Chapter 3

The next morning Dawn woke up and it was a little darker in her room than usual. She was sure she didn't shut the curtains, because she was used to the sun waking her up.
Disorientated she opened her eyes and nearly screamed at the sight of the blonde-haired vampire in the corner of her room.


"That's me, pet" He smirked. "Wanted to leave you a little note and then go away, but changed my mind and stayed to watch you sleep" He was seated in a manly way. Wide legs, hands slightly resting on the chair between his knees.

"Are you gonna sneak up on me on a daily basis?" she snapped, rolling out of her bed. She was now in front of him, hand on her hips.

Spike didn't immediately reply, just kind of gazed at her. Then Dawn realized she was in nothing but her underwear and bra. Spike readjusted.

"If that's going to be my sight on daily basis…" he started cheekily.

Dawn hid her face in her hands and quickly reached for the covers of her bed.
"How could you manage to embarrass me this early in the morning?"

"What's with the snapping, bit?" He asked. "Not happy to see the big bad?" He kind of pouted.

Maybe for a pretend. Maybe for real. She didn't know. She couldn't make it out.
"Very" Dawn answered with sarcasm in her voice. "Could you now turn around, so I could find myself some clothes?"

Spike raised, kind of ignoring her question. "Yeah, why don't you let me pick yours for today?" He opened the doors of her closet.

"What do we have here?" He held up a white woolen top with a high neck. "I smell Buffy… 'borrowed' some things from big sis, didn't ye?"
He held up one of Dawn's tops that was pink and said: bite me!
"See, I would love to, but this little ol' chip is keeping me in the cage" he dryly remarked.
He threw out a couple of jeans. "Too regular, I'd be more than happy to rip them punk style"
Finally he held up a long, black dress. "Now.. this is what you should be wearing!" he called out. Then he opened her underwear drawer.

"Hey!" Dawn squeaked, holding her hand up like that would stop him.

Spike held up a negligee. Black, tiny and see through. And another one… pink, satin.
"Damn, nibblet where did you get those from?"

Dawn hopped towards him with the covers around her and grabbed the negligees from his hands.
"I stole them" She admitted. "From the lingerie store"

"The bit ain't as innocent as I thought," Spike smirked widely. He approached her.
"Thought you might want to do it better, if you're gonna hide from me anyway" he nodded to her bra that could still be seen. "Since when did they grow to be like that anyway?" He asked.

Dawn furiously closed the covers tight around her.
"If you came to just bother me, you should go"

"I didn't, my sweet" He let run the back of his hand over her cheek. "It's kind of cute when you tell me off" he said with a tone in his voice that Dawn wasn't used to. "I came to see you of course" They were close enough to kiss and yet he didn't kiss her.

Just the touch of his hand was enough to break Dawn's shield. Her eyes softened.
"That's better" Spike added, peering his blue eyes into Dawn's.

"Remember; eyes are the mirror to the soul, love" he whispered near her lips. "Ready to put on a show tonight?"

"I'll try…" Dawn admitted.

"If you're good, I'll be nice to you" he promised. His hand entangled her hair as he placed a kiss on her forehead.
"Gotta run, now pet. Open the door for me at 9 tonight…" Spike grabbed his blanket and ran down the stairs of the summers house.

He passed a surprised Tara on his way down.
Tara made her way up to Dawn's room and knocked on her door.

"Dawnie?" she asked before she opened it. She saw Dawn's clothes spread on the floor. "Was Spike with you?" she whimpered at the sight of Dawn wrapped in her covers.

"No…" Dawn heard herself lie. "I… just can't decide what to wear" she made up looking at her clothes on the floor and bed as well.

"Oh.. never knew you were so… picky. I'll let you get to it then" Tara frowned.

Dawn sighed in relief. Spike had almost gotten her into trouble, but she still felt his lips burning on her forehead and his breathe close to her lips.

She had been so good… what went wrong?