"I'm sorry, William" The words kept on circling round and round in his head. He heard her voice over and over.
He poured his bottle of whiskey eagerly, while watching a silly reality show. The door of the crypt squeeked and he jumped up to see if Buffy maybe had come back.
But she hadn't. It was the bit standing in the doorway.
"Hi Dawn," he said in a husky voice.

"Spike you look like a mess. What happened?" She said, not being very subtle. But still the tone of her voice betrayed her kindness.

"Thanks a bloody lot" He snapped. Then he readjusted. "Sorry nibblet. You didn't catch me on one of my best days" He added.

"Wanna tell me what happened?" Dawn asked walking upto him. He put his hand on her arm and gently pushed her to sit down on the couch.

"Don't worry got all the remedy I need here" He pointed to the bottle. Dawn nodded.

"It's Buffy, isn't it?" She asked confronting him. She looked into his blue eyes that told her the truth. Something broke about him when she mentioned her sisters name.

"Damn right it is" He unwillingly mumbled. He didn't know what it was about her. Somehow it was like she was the only mirror he could see himself in.
She always gave him his reflection back. Confronted him. Even if he didn't want to. Maybe it was a key-extra. Some sort of gift.

"Aww.." She approached him with arms open wide and hugged his chest. Spike looked down on the girl as if he didn't really knew how to reply to her gesture.
He clumsily stroke her hair. She released herself from the hug and grinned innocently.

"What? The least I could do is give you a bit of comfort, right?" Spike thought her words over for a while without replying.

"Comfort…" he mumbled to himself. Then it brought him to an idea. He was gonna get back at the blonde.

"Comfort yeah" He repeated. "You wanna comfort me?" He looked at Dawn. The look on Dawn's face told him she was curious about what he was going to say next.

"Errr yes" she answered with slight hesitation now.

"Good, well then you can definitely help me" He smirked.

"How?" Dawn waited for him to unwrap it.

"You can fall in love with me" Spike said as if he asked her to get him some pigs blood from the slaughter in town. Dawn felt blood rushing to her cheeks. They did burn as if they were going red.

"W-what?" She stuttered. Spike held silent for a while studying her face and body. It made Dawn feel like she was bare-naked right in front of him. He then smirked noticing how nervous she was under his judging eyes.

"Wait… I don' think that's going to be a problem" he guessed it. Dawn wished the ground would open to swallow her up.

"A-and me… saying I am in… in love with you is going to comfort you?"

"Yeah it does" His smirk turned bigger. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to him.

"Come on nibblet, we could provoke the slayer, couldn't we?"

"I… I don't know if I wanna do that to my sister" Dawn hesitated.

"Oh come on! Bullocks. She's always stealing your thunder! This could be your chance. You know? Me: tough man on your side"

Considering Spike's words, Dawn started to see possibilities.
Not only would she have the tough vampire on her side, also she could finally be with him for real.
This could be a chance.
Maybe she could even convince him to stay. She smiled to the idea.

"Oh and bit?" He asked.

"Yeah?" she looked up to face him.

"You were an open book when I asked you to fall in love with me."

Dawn swallowed. Would he really? "Meaning?" she asked, still pretending to play dumb.

"Well, I obviously do know your little secret about me now." He wriggled his eyebrows. It made the color on Dawn's face come back again in an instant.

"So what do we now call ourselves then?" She shyly asked.

"Let's call it friends with benefits between you and me" He winked and then leaned in unexpectedly and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Thanks already, bit. You sure are going to be a great comfort to me"
Dawn trembled. This was what she wanted more of.
Now all she had to do was starting to convince him to fall in love with her.

"You're welcome, Spike" she softly said and enjoyed being in his arms in front of the television just a little bit longer. Then she looked on her watch and found out it was near diner time already.

"I need to go" she announced.

"Alright. I would have offered to walk you home. But you wouldn't like a dusty boyfriend now, would you?"

Boyfriend? Dawn thought confused.

"We really do need to know how to convince them later on, right?" he quickly added. Her eyes dropped at that, but Spike didn't notice.

"Yeah right," she answered shortly. "I will see you then"

"Wait." Spike said. He rushed upto her.

"I do think I need to re-do what I just did," He said vaguely. Dawn blinked her eyes and wanted to start asking questions.
But even before that he put his left hand around her waist and the other on the back of her neck. He pulled her close for a longer kiss.
It was soft and slow. Not like Dawn would have expected with him.
He gently caressed her face with his fingers now. His tongue kept on exploring her mouth. Leading the kiss so secure. He had pulled her so close to him that she slightly felt his thing growing in his jeans. It dazed her even more. Made her head go cloudy. After what seemed like minutes he pulled away and looked deep into her innocent eyes.
"What was that good for?" She softly asked.

"I thought that since you are helping me, I could return you the favor of a proper first kiss" He explained.

"And why would it make you think you are my first kiss?"

"Because you told me, love" He reminded her to a conversation they once had.

"Oh… well it was nice" Dawn told him as calm as possible.
But when she walked home she felt terribly heated. It was like a bright sun wouldn't stop warming her body.
And to make things worse.

She felt highly confused… She longed for a second kiss, and a third one… and…

If Spike didn't feel more than a friendly with her, than why would his thing… well grow?

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