Forgot to say my inspiration for writing this story and figured I would do so now. So back when I was on a fanfic site that is now closed. :( I got a request from a girl named Winter for me to write her a story with the main character being named Winter who starts a relationship with a certain Slytherin. It was the first request I had ever gotten and so I definitely couldn't say no! So lo and behold, Love Like Winter was born. The title comes from AFI's song, Love Like Winter, because I thought it was cute. ^^ I hope you enjoy the story!




The front room was dark; the only light came from the merrily crackling fireplace in the hearth. Its light cast shadows across the room revealing the four people that sat before each other on the twin love seats. They were Robert Hollander and Ilaria Zabini and their lifelong friends Jeffrey and Trinket Davis. They were drinking tea and the only sound came from the clinking of their glasses against plates. After a couple of silent moments passed the four set their drinks down and looked at each other across the coffee table in front of them.

"What did you wish to discuss with us, Ilaria?" Trinket asked, she was sitting on the right couch with her husband Jeffrey.

"The future of our children," replied Ilaria, her second husband Robert made a face at the word our considering he had no children.

"I'm afraid I don't understand."

"Robert and I have discussed this thoroughly amongst ourselves and we decided to bring it to your attention."

"I personally think it is one of Ilaria's brighter ideas," said Robert, which earned him an elbow to the stomach.

"Well, what is it?" Jeffrey asked.

"We believe we should arrange a marriage between my son Blaise and your daughter Winter," said Ilaria. "When they become of age of course."

"For what reason?" Trinket asked.

"How many heartbreaks did you suffer before you found Jeffrey?"

Trinket looked at her husband and then pictures of all the other men she had loved and lost flashed before her eyes.

"Many," Trinket whispered.

"It was the same for me before I found Robert," Ilaria said, kissing Robert on the cheek. "Our children will never have to suffer heartbreak or feel the loss of losing someone they love; they'll have each other, forever."

Trinket looked back to her husband and never did see the smirk that played across Ilaria's lips; they were playing right into her hands. Ilaria didn't care about her son's wellbeing; Ilaria didn't care about anyone but herself. She knew that should the Davis' agree to have Winter marry her Blaise they would pay for almost all the wedding's cost. Not to mention she could get Blaise out of her home quicker, the boy always had been nothing but a burden on her. Across from her Trinket was battling with herself about the decision and she could see in Jeffrey's eyes that he was doing the same.

"I never want Winter to feel what I felt when I lost the first man I loved," Trinket said.

"Neither do I, Trinket, but aren't we taking away an important part of life? Aren't we keeping her sheltered by not letting her make her own decisions?" asked Jeffrey.

"But we could stop her from ever having to bare heartache, there is nothing worse."

"If you feel it would be best, Trinket, then I will agree with you."

"Thank you, Jeffrey."

Trinket took her husband's hand and then turned back to Robert and Ilaria.

"We agree with your thoughts, an arranged marriage would be the best thing we could do for our children," said Trinket.

"It's settled then, my son, Blaise Zabini, and your daughter, Winter Davis, will be married when they come of age," said Ilaria.

"Until then we'll have them see each other often, if they get used to each other and become friends telling them they're getting married will make life easier," Jeffrey added. The four look at each other and then shook hands to make the deal complete. Little did they know that the choice they made that night would cause more harm than good.