Year 14

17 Months after Battle of Geonosis

The Operation Center of the Queen Yarm of Naboo was darken since it was now the night shift in Theed. Over the last two week the Gungan Grand Army, the Royal Navy of the Royal Naboo Security Forces, and elements of the military were on the ground looking for the CIS force that was able to slip onto the planet.

The night shift was working with those still in the field, however they would look toward the table in the center of the room. Harry was looking at the swamp as he had done for the last fourteen days. Since his vacation was interrupted, Harry was looking over the reports on the Battles of Ryloth and Atraken.

Atraken was worrying him since it started just a few days into the war and it was beginning to add up the dead. The Separatists had unleashed biochemical agents and it was killing soldiers and civilians. He would have to meet with his staff and see how they could refill the Ninth Corps or they would have to renumber the Corps. After thinking about it for moments, Harry tapped a few keys on the table and after a few moments, he was looking at a Clone Marshal according to her rank. It took the computer a few seconds to identify her as Clone Commander Alyla.

I am really going to have to take the time and rework our ranking system, Harry thought as he looked at her.

"Marshal Potter, what can the Blazing Claw do for you, today," Alyla asked as she looked at her boss.


At the one word, Alyla took a deep breath, "Yes, sir. As we speak, I have deployed two more Corps to help, however this biological agent is pounding the Clones. Sir, I can safely say that this is no longer a clean war."

Looking at her, Harry took a deep breath as he began to transmit several orders, "Commander, I'm temporarily transferring elements of the Third, Ninth and Tenth Commands to your and I want you to pull our people off the damn planet."

"Very well, sir," Alyla replied, "And the planet?"

Harry looked at the holo-image and regret filled his voice as he spoke, "Once you have evacuated all non-combatants and our people, Base Delta is authorized."

It was silence on both ends of the channel as that one phrase was spoke. Base Delta was a Republic Navy code order that could only be ordered by the Commander in Chief of the Republic Military. The order was used, as a last resort and this would be the first time it would be the Republic would put it into play. One of the key requirements that Harry put into place for the order to be requested was that the planet in question could not be allowed to fall into enemy hands. The goal of this order was that all ships in system would bombed all enemy locations at once and remain bombing them until the crust in the area was molten lava.

Alyla took a deep breath as she looked at the holo-image, "Yes, sir. Base Delta will commence once all personnel and civilians are off plant."

Harry took a deep breath as he fell into the chair behind him, as the order was acknowledge. That was one order that he did not want to give, however he had no choice since the planet was poisoned it was out of his hands.

"Alert the Ministry of Science for terraforming once we have secured the plant once more," Harry ordered as his covered his face, "That will be all, Commander."

Alyla gave a nod of her head as she closed the channel on her end. Harry was brought out of his thoughts as one of the clones came to stand beside him and an alarm began to sound, "Sir, it time for your meeting with the Centrality and the Consortium."

"Very well, let go deal with these independent governments," Harry replied as he opened a channel to the two systems.

Year 15

24 Months After Battle of Geonosis

Operation Command Center
Republic Military Center
Military District, Coruscant

Night had fallen across the city-planet known as Coruscant, but for those in the control center of the Republic Military Center it could be daylight as they worked on the latest reports from the field. However, the night shift was not the only one in the room as several clones looked toward the center of the room where Marshal Potter stood watching the holomap of the galaxy. He was also looking over some reports that his Intelligence division had uncovered and it was worrying him.

"Transmit new order to the elements of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Seventeenth fleets and armies," Harry said as he looked at one of the communication officers, "They are to head to Geonosis and comb that damn planet for intelligence on something called the 'Ultimate Weapon'."

The term Ultimate Weapon had appeared earlier in reports, but Republic Intelligence had dropped the ball and now it was appearing more and more. It was his hope that the elements would find something and that Palpatine was arrogant enough to leave it in place.

Harry was not the type of person to worry but with Palpatine now able to operate in the open, the Confederacy of Independent Systems was changing and not for the better. There were reports that its own citizens were being enslaved for unknown reason. Palpatine was now known to the galaxy as Darth Sidious, one of the two Dark Lord of the Sith in the Order of the Sith Lords. This Order of the Sith was the worst that Harry had read about when he was looking on to them. From what the Jedi and his own agents were able to tell this new order was intended to replace the Brotherhood of Darkness and institute a rebirth of the Sith. Sidious had started the Clone War in his plans to change the Republic into a new Sith Empire, according to the records found during their raid after the man had fled.

Harry was also looking over reports on the election of His Serene Highness, Prince Bail Organa, First Chairman and Viceroy of Alderaan winning the Galactic Republic Chancery election of Year 15. Prince Organa was working to dismantling several laws that the Sith had put into place to try to consolidate his power. In fact, Harry needed to get some sleep since he had a meeting with Prince Organa in seven hours to discuss military matter.

"I am retiring for the night," Harry said as he logged out and head for the door, "Overwatch, the shift is yours."

Chancellor's Suite

Republic Executive Building

Senate District, Coruscant

Entering the newly refurbished Chancellor's Suite, Harry had to admit that that Prince Bail Organa had changed it. The red carpet had been replaced with a light blue carpet and that the red wall was now a sky blue. Harry was really wondering how he was going to work with a man that was from a planet that had not seen conflict since the Cold War in Year 3,618 and the Alderaan Civil War in Year 3,608. However, the man was known to be an honorable man and his house was known for the same.

Harry's attention was brought to the Human male that was sitting behind the desk in the room, "Your Excellency"

Bail gave a small smile while waving to a chair, as he looked at the Commander in Chief of the Republic Military, "Marshal Potter, I trust you are doing okay."

"Yes, sir," Harry replied as he took a seat, "How is the new office fitting you?"

"It different," Bail responded, "I had to turn the remaining of my term as a Senator over to my sister, Celly Organa until elections can be held. Now, that was not why I called you here today. I wanted to talk to you about a reorganization of the Army."

"In what way?"

Bail slid a datapad across the desk to the man, who took a moment to review it. Just from reading it, Harry could tell that it was be massive since they would be getting rid Clone ranks and just addressing them by their rank. There was also a request that the Jedi be allowed to volunteer for field combat, but they would become an independent organization that was answerable only to the Supreme Chancellor.

"Did you ever wonder if the Ruusan Reformation was a mistake," Harry asked as he leaned back into his seat.

"I have never really thought about it before this war, but at times I do," Bail replied, "Since it went into place there have been several conflicts that could have been settled before they got out of hand."

Harry looked out into the city as he spoke, "It was supposed to take power away from the Supreme Chancellor and reinvesting it in the Galactic Senate, however the Senate is corrupt and it is slow. You have allowed corporation to have a seat when it should be about the people. While business should have a voice in the government, they should not be able to vote on something that affects the galaxy. In some ways, I can see where the Confederacy is coming from; yet, they are run by these huge businesses. Frankly, sir, you must fix this government before it collapse and the Jedi don't help matters."

"In what way?"

"They are too cagey," Harry replied, "While I was on leave, I took the chance to review the history of the Jedi Order and the old Jedi Order were more open. This modern order take children from their parents and does not allow them to form attachments. I ask you how you can fight for something when you have no attachment to it. How can you defend a family when you have no idea what a family is. How can you grow when you frown on people exploring oneself? How was a Sith Lord able to hide in your own backyard? They need to open up more so that the people can know them, sir."

Leaning back into his seat, Bail looked at the younger man before nodding, "I will bring it up with Master Yoda. Now, let go over this reorganization for the army since the navy is okay. I would also like to review the prefix for the navy ships."

"Okay, I also have some older designs that could benefit the Navy and Army," Harry replied, "These were found in the archives."

"Let get to work."

Marshal Quarters

Republic Military Center
Military District, Coruscant

Entering his quarters, Harry took a moment to unbutton his uniform jacket as he moved to his desk. He relieved a deep breath as he took a seat at his desk and transmitted the new reorganization to his commanders. Logging into his terminal, he began to look at the commanders that could be pulled for a tour of duty at the RMC; he needed to get back into the field.

The sound of his door chime brought him out of his thoughts, after releasing a deep breath Harry walked to the door and opened it to find himself looking into the warm brown eyes of Her Excellency, Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo.

"Did we have a meeting on the books," Harry asked as he moved to the side and allowed her to enter his room.

Closing the door, Harry turned around and looked at her as she looked at him before she moved to take a seat on the bed, "Since you canceled our last date, I chose to come to you this time before the galaxy erupts into more chaos."

"Sorry about that," Harry replied as he moved to sit next to her.

The two had begun seeing each other after the Battle of Naboo, but it was official six months ago and it was hard for them to see each other given their jobs. Yet, they were trying to make it work.

"We have some time to make up and I can stay the night since I have a clear calendar, "Padmé gave him a smile as she moved her hand to his face and held it for a second before kissing him.

Harry returned the kiss with passion as the two of them laid on his bed for a passion filled night.