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Once Upon A Love

Not Alone Anymore

"No. I have never seen a picture of Edward Cullen before. I came here because he is the last living descendant of the Masen line dating back to an Edward Masen in 1918. We are not related by blood but through marriage, also dating back to that same Edward in 1918."

My eyes do not leave Edwards. I want so desperately for him to understand. For him to show some form of recognition. That he remembers me and our love. I know that it is far fetched. Not only do most vampires loose their human memories but I am also in the wrong time. Edward would have to suspend disbelief in order to believe that I am who I am implying. I should not let myself hope and I long for him to remember and take me into his arms and never let go. He is alive and that is all that truly matters. yet even as I tell myself that I know that if he doesn't remember me, or if he rejects me then I will truly have nothing left to live for. If that happens then I just might take my own life. If I can figure out how to accomplish that.

He smiles. My smile. The smile that Edward only ever gave to me. I would know, I spent weeks watching him when I was in the past. This smile has always left me feeling breathless and week kneed. Edward always thought that it was funny. I return my usual shy half smile. He knows. He remembers. Now what? Lunch is almost over and with these girls everyone will know that we have never met. I want to be in his arms now!

He passes by my table on the way out of the cafeteria. Darn, lunch is over and I have no time to corner him so we can talk. My frustration must be evident because he gives me another smile before leaving.

"Wow! Edward Cullen smiled at me!"

Say what? Bella really is delusional.

"He did. Did you see the way that he was looking at you to Harry. It was kinda weird though. It was like he knew you. Though it is really interesting how your families go way back like that. Oh what class do you have next? Maybe we have it together!"

Oh please let us not share the same class. Please, please, please!

"I have Biology in A3."

"Oh I have the same. I am lab partners with Edward but he rarely says anything to me. Maybe he is too shy. I am sure that he likes me but just doesn't want to say anything. Well we better get going lunch is over and Mr Braner hates it when we're late."

Why oh why could she not stop talking? I am going to have serious words with Edward about this whole mess. Starting with teasing him about his stalker and ending with telling him off about drilling manners into me. I really want to tell this chit to bug off.

As we enter Bella bounces off to take her seat beside MyEdward. Hmm, this just wont due. I have waited to long to let some bimbo try to make a move on my Husband and I really don't think that I could wait any longer to be able to speak with him. A mild compulsion on the teacher should do the trick.

"Oh, Mr Masen. So glad that you came to join us. We will have a full class again now that you are here. Hmm, where to put you. Ah I know! Bella could you please take the empty desk next to Tyler and Harry you can take the seat next to Edward."

Yes! Success!

No one seems to think that it is strange to make Bella move to the empty desk except for Edward who raises an eyebrow at me. I just shrug while trying to look innocent. He is definitely not buying it as he sends a smirk my way as I take the now empty seat.

"Now class we will be having these seating arraingments for the rest of the turm. So say hello to your now perminant lab partner."

Okay, so I didn't want him changing his mind later and moving me. Bella shoots me a dirty look. Like it was my fault that the teacher moved her. Well she doesn't know that so really she should not be blaming me. I hear Edward chuckle softly next to me. The sound is like water to a dieing man. How I have missed him. I know that we have much to talk about and I have much to explain but right now I am just going to enjoy being near him and for once not worry about the future. I have my Husband back and that is all that matters.

"Angel." He breaths. He still calls me that? After all this time. It sends shivers down my spine.

"Edward." I breath in return. " I have missed you so much."

"As I have missed you, Angel. I almost cannot believe that you are sitting right here beside me. If it were not for the fact that I can't sleep I would think that you were a dream." He stiffens as he mentions his vampirism. It must bother him but I don't care what he is as long as he is alive and if becoming a vampire enabled him to be with me now then I would not say one negative thing on the subject. I just hope that he accepts me when all is said and done.

"Silly boy. I'd kiss you right now if I thought I could get away with not making a scene. Relax. I am not going anywhere. Not again. Not anymore." This seems to make him relax as his grip on the table loosens.

"Why did you leave?"

"I didn't have a choice. They never gave me a choice and by the time that I could do anything about it, it was to late to go back. I thought you were dead." I keep my voice to a frantic whisper. I want desperately for him to believe me. To believe that I never had a choice in leaving him.

"Who forced you! What happened?!" Edward's voice raised slightly in furry. Would he still be mad at the others after he told the truth or would Edward's anger be focused on me instead? But really this wasn't the place to have this conversation. We could be overheard and we have to many secrets to share for that to happen.

"Mr Cullen! Is there something you and Mr Masen would like to share with the class? I will tell you now that if you continue to disrupt the class by not getting your work done, I will move you apart."

"Sorry Sir. It will not happen again." Smooth Edward, smooth.

'We'll talk later. Now is not the time or place Edward.' I scribble a note and pass it to him.

'I know. I have just missed you and feel frustrated that I have to wait.' Edward never was vary patient when he wanted things to happen.

'We will have to wait until after class at least.'

'Your willing to miss class? You never let me do that before.' True I had refused in the past to let Edward skip school to be with me but really, we haven't been together in so long that I was not going to wait if I didn't have to. Besides, Edward had probably been though high school at least once before anyway.

'True, but this is different. Do you know where we could go to be alone and talk?' I refused to let my mind think about what could happen after I told him my side of the story. I know I will not take his rejection well.

'Yeah I know a place. We can go after this class but for right now we better get to work. Mr Baner is starting to get annoyed with us.'

With that our conversation ended and I found that I had to focus on the material. This class was going to be harder than I thought. Why did I think that I could skip 6 years of Muggle schooling and still do the work? On top of that the material that Edward taught me in the past did not really measure up to the tests of time. If Edward is still talking to me by the end of today I am going to have to ask him for some serious help.

Class ended without anymore interference from the teacher but I know that we are going to have to be more careful. My spell could still be broken and would really take a few more days to become permanent. If we made to much of a disturbance the teacher could start thinking that he had made a mistake in the seating arrangement. Yet if we did nothing to draw attention and the spell set into place then the teacher would dismiss any disruption by thinking to himself that we at least go our work done.

I follow Edward out into the parking lot and we get into my truck. "What about your car Edward?"

"Don't worry about it. Alice knows that we're leaving and I left the keys in the car for her. Nobody would think of touching it, believe me."

How did Alice already know that we are leaving? She was no where near when we made that decision and because we were writing it down there is no way that she could have overheard it. Even vampire hearing cannot hear a written note!

"Okay. Do you want to drive since you know where we're going?"

"Yeah. You don't mind do you? I like to go pretty fast."

"I don't mind fast. If the truck can't take it, I will simply have to get a new one."

We got into the car and took off. I could see what Edward meant by liking to go fast.

"Don't you worry about getting pulled over?"

Edward looks slightly uncomfortable. Could this have something to do with his vampirism?

"No. But could I explain that later?"

I nod. I guess that I am right about it being a vampire thing. I try to remember everything that I know about them. I remember reading that Vampires sometime came through the transformation with a power. A representation of their strongest trait. I wonder if that was the case with Edward. If so, what was his power?

"So, if you can replace this old truck if I wreck it, why do you have it?" It seems that Edward does not like the silence after my last question.

"Well, I only bought this one because I didn't want to have to go back to Port Angelus to return it as a rental. That and I really didn't want to stand out." He grins at me. He knows as well as I do that I hate being the center of attention to a group of strangers. Family is different. Edward is different. I like it when I get attention from Edward but strangers? No thank you.

We stop by the side of the road that has a path beside it. Somehow I don't think that this is were Edward is taking me. He seems nervous as he makes his way around the truck to where I am standing.

"I know that I will have a lot to explain Angel, but I need to know, do you trust me still?"

What kind of question is that?

Okay so it is a logical question with the amount of time that we have spent apart. But still it hurts that he thinks that I would no longer trust him. Is he really that worried about being a vampire and my reaction? Doesn't he know that I already know? It should be me that is freaking out right now. I am the one that has to explain why I left, why I could not come back, not to mention the fact that I am a freaking WIZARD! But no, it is Edward that is all nervous and I think that is what is calming me down the most. He is so worried that I wont accept him and that must mean that he still wants me, therefore he should, I repeat should, still want me when he finds out the truth about me too. Right?!

"Of course I still trust you. I will never stop trusting you." He takes a deep unnecessary breath.

"Climb on my back then. It will be much faster than if we walked."

Oh, Vampire speed then. He seems confused when I don't ask for an explanation and simply climb onto his back. He takes a second and I just enjoy being so close to him. And then were off. Edward is much faster than my firebolt. I love this! We are so going to have to do this again once we are finished talking. I think that if he wants, Edward can run me anywhere he wants. Not that I would complain in the first place, but anyway.

Suddenly we stop and I find that I already miss the speed and exhilaration of being so close to Edward and going that fast with no real care. I always did like flying for that very reason. We have stopped in a small yet beautiful meadow.

"This is beautiful Edward! It is very much like the one that used to be a short distance from home!" Edward smiled at me. I think that he liked, and took for a good sign, that I still referred to his home in Chicago as home.

"Yes. I come here to think when I want to be alone from my family. I also came here to think about and to remember my time with you."

That phrase seemed to hang in the air. I know it is time for us to talk. I know that we need to talk and get this behind us if we are to move forward in our relationship. Hell, I still hadn't really told him that we are married. I know that we need this, but right now all I want to do is just sit in Edwards arms like we used to. Like we are right now. Surrounded by his beautiful meadow and simply bewith him. I don't want to think about the possibility that I might not ever have this chance again. That I might loose him again. Only this time there will be no getting him back. This time it might be forever.

"Could-could we just sit here?" He raises an eyebrow at me in question. He must know how scarred I am. He always was good at reading my moods and emotions. He said that it had something to do with my eyes. Even if he couldn't guess what I was thinking. "I just-being here-I never thought- will you just-" Tears escape my eyes and I know that he sees them as he lifts one hand to ketch them and wipe them away.

"Tell me what you want Angel? I will give you anything." I lean back into him.

"Hold me? Just for a while?" I feel him nod and he holds me closer to him. I feel safe for the first time since my so called friend ripped me from him in the past. "I know we need to talk but I just need-need to feel that you are here. That your not a dream. That your real."

He held me tighter for a moment. Then he turned me to face him. "We can take all the time you need Angel. I am not going anywhere and we have time. I need you too. I have missed you more than I have words to describe and now that you are here in my arms I am afraid that if I let you go then you will prove to be a figment of my desperate imagination."

I lean my head against his shoulder for a moment. I am a little cold but there is no way that I am moving for a very long time. I let my magic fill me to cast a wandless heating charm. Edwards words also fill me with a certain warmth. Oh how I have missed him. "Edward." I breath out. I feel him move as one hand comes to cup my face and turn it to face him. I look into his now topaz eyes and find that even though they are not the color that I remember, they are still just as full of expression as they used to be. They still looked at me with the same love that I saw in them the last time I was in his arms.

Slowly he leans down. Almost like he is waiting for me to change my mind and run screaming from him. Silly boy. I meat him half way and the kiss is like nothing we have shared before. It is tender and demanding, loving and lustful, and it is filled with every emotion that we have not been able to express of each other since we last parted. Breathing might become an issue for me but I still did not want this moment to end. We might still have a lot to talk about and work out but right now all that matters is that we are together. No matter how improbable and right now I didn't want to think about anything else but reassuring both Edward and myself that this is real.

I am forced to break the kiss and take gasps of air but it is worth it. I sink back into Edwards embrace and we simply enjoy the feeling of being together again. This is were I belong. Chicago might have been home before but now I realize that really I don't care where I am or what is happening. We could go back to England for all that I care. All that matters is Edward and the fact that I am now sitting in my husbands arms.

I am home.