Naruto Idol!!!!

(This is not my average fan fiction people!!! I usually don't do things like this, but I been having a nagging to do this. So here it is, Naruto meets American Idol. I hope you have fun reading this and if there is anything I need to change please tell me. Oh yeah this takes place after the Chunin Exams.)

It was a late afternoon in the Hidden Leaf village, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi had just got back from there most annoying mission yet. "I can't believe I got thrown up on by that baby." Said a blond spiky hair ninja. Naruto was still trying to wipe off the throw up.

"Yeah Naruto, we heard you the last hundred times you said it." Sakura sighed. She pushed a couple of lose bangs away from her face and looked at Sasuke. "Hey Sasuke, my mom is cooking chicken and rice tonight, do you want to come over and eat with us?" Sakura asked, the raven haired boy beside her.

"Sorry, I am doing something else tonight." The raven haired boy said flatly.

"Ooohh…." Sakura said sadly. "He is always too busy." She thought.

"Hey Sakura I will come over!" Narutp said excitedly.

"Uhh no thanks." Sakura said disgusted.

"Man, Sakura, never wants to go on a date with me." Naruto whined inside his head.

Kakashi looked at all three genin. "It will be a miracle if I'm still sane when I'm finished there training." Kakashi thought then he finally said. "Alright meet me at the bridge at seven in the morning tomorrow." Kakashi then left the three genin and headed to the Hokage's office to turn in his report.

"Well I will see you later Sasuke!" Sakura said cheerfully and headed home.

"Bye Sakura!" Naruto yelled.

Sasuke headed back home without another word.

The next day.

"Hey Sakura!" Naruto yelled as he ran over to Sakura and Sasuke.

"Hi Naruto." Sakura sighed.

Naruto glared at Sasuke. "Man what does she see in him?" Naruto asked himself.

This silence went on for a few hours, until they heard the fimiliar voice of there sensie. "Yo, sorry I'm late, I fell into a pitfall on the way here. (Funny thing Kakashi didn't have any dirt on him, or scratch.)

"Yeah, yeah, so what is our mission for the day?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"I was getting to that." Kakashi said. "We have to go to the Hokage's office to find out."

They followed Kakashi to the Hogake's office, there sat a really irritated Tsunade. "Kakashi, you and your team was supposed to be here an 4 hours ago."

"Sorry we got lost on the road of life." Kakashi answered.

"Road of life, you told us you fell into a pitfall." Sakura yelled.

"Well that's getting stuck, is it not?" Kakashi asked.

"Okay you can't talk about Kakashi's lame excuses later, now for the mission. You have been hired by Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol. Apperantly one of the people this year are not going to take no for an answer, so you will be going there to make sure that none of the contestants get out of line."

"Where is America?" Naruto asked.

"It is another continent outside of Japan." Tsunade asnwered

"Oh cool!" Sakura said.

"This will take place as long as the competition takes place." Tsunade sighed.

"So, when will we leave." Sasuke asked.

"You will be escorted to an airport, by Ryan Seacrest, tomorrow." Tsunade replied.

"Why so soon?" Sasuke asked.

"Because we didn't get the notice until yesterday, and Ryan says this is urgent that you hurry, so he can show you to the judges." Tsunade sighed.

"Alright leave it to me, Naruto Uzamaki!!"

"Good, get a good day's rest and meet Ryan by the gate and ten a clock, you will know him when you see him, and Kakashi don't be late." Tsunade said sternly.

Then the ninjas left each lost within there own thoughts about tomorrow.

(Hi, Momo here. I hope you had fun reading. I trying to make up names for contestants so please help me, and If you have any thing you want me to add or change, please tell me, and leave comments. I won't update till I get five reviews.)