Chapter One: In This World of Dolls

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Warnings: There WILL be an amount of swearing, I am planning on many sexual and somewhat lemony scenes. There will also be torture, much Hitsu or Ruki-whumping, and rape.

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Rukia Kuchiki stared around herself at the throngs of students milling down the academy hallway. Her violet eyes stared, a hint disapproval in their depths, at the giggling girls, the grinning boys, and all the shades in between. Most of the students were walking in groups of two or more.

"Master, you have a leaf…" A voice from one of the groups passing by, consisting of three boys and two girls, floated over to Rukia. The petite raven haired girl watched as one of the females from the group reached over to the tallest boy's shoulder and plucked a single leaf off his sweater.

The tall boy looked over at the girl and smiled. "Thank you," he whispered, capturing her lips in a kiss. The girl looked like she was about to die from overexcitement.

Rukia looked away in disgust. Such casual kissing and everyone else just walked around them like it was a normal occurrence. In fact, it was a normal occurrence. Kissing was a rather common reward.

Across the hall, there was a louder, much more brutal scene playing out. Another boy…this time stockier, more violent looking, was whacking around one of the female members of his entourage.

"You bitch!" He was yelling at the top of his lungs, hitting the girl over and over again.

"I-I'm sorry, Master!" The girl was sobbing, cowering against the locker. "I'm sorry!"

One of the nearby teachers sighed heavily and walked up to the violent boy. "Did she do something, Isaki-sama?"

"Yeah, the damn whore…" Isaki stopped his hitting barrage, glancing over at the teacher. "It's fully within my rights as her Doll Master to do this."

"It is, Isaki-sama," agreed the teacher, and retreated back into the crowd.

Doll Master…there it was; that word that Rukia had, over the years, come to detest.

In the world she lived in, society was divided up into two different sections. There were the Doll Masters, and there were the Dolls.

There was no choice about being a master or a doll. If you were born a doll, then you were a doll, and masters looked down at you like things and slaves. If you were born a master, then you were a master, and the world looked at you like some sort of god.

Simply explained, Doll Masters were like puppeteers. Depending on a variety of things, there were particular masters and dolls that fit together. Usually, the masters had no problem finding dolls that fit them. Once finding a doll, the master would immediately 'mark' them, or 'claim' them, and the doll would be theirs.

Once a doll had a master's mark, they became…in all senses of the word, the master's. No torture, no amount of love, or anything at all, could get a doll to disobey their master's orders. It was really a master-slave relationship. The dolls adored their masters, no matter how cruel the master. Normal society never said anything about dolls being abused or even murdered in public. Masters could do anything they damn well pleased.

That was obvious, in the way the girl who had been being abused had been left by the teacher without any aid. Isaki seemed to be done with her. She was shakily getting to her feet, but looked visibly relieved as Isaki pressed up against her, his hand creeping towards her chest.

She looked almost like a child who had been forgiven of a great sin.

Rukia hated this system with a passion.

There were further aspects to this Doll and Master relationship. Dolls, upon receiving their 'claiming mark' from their masters, tended to start growing into a certain power that would help them aid their master somehow. Some powers were simple, such as a faster than usual healing rate, better speed…something like that. However, some doll powers were major, like levitation, the ability to control a certain kind of animal…

The masters who had dolls with major powers tended to be even more powerful themselves. Most masters had no powers, aside from their ability to detect dolls belonging to them and the ability to 'mark' them. However, some masters had power, all varying. It was difficult to say what kind of power masters had, for the few masters who did have them didn't use them freely.

Rukia could name but one master she knew with power and that was Isaki. Rather unfortunate, actually. He had immeasurable strength. Strength enough to crush solid stone with only one finger…

As far as she knew, masters had these powers all their lives, unlike dolls, which had to grow into them once they had been marked.

Rukia was a doll, and she hadn't been marked by anyone yet. In fact, she was the only doll in the entire school that hadn't been marked by a master yet. Someone had come close, about a year ago, but he had pulled back at the last second, snapping himself out of his trance and apologizing, saying that she was extremely close to his 'type', but not exactly.

Actually, she was hoping she could live out the rest of her life without coming across her Doll Master. A good many dolls had that happen to them. They were declared social outcasts for their entire lives, but that was no fault of their own. Some dolls just didn't come across their rightful masters during their lives.

"Yo, Rukia, you're all spaced out again today!"

Rukia looked up at the sound of her name, glaring at the speaker.

"Good morning, Kurosaki-sama."

The smile faded slightly at the corners of Ichigo Kurosaki's mouth. "Hey, you don't need to call me that, I'm just…"

"Frankly put, it's an official law throughout the country that dolls show their respect towards Doll Masters, whether they be their own masters or not. I could be arrested if anyone heard me calling you by your first name. If you'd excuse me, Kurosaki-sama, I will take my leave now." Rukia turned on her heel and marched straight to her classroom.

She and Ichigo had started off the closest of friends. Then they had begun drifting apart, for many reasons. Perhaps it was because he was a Doll Master, and she was only one of the many dolls. Perhaps it was how he had an entire entourage of doll he had claimed, who never gave them a second's peace.

Or perhaps it was neither of these, and it had everything to do with the previous year's incident…

Rukia paused in front of her desk, and chanced one last glance back.

Ichigo wasn't staring at her anymore. Instead, he was talking amiably to one of his several dolls, Orihime Inoue. Her entire face was lit up as she spoke to him, and made him crack a slight grin. From a few feet away, more of Ichigo's dolls were watching their master and fellow chat.

Ichigo treated his dolls much, much better than some. When they felt like it was prompted, both Tatsuki and Ishida tended to argue or yell at Ichigo's decisions, while Keigo incessantly annoyed the doll master and only god knew what Chad and Mizuiro stood around doing.

Rukia was startled out of her thoughts when the bell rang, harsh and loud. She shuffled the last few steps to her desk quickly, and plopped down, getting out all her materials.

The second bell signaling the beginning of class rung…but the room was still mostly empty. Rukia noted most of the absentees were Masters. It figured…the teachers at this school were all dolls belonging to the principal, or academy headmaster. They could never reprimand a Master.

Dolls were powerless against masters, in every sense of the word…

School passed by in a slow drag that Rukia hardly even paid attention to. She had never been relaxed in school, and probably would never be. The atmosphere was too dark, too tense, for her to truly loosen up.

It was probably the effect not having a master and a play (that's what a group of Dolls were called…a 'Play', much like the way birds were called a 'flock' and fishes a 'school') was having on her. Masters and the Play were home…it was natural instinct. Without a Master or a Play, she was vulnerable and set apart.

No wonder she was tense.

The walk home was a long, weary one.

Rukia didn't live anywhere near the school, but it was the closest school to her small apartment as things were. So she had to walk back and forth half an hour every day, through the Red Light District, through men peering up her skirt (which was standard issue school uniform) and through hot, smoky traffic.

The petite girl sighed heavily, remembering that she also had to do her groceries. So she wouldn't be going through the Red Light District…rather, she would have to go the full, hour long walk the long way around, through the shopping district.

That just sucked.

It was close to two hours later that Rukia was finished with all her shopping. She was completely laden down with bags, and sick of staring at the Plays making their way through the aisles, fawning over their masters.

She was thinking of a variety of different things. If she had been paying attention, she liked to think that she wouldn't have made the mistake she did at that moment.

It was at a crosswalk. She was crossing with the rest of the crowd, stepping as lightly and quickly as she could with her load. A flash of white flickered at her peripheral vision, and she looked up.

Her gaze locked with cool, cerulean eyes like chips of ice, glimmering with vast knowledge and a calm interest. White hair, styled into thick, silvery spikes…a loosely fitting black shirt, black jeans, a silver chain glinting at his throat…


The loud shout startled Rukia out of her daze. She jerked her head up, to find that she was the only one still on the road, and the light had changed to green. Letting out a soft gasp of shock, she saw a car coming straight for her. It was a red convertible, flashy and expensive looking enough to have appeared in a sports car magazine.

It was ironic how she had frozen up, but could still notice all these things. There was a woman behind the wheel, busily talking into her cellphone. She hadn't noticed Rukia there yet…and even if she had noticed, she wouldn't have been able to slam on the brakes quickly enough.

Then, to Rukia's pure shock, she felt a sturdy arm swiftly wrapping around her waist. There was a rustle as her shopping bags, fallen from Rukia's pale hands as she noticed her predicament, were scooped up…

…and the next thing she knew, she was standing on the curb, gasping for breath, unable to figure out how she had ended up there.

The red convertible kept going, the driver oblivious to how she had just very nearly run someone over.

Come to think of it, being master-less, there would have been no consequences for her death. After all, she lived in a society where murder of a doll was allowed, if it was by their master. A doll without a master to kill them was, then, everyone's property. The driver couldn't have been a doll, not judging from that sleek ride she'd had. She'd been a master.

Guess who'd have won if this had ended up as a court or police case?

"You okay?"

The voice was coming from somewhere above her. It was deep and rich, and had this peculiar way of…being almost palpable…in the air. It seemed to float through the air like satin or silk, rubbing against her, caressing her…

"Y-Yeah…" Rukia noticed that the arm was still around her waist, and she was heavily leaning into whoever had saved her. She craned her head to look up, and almost had a heart attack right then and there.

The cerulean eyes, the snow white hair…he was the one who had distracted her. A brief glance had given Rukia the impression that he was attractive, but a close up really took her breath away.

His eyes were a pure, deep cerulean, a shade in between blue and green. They practically glowed in their intensity, and Rukia wasn't sure if she could measure the intelligence in those eyes. His hair…now that she was closer…was obviously naturally in spikes, despite what measly law of gravity told her otherwise. It looked thick and soft.

He was taller than her by a good head and a half…shorter than Ichigo, of course, but nobody would really call him short either. The chest Rukia was using as a support was leanly muscled, and through the thin cloth of his shirt, Rukia could feel the flat, hard pains of his stomach. The arm around her waist was strong and also muscled. His shirt sleeves had been rolled up to his elbows, as if he felt them to be a nuisance. His skin was pale, not pure white, but only about a shade darker than Rukia's own, porcelain skin.

Oh god, a crowd was gathering, and she was still clinging onto him…as if sensing her discomfort, the hand around her waist retreated slowly, giving her enough time to stand up and gain her balance before withdrawing its support totally. Rukia realized she was flaming red.

That deep voice spoke again. "Rangiku; go around and get the cars. Kenpachi, Karin and Yachiru, do something about the crowd, damn it!"

There was a high giggle of a little girl, and a low, raspy growl. "Yeah, will do…"

"You shouldn't cuss, Toushiro-sama," Another female voice sniped, "We'd still disperse the crowd if you asked nicely…"

"Do I get all three of the cars, Toushiro-sama?"

"Yeah, you can manage that." It wasn't a question…it was a statement of fact. "Leave mine free, I'll drive when you bring it around."

There was a low murmur of assent.

Rukia felt giddy with so much going on. Soon, she could hear a loud voice roaring at the crowd to go away, along with a teenaged, female voice and a high pitched, somehow out-of-place sounding girl's voice.

Rukia stumbled backwards, turning around so she was facing her savior. "U-Uh…I…thank you for dragging me out of the way, I…" No, he hadn't dragged her; he'd more…lifted her. Well that was beside the point.

He continued watching her with those absurdly beautiful eyes.

"My name is Rukia Kuchiki," Rukia volunteered faintly.

He nodded slowly. "Toushiro Hitsugaya," he answered curtly. He held up the bundle of shopping bags Rukia had been having so much trouble with in one hand. "These are all yours?"

"Y-Yes, uh…thanks for grabbing them…" Rukia held her hands out for the bags. Was it terribly cliché, or was she actually feeling an irresistible pull toward this Hitsugaya character…?

It was a strange feeling. When he'd been holding her, it had felt so right, despite having just met him. She felt like she wanted to just sink into his hold again and give herself up to him.

She had felt safe for a moment.

Hitsugaya didn't give her the bags, instead continuing to scrutinize her. "I'll give you a ride. Where do you live?"

Rukia blinked her astonishment at him. "Err…about thirty minutes drive from here, at Grantwood."

Hitsugaya's brows furrowed a bit. He didn't comment on the distance, or about how Rukia had been a stubborn ass to even try walking all the way to Grantwood with this much luggage. He merely held out his hand sideways, and keys were placed in it. Rukia looked in surprise at the tall, exquisitely beautiful woman with the long, strawberry blond hair, large gray eyes and a gigantic chest. She looked more like the kind of woman who'd walked off the front page of a fashion pamphlet or a poster advertising beauty products.

Hitsugaya looked up to address the woman. "Rangiku, I'm going to drive her home. You take the others and go wherever you want to, just make sure you're home by curfew."

Rangiku looked down at Rukia, smiling. "Well, she's just adorable, isn't she? Good luck!"

"I'm not seducing her, you fool," Hitsugaya snapped coolly. He then turned his attention back to Rukia, and gestured towards the black sports car which had suddenly appeared on the curb. There was a ridiculously expensive looking hummer directly behind it, and a rather destroyed looking Jeep behind that. They all seemed to belong to Hitsugaya, some way or another.

The crowd had disappeared like it had never been there.

"Follow me, Kuchiki," ordered Hitsugaya calmly, and Rukia automatically felt herself following. She didn't see any reason to refuse.

Even if he was a stranger…she felt safe with him.

Safe, which she had never before felt during her life…

He held the passenger's side door open for her, and she slid in, buckling up while Hitsugaya stuck her things in the trunk. Sports cars with trunks…well, what else?

"Give me the address," commanded Hitsugaya, sliding into the driver's seat and fiddling with something near the dashboard. Rukia stared openly at the built in GPS unit.

So this was the newest model of cars. Computers had literally been built into the car, in place of the radio and CD players. Instead, there was a cool, touch computer monitor there, patiently waiting for Hitsugaya to type in the location.

Remembering what she was supposed to be doing, Rukia quickly stammered out her address. Hitsugaya punched it in, and immediately the screen turned into a map, showing the direction Hitsugaya was supposed to go in. In one deft movement, the young man inserted an earphone connected to the car into his left ear, and seemed to be listening for a moment.

When the car started up, Rukia hardly noticed…it was nothing but a low purr. She blinked as the trees beside them slid past, but she felt no motion.

Wow these new model cars were great…

"So, Kuchiki…you nearly got yourself run over by a car." Hitsugaya said, as a way to start the conversation. Rukia blinked hard. "I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize to me…what were you doing?"

"Something distracted me," grumbled Rukia, looking away and crossing her arms childishly.

Hitsugaya looked at her. "Ah…" He made the noise neutrally, not really showing whether he understood or not.

"Why did you do it? Saving me, I mean…you could've…" Rukia said softly. Hitsugaya cut her off mid-sentence.

"First off, I don't leave people to die, doll or no. Secondly, I've been putting quite a bit of effort into finding someone like you…I wasn't about to watch my efforts get squashed all over the pavement by some imbecile." Hitsugaya retorted, making a smooth turn as he spoke.

Rukia's head whipped around to stare at Hitsugaya. "What do you mean someone like me?"

He didn't look at her. "You'll understand."

They lapsed into a silence, Rukia playing over the events of a few minutes ago in her head. Then she noticed something which sent a thrill of fear down her spine. The multiple cars, the strangely obedient friends, the expensive clothes…oh no…

"You're a Master," Rukia whispered, her voice cracking. She hadn't just been speaking casually to a master this entire time, had she?

"So good of you to finally notice," said Hitsugaya rather sarcastically. Rukia immediately felt defensive, but her horror at its implications beat it down.

"I-I'm sorry for being so friendly with you, I…"

"Shut it, I'm trying to get a phone call through," snapped Hitsugaya tersely.

So Rukia shut up. Was it just her, or did he seem to dislike the fact that she was apologizing?

The line seemed to connect. Hitsugaya perked up slightly. "Yuzu, it's me. Don't make dinner tonight; none of us will be there. Karin…? She's probably with Rangiku…no, I didn't ask them where they're going. Yeah. I'm just going to drop someone off; I'll give you the details later. Mmhm…yeah, see you." The phone call seemed to come to a close, as Hitsugaya reached over to tap something on the computer swiftly, and the image of the phone on screen suddenly disappeared.

The following silence was heavy enough to make Rukia's ears turn pink from the pressure.

"Uhm…H-Hitsugaya-sama…" Rukia began, not really sure what she was about to say.


"…could we turn on some music?"

It was Hitsugaya's turn to blink at her this time, as he stared in a somewhat confused way at her. "What?"

"Music, music, something nice to the ears," snapped Rukia, her usual personality kicking in before she could stop it. Damn, she usually had more control than this. She just felt so…relaxed around him…

In response to that, Hitsugaya tapped the built in monitor's screen and something Rukia recognized as Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons, 'Winter', drifted through the car. It was surprise that prompted her next words.

"You like classic music?"

The result to the question was a low sigh. "I only like the very strongly themed classic pieces. Winter is the only one of Vivaldi's Seasons I like. The rest was too…regal sounding."

Any normal person would have been utterly confused at the analogy, but Rukia nodded thoughtfully. "Really…? I suppose that makes sense…spring kinda made me think about snow, actually."

"Who the hell things about snow when the piece's name is 'spring'…?" demanded Hitsugaya disbelievingly.


Hitsugaya's eye twitched.

Then he abruptly let go of the steering wheel, twisting around in his seat to face Rukia.

She paled. "You're gonna get us killed!"

"No, I'm not. We're here." Hitsugaya pointed out, pointing at the apartment building which was, indeed, where Rukia lived. She blinked stupidly up at it for a moment. Damn this stupid car, she hadn't felt them stop…

So, being unsure what to do next, she unbuckled herself and said, "Do you want to come in for a bit?"

There was a pause as he stared at her. "You nuts…? Who invites a total stranger into their house just for driving them home?"

"And saving my life," pointed out Rukia. "I think I owe you a cup of tea. Besides, you won't do anything to me."

"What makes you say that?"

"Gut feeling, I suppose…could you open up the trunk for me?"

Hitsugaya pressed a button and the trunk popped open. Rukia climbed out of the car, intending on getting her things. However, she found that Hitsugaya had made it there before her, and was already holding all her shopping. He gave her not a glare, but something closely resembling it, and stood there waiting for her to lead.

They walked to the apartment's lobby and elevator, Rukia leading the way and Hitsugaya following closely behind her. They had to go up to the twelfth floor. Rukia was subconsciously fretting over the state of her apartment. Had she even cleaned it lately? What about this morning's breakfast…had she cleared it?

Come to think of it, did she even have any tea?

"I-It might be a bit messy," She said once they reached her door. "Sorry."

He didn't say anything, simply following her inside and setting the shopping on the counter.

Rukia almost fainted with relief. Aha, so her house wasn't a pigsty as she had feared! There were a few cushions on the ground and the dishes in the sink were unwashed, but otherwise there wasn't too much out of place. At least, nothing that someone who didn't live there could pick out.

"Sit down anywhere you like, I'll get you some tea." Rukia offered.

Hitsugaya gave a slight nod of acknowledgement and sat down at the kitchen table, not at all tense. He wasn't relaxed, but he wasn't tense, like a normal person would be in unfamiliar surroundings. He was simply on guard, but then again, he'd been like that ever since Rukia had first met him.

Which was really only about an hour ago…why was it that while only the closest of her friends had ever been allowed over to her house previously, she had felt comfortable enough to invite over a perfect stranger?

Rukia put the kettle on to boil, and peeked into her cupboard. "I have green tea, earl grey, coffee and cocoa. Which do you prefer?"

"Green tea," answered Hitsugaya simply.

Rukia nodded. She didn't hold for the packets of tea on a string, so all her tea was made out of actual tea leaf powder. It took a few minutes longer than the first method.

Once it was done, she carefully poured the tea into two cups and brought them to the table, laying one in front of Hitsugaya. She only got a single nod in thanks, but she didn't comment. She sat down across from him.

"Ah…so…you said you were looking for someone like me," prompted Rukia.

Cerulean eyes flickered up. "I did say that, didn't I," Hitsugaya mused, taking a sip of the tea.

Rukia couldn't help but blink at him. She felt like she had been doing that an awful lot lately. "Yes, you did."

There was a sudden thunk as Hitsugaya put down his cup, and pushed it to the side. He leaned forward slightly, leaning his elbows on the table and lacing his fingers together in front of his face. "You are aware that you are a doll…correct?" He didn't wait for her to answer, instead proceeding. "But you have no master yet."

Ouch, that stung. "Yeah…is it obvious?"

"To me, it is." Hitsugaya replied, his eyes never leaving her face. "You've never been a part of a play, and therefore you don't have a thorough knowledge about how they work."

Damn, he was just stating facts. It was as if he knew precisely what she would have answered if he had formed these words in sentences instead.

"I'll give you a brief summary, Kuchiki." Hitsugaya said, leaning back again and tapping a finger on the tabletop.

He paused, and Rukia took that chance to gulp down some tea. This was a serious conversation, not just something out of the blue. She was probably going to need something stronger than tea.

"The tradition has all but disappeared nowadays…plays travel in groups that are more like little groups of friends. The full meaning of having a play has been lost." Hitsugaya grimaced unhappily. "I can't tell you what the original purpose of a play was. I suppose I could say that the original purpose of a play was anything the Doll Master needed. I'm not sure if you'd understand that."

"I do," grumbled Rukia, offended at being deemed of a low level of intelligence. "You're saying that the plays were supposed to be anything the Master needed, like protection for the Master, or a group of buddies to hang out with."

A hint of amusement flickered through Hitsugaya's eyes at Rukia's obvious annoyance. "Yes. So depending what kind of person the Master was, the plays would have to adapt to the master's needs. I'll move on to why I was looking for someone like you, then, if you understand so well.

"You guessed earlier that I was a Master, and you're right. I am. Masters are a lot rarer than dolls, as you know…there's about one master to ten or so dolls. That's one reason they're so revered. Another reason is power."

"Like super strength or speed…" Rukia found herself volunteering information.

"That really sounds more like something a doll would have, but then again, these days…Master Powers might have deteriorated." Hitsugaya looked thoughtful. "In any case…among masters, there are certain classes of masters. The lowest class is called Puppeteers; you see them the most. The run of the mill Masters who attend school, live out life without a single power…those kinds.

"The second class is called Puppet Masters. They're the mid-class masters. They're fairly rare in this day and age. Puppet Masters will have stronger bonds with their dolls, and usually will have more than one power, such as control over an element or an animal…any separate powers are unique to the Masters.

"The third and highest rank is Marionette Masters. They're almost non-existent nowadays. I can't explain precisely to you what a Marionette Master can do, but I'll tell you now…they're on a completely different league from Puppet Masters or simple Puppeteers. Worlds apart, in fact…"

Rukia really didn't see what this had to do with why Hitsugaya had been looking for her, or a person of her type. Still, it was interesting.

Hitsugaya seemed to have caught on to her impatience. "Particular masters, especially Marionette Masters, will form plays and build the plays into what they need, precisely aiming for that need. Sometimes, plays just must be completed before a master can be at full power.

"So I will explain about my play specifically now. I have built my play much as a king would build their chess board. I have pawns. I have knights, bishops, castles, all the pieces. However…I'm missing my queen.

"Of course, you know that there are certain masters than will go with certain dolls, and no other way, like puzzle pieces. So I had to find a doll that would match my capabilities as a master. That still, however, left the problem that the doll had to also have the ability, the certain element, which would enable them to be my Chess Queen. Do you understand?"

"You mean you had to find a doll with that special something." Rukia muttered, wondering if Hitsugaya still doubted her intelligence.

"Yes," agreed Hitsugaya readily. He then took a long draught of tea, and slowly placed his cup down. Then he looked up, his cerulean eyes locking with surprised, violet ones.

"I told you that I had been searching for someone like you for a long time." Hitsugaya said softly.

Rukia bobbed her head, not trusting herself to try doing anything else.

"I've been searching for my Queen for eight years."

It all happened so fast that she barely had time to even register what he had just had said. Suddenly the table separating them was gone, the chairs and tea with it. Hitsugaya had, in the span of a second, cleared the distance between him and Rukia, and was suddenly on top of her, on his hands and knees, straddling her. As he stared down at her, his eyes were literally glowing a bright, clear blue…azure…

"Th-the…the…table and chairs…" Rukia managed weakly, wondering how Hitsugaya had moved it aside so quickly and silently.

"One of my simpler abilities as a Master…but do you really care about that in this kind of situation?" Hitsugaya asked, an eyebrow arching in surprise.

"I…" She really wasn't sure what to do. She didn't think Hitsugaya was intending on hurting her, or doing anything inappropriate to her. She was shocked, yes, but she was also faintly enjoying this.

He smelt distinctly fresh, like one of those cold winter nights when you stepped from a stuffy room outside. There was also a light, vanilla smell to him. The result was fresh smelling vanilla.

It was amazing.

"You've been looking for your Queen," Rukia whispered, her voice catching. "…you're saying that I'm the…your Qu…" She couldn't finish it; the idea was just too absurd. Rukia wasn't a princess, much less a Queen.

"It was the closest analogy I could think of…but on hindsight, it's a perfect analogy." Hitsugaya murmured. All thoughts of refusing or being undeserving flew out the window as he lowered himself slightly, lightly pressing his lips just above her collarbone. "Or do you not want to be my Queen?" He asked her. She could feel his lips moving against her skin.

"B-But, that's not the right comparison…I'm a doll, not a Queen to your King…and as a chess piece, I'm not nearly as powerful as the…as the…" That was a weak try, yes, but Rukia's brain had long ago packed up and waved goodbye before skipping merrily out the window.

He was still talking against her neck as he spoke again, slowly moving his mouth upwards…brushing against her skin, towards her ear. "…it was a perfect analogy, and I mean it." He retreated a bit, giving her room to gasp. When she'd recovered some, he said, this time sounding slightly uncertain and a bit stern, "Do you want to be my Queen?"

The idea was intoxicating. To be his in any way, much less in every way, seemed like a lottery prize to her at the moment. She doubted she would regret this later on.

Rukia said the first thing that came to her mind…and it was true.

"More than anything…"

"Ah," Hitsugaya chuckled, leaning back down again. "Then I have your permission to mark you."

He didn't mean 'mark' as in an actual, physical mark, as was usually the case. This time, he meant 'mark' as in a Master Mark on her, showing clearly to the world that she was his, and his alone.


Whatever she had expected next, it hadn't been this. She had perhaps expected pain, or something alike to it.

Yes, that was probably what she had been expecting. Pain of some sort…she had seen the Master Mark on Orihime that Ichigo had left there, and it had looked like a black tattoo, more than anything, or a very dark burn. Rukia remembered asking about it, and Orihime replying that it hadn't really hurt, it had more sorta prickled and stung, the way a mosquito bite does. Or a needle, as Chad had so readily chipped in.

Maybe it was different for all the masters. Hitsugaya's touch was anything but unpleasant.

It was to her great surprise and confusion that Rukia found all the buttons down the front of her blouse undone. With rather dazed, unfocused eyes, she looked at Hitsugaya above her.

His eyes were still that drowning shade of azure blue. He seemed to sense her worry. "I'm not going to do anything to you. I could to it somewhere obvious, like on your hand, or we could do it like this."

Orihime's mark had been on her hand. Rukia didn't want hers to be like that, on the back of her hand, like some sort of stamp.

Hitsugaya took her silence as a 'continue', because he slowly leaned down, his lips hovering…hesitating…for a second just above where her heart was.

Then his lips pressed into the skin at the very top of her breast and her world exploded into crystal blue.

This was seeing, really seeing.

This was feeling, really feeling.

This was breathing, really breathing.

This was living, really living.

The world was so…beautiful.

She was viewing the world as crystal, diamond, glittering with pinpoints of soft light. Some pinpoints of light were brighter and harder than others, some so small that she could just barely see the tiniest of glimmers. Some were different colours…but most were white, a pure, undisturbed white, and that was the way she found it the most beautiful.

Why hadn't she been able to see the world like this before? It was breathtaking. Come to think of it, was she even actually seeing this?

Yes, she was seeing it, but how was she seeing so far? She could see all the pinpoints of light a block away just as well as she saw the ones directly next to her. After about a block, everything just sort of faded out into a blackness that was the end of her beautiful, crystalline world.

The blackness scared her.


Ah, that voice…she recognized it. It belonged in her world, it was just as beautiful as the crystals, if not even more so.

Then again…it didn't really belong, at the same time. It sounded like it was coming from somewhere far away.

"Kuchiki…" There it was again. Kuchiki…? What was that? Was it a person?

"Come on, Kuchiki…" That was a name.

"Kuchiki…" Why did the voice continue to call that name so? The poor voice sounded tired, like it had expended too much energy…Poor voice, it shouldn't have to suffer. It was too beautiful to suffer…

"Kuchiki…it's about time you woke up now…"

See, it was suffering…listen to it sigh, as if weary.

She was going to stop its suffering…beautiful things shouldn't suffer, least of all that voice…

Ah, it has started up again, but this time…it sounded slightly tenser.

"Kuchiki…?! I don't need to be…Kuchiki! I don't need to be drawn into your world! KUCHIKI...!"

Why did the voice struggle against her? She was only trying to take away his pain…the ice cold barrier she came up with hurt her!

Kuchiki…it was a name…wait, wasn't that her name? Rukia…Kuchiki…?

"Damn it, RUKIA!" She heard a ear shattering roar, and felt a hard, cold aura pressing against her.

Her world of crystal came shattering down around her.

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