Guiding Light

By PaBurke

Summary: Sequel to Signal Light.

Distribution: TtH,

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, no infringement intended. Just play and more play.

Spoilers: HL and NCIS and now Dark Angel.

Rating: for language and even that is pretty tame.

Tonio shifted in bed and heard a whisper. The happiness barely subdued by scolding pinged a memory. The tone was more familiar than the voice. "Abbs?" he called out.

A rush and suddenly a large female body jumped on his bed. "You are awake," the youngest of the McGee-Scuito siblings exclaimed.

"Laura," Abby said from the doorway. "What did we tell you?"

Lori dropped her head down. "That even Uncle Tony needs his sleep."

Antonio, also known as Tony, but currently known as Logan Cale smiled to let the youngest of his living godchildren to know that she was forgiven. He was sorry that he did have to chide her. "I'm Uncle Logan, now."

"Sorry," and this time Lori knew that it was a much more serious offense. "I'll remember next time, I promise." Lori grinned back and then bounced out of the room. Logan sat up and reached for his clothes. Then he slid into his wheelchair. He could put on his exoskeleton later, after McGee and Abby had fussed with it. It would be easier to let them have their way first instead of them trying to figure out the electronics while he was wearing it.

McGee was shaking his head when he saw the wheelchair. "You are one of a kind in suppressing your healing."

Logan leered. "I've always been special." And got hit upside the head for his trouble. "Ow." He twisted his head. "Boss? What are you doing here?"

"Helping you." He motioned to Abby, Tim, and their kids, Donald, Kate, Jenny and Laura. "They're here for your PR. I'm here for the investigating side." Gibbs leaned down and got in Logan's face. Age had not slowed down the former Marine at all and had actually added to his intimidation factor. (Why hadn't age helped Tonio the same way?) "Now, here's what you are going to do. Are you listening to me?"

"Yes, boss."

"You are going to use you age and heal. Now. Am I clear?"

"Crystal, boss."

"Good. I expect you to be walking by the end of the week."

A snort and all turned to the previously silent man in the corner.

"Adam," Logan was surprised that he chose to ride along with this circus. Then again, he had always enjoyed watching chaos. It didn't get any more chaotic than Abby's family. "I'm surprised to see you."

"We have a problem. Manicore had been sending out assassination teams for Immortals. Can you rescind the order?"

Logan immediately sobered up. "Have they gotten anyone?"

"No one that will be missed," Adam said. "We took care of the burnt ones left behind at their facility. But Mac and Amanda are being followed right now."

"Understood." Logan wheeled toward the computers and enjoyed the fact that he Iwould/I be out of this cage sooner than later. Not all of his frustration had been faked. He just had to put his mind to it. He had to stop acting like an ordinary. It obviously hadn't gotten him the girl. He listened to the computers, laughter and music in Joshua's busy house and smiled.

He was glad that this part of his family hadn't died yet. He would enjoy it while it lasted.