprise a door appeared before him. He had wanted some place to hide from everyone. Ever since the year had started, he constantly had to defend himself from those that did not believe him when he said that Lord Voldemort had returned. Even his friend did not believe in him anymore, and that hurt him the worst. Therefore, he had entered the doorway only to find himself standing on this platform, and there was no door behind him.

Luminescent lights surround the platform and then he noticed a bridge leading towards great dome-like buildings held up by futuristic columns as the turbulent sea moved under it. For a moment, Harry thought he was in science fiction movie and that thought stayed with him as he came to face with a strange tall creature curiously observing him. It elegantly stood around 6 feet in height, had an extended neck and long limbs, and a small head with two slits for nostrils running down to its upper lip. It wore a little bead string around its bald head and had two large glassy black eyes where its pupil displays a vast myriad of colors. The creature wore a strange, ornate dress with a cloth thinly wrapped around its long neck.

Harry took a moment to collect himself before speaking, "Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me where I am?"

"You are currently located in Tipoca City on the planet known as Kamino," the creature replied in a female-sounding voice, "May I ask who you are?"

"My name is Harry Potter," Harry replied as he looked outside at the rain.

"Hello young one, my name is Taun We," Taun We replied, "We have been observing you since your mysterious appearance through that portal of yours. We never had a strange guest like before."

Harry looked at her for a moment before allowing his attention to return outside to the rain. He tensed for a moment when Taun We touched his shoulder to get his attention, "Mister Potter, the Prime Minister would like to speak to you."

"Of course." replied Harry, curious and eager to learn more about his surroundings and his host, and why the Portal landed him here of all places.

"Please, follow me then." Taun gently commented, leading him through the automated door. "He is quite eager to meet you."

Taun We guided Harry through the city occasionally, informing him about the different things they encountered, from the KE-8 Enforcer ships patrolling the entire facility to purpose of the town. During the tour, she also began to tell him about her race, the Kaminoans, and their primary professions as cloners and geneticists.

The tour came to end as Taun brought him past a large set of door into a room, which contained two oval shaped pods attached to the ceiling of the white room and another Kaminoan.

"Harry Potter may I present the Prime Minister of Kamino, Lama Su," Taun replied as she stood a foot behind the male Kaminoan.

"Hello Mister Potter, could you take a seat," Lama Su stood up from his pod and nodded toward Harry, "Do you know Mister Potter that your sudden appearance has place the Ruling Council in some chaos."

Harry looked at the Prime Minister for a moment, "Chaos seems to follow me, sir; however they weren't the only ones shocked."

Lama looked at the young human in front of him for a moment; this was his first time meeting a person and to his knowledge the first human to ever arrives on Kamino.

"Can you tell me how you arrived here, Mister Potter?" Lama asked his young guest.

"W-Well sir, it's hard to explain….." Harry nervously said, and began explaining his world and the portal that led to Kamino.

Meanwhile, at the Ruins of Derem City, members of the Kamino Clone Security Force were engaged in a firefight with several companies who were landing on the only landing platform.

"Alpha Company reinforces Delta Company," the Kaminoan Overseer yelled as he opened fire from his station.

Derem City was nothing but ruin; however, it was the only city above water level that had survived the Great Flood and it chambers were rich in history. For generations, Kaminoans had defended the city secrets, and now one of their own was leading the charge. Commander Deu We looked at the incoming mercenary.

CC-104 looked at the Commander, "Sir, has anyone contacted Tipoca City about reinforcements?"

Deu looked at his second in command and shook his head, "They are jamming our transmissions. Lieutenant I need you to take a squad and take out that jammer."

The Clone looked at the Commander for a moment before grabbing five other clones and leading them into the smoke. It took only a few moments for screaming and blaster fire to fill the air and a few more minutes for his communication device to come back online.

"This is Commander We to Command declaring a Code Black," We said as he took a shot to the body, "Kul Ki is leading the."

Deu We took another shot to the body before falling to the ground with his soldier. The last thing he saw before death claimed him was another Kaminoan wearing blood red armor enter the command center and giving him a cold smile.

"Commander Ki, we have secured the command center," a soldier said as he stood before the tall Kaminoan male, "Orders, sir?"

"Secure the rest of the dry area and inform everyone to give no quarter," Kul Ki replied as he shot the communication disk, "Let's see how the Ruling Council responds now."

The Prime Minister of Kamino, Lama Su, looked at the young human in front of him, "Compared to some of the planets we know, your world is considered primitive when compared to some of the colonies in this galaxy; as for your 'magic' it almost sound like the Force that the Jedi Order uses."

Harry looked at the government official in confusion for a moment before asking, "What is the Jedi Order, Prime Minister?"

Lama rubbed his chin for before replying, "The Jedi Order is considered by some to be the protectors and peacemakers of the galaxy, and at times some of the greatest warriors and leaders of the galaxy as well. From what you have told me, your abilities are reminiscent to that of a Jedi."

Harry was about to ask the Prime Minister another question when another Kaminoan ran into the room, "Prime Minister, we have a situation that requires your attention."

"What has happened that required you to come barging into the room," Lama asked the security officer.

The security officer took a moment to collect himself, "It seems that Kul Ki has returned from his exile with an army, and they have sacked Derem City."

For the first time in a long time, Lama Su felt fear. Derem City was a planetary treasure. It held one of the largest security teams on the planet, and they were some of the best.

"Officer, have you determined where they will be coming next," Lama asked.

"They are heading toward Tipoca City," the Security Officer replied. "As we speak we only have at best forty security teams on the way en route, and they are not fully armed. Clone operations have stopped because of a contamination in the latest sample."

Taun We looked at the Prime Minister for a moment before nodded, "Mister Prime Minster, we only have about 5,000 units from the old batch since we can no longer flash grow any more unit because there is not a backup sample from the original."

Looking around at the Kaminoan, Harry knew that there was no way for him to get home and frankly, these people were nice to him and it never hurt to have friends. Deciding to take a chance, he stood up and said, "If you had a new sample, how fast would it take you,"

Lama looked at the human, "It takes ten years at present."

Harry looked at the Kaminoans for a moment. "I will help you defend your city; however it might not be much."

"If you are anything like the Jedi, then just having your presence here would help us, Mister Potter," Lama said as he looked at Taun for a moment. "As soon as you can get a sample of his blood, and begin to run it into the system. Mister Potter, I must ask what you want in return."

Harry took a moment to collect himself. He knew under ordinary situations, he should have been more leery of the aliens, but he had just left something worse, and what could they do to him?

"I would like the training so that I can command this new force that you are creating," Harry replied as he looked at them, "I understand that while they may be clones, but they are coming from me and I want to leave them."

"It shall be done," Lama replied. "This Officer shall take you to the command center. However, Mister Potter, you will use this army to defend Kamino."

Leaving the room Lama began to smile on the inside they were finally going to be to see if they could clone a Force user. Even if he was not a Jedi, he was extremely close.

Taun We looked at the newly appointed Commander and nodded before leaving the room. Outside, she re-met with the Prime Minister.

"Is it wise to strike such a bargain with him? We have yet to know if he can deal with Kul Ki and his army," she asked, stepping beside him.

"We have little choice but to trust him for now. Kul is a murder and thief, he is also leading the most bloodthirsty force in our sector and frankly, we should have never let him get this powerful. With this, powers that Mister Potter is talking about, he can give us some time to fight back. See that he get some training on the blasters rifles. Should this new army succeed then Kamino would be secure once again from the threats we face in the future," stated Lama Su calmly without so much as a doubt flickering over his face.

"And if he should fail?" asked Taun, slightly doubtful of the new army's success.

"Then we shall fall before Va. That is why we must ensure this army is the best Kamino has ever produced," answered Lama Su firmly with a deadly glint in his eyes. "Have our remaining forces conduct raids on Va's forces so we can procure more time for the creation of the new army. Contact Kuat and BlasTech, we are in need of new armaments for our Commander's forces."

"Yes, Prime Minister" replied Taun We, bowing to Lama before leaving to carry out his orders.

Two Months Later

Walking into the lab, Harry rubbed his head for a moment before; he looked up as he heard the Kaminoan sigh. He had spent the last two-month training with the current security forces on holding back the horde that was knocking at their door.

"Is there a problem Ko Sai?" asked Harry as he came beside the Chief Scientist.

Ko Sai looked at the young human for a moment before replying. "There appears to be something odd with the first batch of clones; it seems to be flawed. We will have to dispose of this batch."

Horror crossed Harry face as he asked, "What is the problem?"

"It seems that due to a system glitch in the start; this batch's chromosome has been altered to female instead of the male," Ko Sai replied, as this was a real disappointment for her and had never happened before, "We must terminate this batch immediately."

"Wait, that is the only imperfection you have found, correct," Harry asked as he looked at the Chief Scientist. "The gender isn't something that I care about at this point; use this batch as a test unit."

Ko Sai looked at the young commander for a moment before nodding, "Very well, Commander; they will be the test group if we find they are unfit then we shall take the necessary steps."

Taun We stepped into the room and watched as Ko Sai left the room to begin the cloning,

"Mister Potter, if you would come with me, its' time to resume your training."

Harry fell into steps behind Taun We as she led him into another section of the city. Since he had arrived on the planet, he began to think that maybe Magic or the Force brought him here for a reason. He looked up as they passed the Armory and saw several Security Officers pushing crates into the room. He assumed they were the new armors and such for the clones.

"Mister Potter may I present your new instructors for the next ten years, Bounty Hunters Gorm and Kalyn Farnmir."

Ten Years Later

The wind was blowing his hair as he stood on the landing platform; it had been ten long years of training. The Kamino Planetary Defense had been bust after they had killed Kul Ki, while they had a new force, Harry had decided to use those older clones and have them train the newer one. He was not going to get rid of some of the best people that had combat training in real life. He was brought out of his thought process when he heard footsteps coming up behind him. As he turned around, he found the Prime Minister standing with another human that appeared to be of average height; however, he was dressed in the robes, which led Harry to believe that he was a Jedi.

"Marshal Potter, may I introduce you to Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi," Lama said as the group walked back inside as it began to rain once more.

Harry looked at the Jedi for a moment before walking beside the Prime Minister. "Prime Minister, the First and Second Legion have reported that they will be returning to the city sometime today. I also have gotten reports from Major Ash that his command will be ready for the Fortitude as soon as I give the order."

Lama Su nodded as he looked at the Supreme Commander for the Kamino Defense Force, "Very well, Marshal Potter. Jedi Kenobi was wondering if we had any bounty hunters here currently."

"May I ask what this bounty hunter looks like, Master Jedi," Harry asked as they began walking the training area, "I ask because we use some bounty hunters as trainers."

"He was wearing some armor with a jetpack," Obi-Wan replied as while looking at the young man.

Harry stopped walking for a moment to walking into an office. Since the creation of the Clones, at lot of old offices had been converted into training rooms, armories, and security offices. He nodded to the two Sergeants in the room before bringing up a report.

"Jango Fett is a Mandalorian; he came here ten years ago, informing the Kamino Council that he was supposed to be a template for a clone army. However, the council turned him away due to the current clone army," Harry said as he read the report. "We have no idea who his employer was, however from a communication that we received, they were very upset when we declined the request; however the council felt sad for the man, so we allowed him a request of one unaltered clone. May I ask why you are looking for him?"

"He is the suspect in a murder case and also the attempted assassination of a Senator," Obi-Wan replied.

Obi-Wan looked at the young man and felt something strange from the man. It took him a moment to recognize it as the Force, yet it amazed him when the young man used the force to summon a data pad. "Commander Potter, are you Force-trained?"

"It is not the Force as you known it," Harry replied. "However, it is something that my forces are training; Sergeant Hope, please ask Intelligence if they can provide me with a Mandalorian known as Jango Fett's current location."

Sergeant "Hope" nodded as she moved to carry out her orders and left the room. Harry turned back to the Jedi, "Will that be all Master Jedi?"

"Yes, thank you for your help, Marshal," Obi-Wan replied, "May I use your communications room to contact the Jedi Council?"

Lama Su took that moment to speak up, "You can use this room. Marshal, I need to talk to you about the Ra and the Iris."

Harry nodded as he left to talk about two of the Defense Force ships; the Kamino had one of the biggest fleets in the entire sector. Some of their fleets were on loan to security forces in the Outer Rim and Wild Space doing what the Republic should have been doing and providing security for its' people. Harry was known to have call the Republic a joke since it was so big but was so corrupted.

Obi-Wan watched as the three people left the room, leaving him alone. He took a moment to collect himself, before making a secure connection to the Jedi communications array. It took time for the connection to stabilize, and he found himself before the entire Jedi Council.

"News you have for us, Jedi Kenobi," a little green alien asked.

"Yes, Master Yoda. I questioned the locals on the planet and discovered that the bounty hunter was named Jango Fett. Then local government informed me that they haven't seen him since ten years ago when he arrived to be a template for a Clone Army, place in commission by an unknown person."

"What can you tell us about the clones," asked a bald black man as he folded his hands together.

"As far as I can tell, they were created using the template of a Force-sensitive young man," Obi-Wan replied. "It seems that the entire defense force is made up of clones, both male, and female. Master Windu, this young man appears to have a strong connection with the Force."

Obi-Wan was about to ask a question when the door to the room open and Harry entered the room. "Excuse me, Master Kenobi, but we just received intelligence that Jango Fett has been sighted on Geonosis with some group called the Confederacy of Independent Systems."

"Obi-Wan, I believe it is time for you to follow this lead," Mace said as he looked at the young man. He felt a slight tug in the Force as the young man left the room, after delivering his news.

"May the Force be with you?"

Obi-Wan was shocked as the connection closed, leaving him in the security office. This mission was taking a stranger turn every minute. Rather than think about it for a moment longer, he just decided to go to this planet and see what was going on with this bounty hunter.

Meanwhile in the Command Center for the KDF, Harry Potter watched the Jedi as he left the planet and the system. He turned around when he felt someone walk up behind him and came face to face with his second in command, Major "Lilith" AC-001. Her green eyes stared at his own for a moment, before looking back at the sensor data.

"Lily, I want you to recall the fleet," Harry said as he rubbed his chin, "and inform everyone to suit up; I feel a change in the winds coming."

Lily looked at her superior and nodded her head. He could be strange sometimes, but every clone was loyal only to him, and they respected the man. She watched as he left the room and moved about to carry out her orders. It would take a few days to get all the fleet back.

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