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Kayla Bolton barged into her parents' bedroom, carrying her teddy bear close to her. Her bottom lip was pulled into her mouth; she was sucking on it as her excitement grew. She looked at her sleeping parents, who were comfortable in each others' arms. Her six-year-old mind rolled its eyes. It was Christmas! She had been a good girl this year to get extra presents, and now she had to wait until her parents woke up.

Kayla crawled between her parents, looking back and forth at her mom and dad. She gently poked her dad's cheek with her little finger, giggling when he flinched at her touch and turned his face away. She poked him a bit harder, making him groan in annoyance as he buried his face in his pillow. Next, Kayla faced her mom. She shook her shoulder gently, earning another groan. Kayla rolled her eyes this time and jumped on the bed.

"Mommy! Daddy! Wake up!" she yelled, her little teddy bear hitting both of her parents in the face, waking them up easily.

Troy Bolton suddenly jumped up, falling off the bed with surprise. "Wh-where's the fire?!"

Sharpay Bolton bolted up, her eyes immediately searching for her husband and daughter; it was her instinct to look for her family first. Then her eyes settled on the blonde six year old jumping on their bed. She laughed and held her daughter down by her arms.

"Kayla, sweetie," Sharpay tried softly, but failing as Kayla kept jumping on their bed, struggling out of her mother's grip.

"Kayla, baby… Kayla!" Sharpay finally said with firmness in her voice. Kayla immediately stopped jumping and looked at her mother with her blue eyes widening.

"Uh, hello?!" Sharpay and Kayla simultaneously looked in Troy's direction. Troy's brunette head popped out from under the bed, rubbing his head. Sharpay covered her mouth with her hand to keep from grinning at her foolish husband. Kayla, on the other hand, started giggling uncontrollably.

"So not funny, Kayla," Troy told her playfully, laughing himself. He grabbed his daughter and spun her around, earning squeals from the little girl.

Sharpay shook her head, enjoying the father-daughter bonding. "Baby, why did you just wake me and Daddy up?"

Kayla smiled at her mother, her blue eyes twinkling with excitement again. "Mommy, don't you know what today is?" She looked out the window, pointing her short arm towards it. "It's Christmas today!"

"Oh, how could we forget?" Troy asked innocently, his own blue eyes twinkling. He gave his little girl a kiss on the forehead before shooing her out of the room. "Kayla, go get ready. Everyone's going to be here soon."

"Okay, daddy," Kayla replied, grabbing her teddy bear and running out of the room and into her own.

Sharpay walked over to the window, smiling at the falling snow that now covered the streets in blankets. Her hand laid onto the cold glass, sliding it down the smooth glass as goose bumps trailed up her arm.

Troy eyed his wife lovingly, smiling. He wrapped his arms around her small waist, kissing the crook of her neck softly. "Merry Christmas, baby," he whispered sweetly into her ear.

Sharpay giggled, turning around to give her husband a kiss. The kiss soon turned passionate and needy, well for Troy. As their hands started roaming each other's bodies, Sharpay suddenly stopped herself. It took all her will power to pull away from her husband's irresistible lips. Troy playfully pouted, kissing her again. And once again, she pulled away.

"Babe, we need to go get some food ready for the lunch," she complained. As much as she would love to stay in bed with her handsome husband, kissing and cuddling with him, they had a group of friends and family coming over for lunch and their little girl was an impatient person.

"But I wanna stay here with you," Troy whispered, pulling her closer, his kisses turning soft as they trailed from her lips to her ear.

Sharpay pushed him away gently, smiling softly. "I'll give you my present for you later if we go now."

Troy's eyebrows rose, immediately thinking of what she meant. His wife laughed, flipping her blonde hair behind her back as she walked out of her husband's grasp. His eyes followed her behind as it swayed back and forth.

Sharpay turned around, her mouth opening to tell Troy something. As soon as she saw his eyes focused on something else, she smirked and snapped her fingers. His eyes quickly shifted to her, his mouth turning into a cheesy smile. She rolled her eyes before quickly saying, "Everyone will be here in about three hours!"

Troy groaned and followed her out of their bedroom and into the kitchen.

Troy and Sharpay laughed along with their friends as they sat in the living room. Although it was cold outside, Sharpay was very warm without a jacket. She was sitting next to her husband with one arm behind him and one arm inside his shirt. The warm skin underneath felt amazing in the cold weather. Troy had his arm resting on her shoulder as the other hand held a drink for both of them to share.

"So, what did you give Sharpay, Troy?" Sharpay's twin brother, Ryan, asked curiously. He eyed his brother-in-law carefully, playfully trying to stare him down.

Troy chuckled and took his arm off Sharpay, walking towards their Christmas tree. He grabbed a flat, rectangular box covered in red wrapping paper.

"Here is my gift to you, Pay," Troy smiled before handing the small box to her. "But before you open it, I just want to tell you that I love you, and well, Merry Christmas." He smiled his cheesy smile again, making her laugh.

Sharpay excitedly tore the wrapping paper, her eyes lighting up. When she finally ripped it open, she saw a picture of them a long time ago in a pink picture frame that was decorated with little bits of diamonds. She smiled at the old picture as the flashback came to her of that special moment. They were looking into each other's eyes, leaning in to kiss. She was just in her sweats and he was just in his shorts and wife beater, but they still looked amazing.

They were in Sharpay's room when the picture was taken in high school. It was the day Troy had proposed to her. They had just finished graduation, and after a night of passion, Troy had slept over. The next day before going down for breakfast, he had suddenly grabbed her hand and knelt down on one knee. He presented a ring with a pink diamond on the middle with three little ones on each side. They were leaning in for a kiss when Ryan came in with a camera and took their picture.

Sharpay ran her hand over the picture, smiling bigger. She turned to look at Troy, tears filling her eyes. "When did you take this picture?"

Troy wrapped his arm around her, hugging her close to him again. "I didn't take this picture; Ryan did. Remember when I proposed to you? He came in at the right moment and took a picture." He smiled at her, and then turned to Ryan to give him a thankful smile.

Ryan smiled gently and put an arm around his wife, Gabriella Evans. Sharpay ran over to her brother to give him a tight hug as a thank you. Ryan chuckled as he hugged her back.

"Don't worry, sis," he told her. "You don't have to thank me. It was his idea to give it to you as a present."

"But… how come I just got it now?" Sharpay questioned both men. "Why didn't I get it eight years ago?"

Troy brought up his left hand and scratched the back of his head, smiling nervously. "Well, um, I was waiting for the right time…"

Sharpay narrowed her eyes at him, her French manicured hands on her hips playfully. "It took you eight years?!"

"You know I'm slow, babe," Troy retorted, putting his arms around her waist. "Do you like it though?"

She scoffed, crossing her arms. "Are you kidding me?"

Troy's face fell as well as his arms from her waist. He bowed his head, thinking she had greatly disliked it. As he reached his arm to take the frame back, his wife stopped him abruptly. He looked up at her.

Then Sharpay smiled a big smile and kissed his cheek lovingly. "I love it," she whispered softly, leaning in to kiss his lips.

"Whoa, none of that when we're around!" Gabriella interrupted their special moment. Her hands were up to her eyes, jokingly covering her vision from the two.

Sharpay pulled away, rolling her eyes jokingly. "Oh, shut up!" she told her sister-in-law. "I don't want to see you and my brother doing that either, Gabby." She stared Gabriella down, chuckling when she blushed.

"Anyways," Troy broke the two's playfulness, "who wants to give our kids their presents? They're getting impatient." He looked at his daughter who was gently poking the gifts underneath the tree.

"Daddy, can I go first?" Kayla asked impatiently.

Troy smiled before rubbing her head. "Yes, of course, sweetie."

Kayla joyfully grabbed the gift under the tree with her name written on it. She tore the wrapping paper as her excitement grew. Her eyes lit up as she saw a box with a beautifully decorated dollhouse on it. She looked at her parents and ran towards them to give them a hug.

"Thank you, mommy and daddy," she whispered into their ears. "I love you!"

Sharpay kissed her cheek. "I love you too, Kayla."

"Daddy, can you build me this dollhouse now?" Kayla asked her father, jumping up and down with the box in her hands.

Troy shook his head. "Later, Kayla, we're going to have a dinner first, okay?"

Kayla's face fell, but her smile stayed just as bright. "Okay, daddy. After?"

Troy nodded and kissed her head. "Love you, butterfly."

Kayla giggled before running into the kitchen yelling, "I LOVE YOU, DADDY!!!"