A/N: I checked my reviews today and I just want to thank Arlene and those others who had reviewed my stories. I would have PMed each and every single one of you but I had some anonymous reviews and I wouldn't be able to get a hold of them. I wanted this fanfic to be a little "out there" and be different so that's why maybe it didn't turn out the way that you would want to. I know that most parts of the story were just a bit confusing. It was either I didn't add more information, or it lacked details. I rushed through the story and I wasn't able to edit them further. I just wanted to post the story ASAP and I think that wasn't the best choice. :) I'll try to clear them up as soon as I can. Your reviews are really helping me get better at writing and I would really appreciate it if you leave constructive criticism. It would be really great to hear it straight from you readers. Thank you! :)