Inspired by Shrimps1995's Lost Little Girl

Angela Hodgins was enjoying her lunch. It had been eight years since she had left the Jeffersonian. Eight years of being married to Jack Hodgins. Eight years of not seeing her best friend, Cam, or a certain smokin' hot FB-eye candy.

I wonder if they've hooked up yet. She thought, as her husband joined her at the table with their three-year-old son.

"Mommy? When my sister born?" Christopher Hodgins asked in a whiny tone.

"She'll be born next month, buddy. Why?"

"I want her now."

"Sorry. I can't make her come now."

"Can't you give her time out?" He asked, eyes full of hope at the prospect of getting a sister early.

"No, we're gonna go visit Mommy and Daddy's old work. See some friends. You can meet Auntie Cam, Auntie Tempe and Uncle Booth."

"No." Christopher said quickly, crossing his arms and pouting.

Hodgins lifted his son up, threw him over his shoulder and tickled his sides, causing an eruption of laughter to boil out of young Christopher.

Angela was so caught up in the beautiful sight of father and son bonding that she didn't see the little girl walking through the restaurant.

"Sorry, Sweetie. I didn't see you, big belly and all."

The girl looked up at Angela confused, with eyes that Angela could only describe as gaping celestial holes in her pretty skull. They were big and blue.

"I've seen you somewhere before." The girl said.

"Impossible sweetie. I just got back into Washington, and I haven't been here for eight years. That's longer than you've been alive."

Jack and Chris had come back to see why Angela had taken so long.

The girl looked at Jack then back at Angela.

"I've seen both of you before."

"What's your name, sweetie?" Angela asked.

"Never talk to a man you've never seen, they can be naughty and mean. Women can hurt just as well, if you talk to strangers you better run like—"

"Okay then, sweetie. Why don't you go get your mommy and daddy?"

"I would but they're working."

"Why are you out here by yourself? You're so young." Jack asked.

"I'm not young. I'm six and a quarter. My brother said he'd come right back but he lied."

"How old's your brother?" Jack asked the girl.


"Can we call your parents?"

"I don't know the number."

By now, the little girl was sitting at a table in the restaurant. She ran a hand through her long brown hair.

"You have to tell me your name or something, sweetie. I can't help you until you do."

The girl looked unsure, hesitant.

"How about a first name?"


"Well, Maddy why don't we go get some ice cream."

"Never eat food from—"

"Okay, sweetie. Enough rhymes. Who taught you those anyway?"

"My daddy."

The girl gave Angela a very familiar thousand-watt smile and Angela almost died. His smile, her eyes and hair. No way!

"Hey, Maddy. Is your last name Booth by any chance?"