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(Sakura's P.O.V.)

Well the morning was going great we made it to the Airport ten minutes before our flight left. Ryan thought that it would be better to ride the plane that the Contestants were riding instead of going on a Private plane, to save money and get to know the contestants better. Which Kakashi said wasn't a bad idea because then it would give us idea on which contestants to watch out for.

We walked towards the metal detector line thing and Simon stopped us before we went through. "I might want to talk to the guard about your weapons before you go through, we don't want any of you guys walking out in handcuffs."

"Yes, that would be bad now wouldn't it…" Kakashi laughed as he rubbed the back of his head.

As Simon went to go talk to the guard, Paula and Kara went to the gift shop that was two feet away from the line. I decided to go with them just to make sure they didn't get into any trouble. "These snow globes are so cute!" Paula gasped as she grabbed a Snow globe with a little Airplane in it off the shelf.

Kara smiled as she took a glance at it, then she started bursting out laughing as she caught a glimpse of something else. "Look, they have a Simon Cowell bobble head!"

Paula rushed over and grabbed it, "I am definitely buying this!" Paula said her voice going really high pitched with excitement.

I decided to look around myself, I saw really nothing of interest, but someone caught my eye. Raiku and Micheal were talking in the corner, their voices were hushed, and Micheal seemed to be agitated. "Hey guys," I called over to them.

Raiku looked at me first, he was still wearing sunglasses, but his shirt was a plain white color and he was wearing blue jeans.

"Hello, there Sakura, that is your name right?" Micheal asked as he walked towards me. His strange blue color skin matched his light blue shirt that had a white waves going across the middle and black shorts.

"Yes, that is my name," I answered sweetly as I shook his hand. "So are you guys ready for Hollywood Week?" I questioned.

"Ready as we will ever be," answered a hyper voice behind me. The long blonde headed Ricky Anderson was looking as spunky as ever. His Long Blond hair was draped around his face and he was wearing white gloves, some kind of weird bracelets on his arms and a red t-shirt the words 'big bang' on it. His bangs were covering one of his eyes and his other eyes were sparkling with anticipation and excitement.

"Hey, Sakura," Came Sasuke's beautiful voice that made my heart skip every time he spoke. "It's time to get on the plane." He said, his eyes searched the three contestants before returning his gaze back at me.

"Okay, see you guys in Hollywood," I bid them farewell and followed Sasuke.

I could feel a bit of uneasiness coming from him, which was unnatural. "You okay?" I asked as we headed down the long hallway towards the plane.

"I don't trust those three," Sasuke muttered. His voice was dark and menacing. Was he getting some kind of vibe from them that I was missing?

Kara and Paula were waiting for us at the end of the hallway. "The other guys got on the plane already." Paula said, her fingers were messing with the straps of the bag.

"Yeah, guys can be so impatient sometimes…" Kara sighed and Paula nodded.

I looked at Sasuke, his expression was unreadable, and I wasn't too sure if he was exactly paying attention. "How about we go in, we don't want to miss the flight," Sasuke suddenly spoke. I blushed as he looked at me then nodded and we followed him in.

We walked by numerous rows of people, they all looked at Paula and Kara. We had to stop, every 2 rows so they could give people an autograph and get a picture with the two celebrities. Sasuke was clearly getting agitated but he waited quietly. We finally made it to our seats just as the plane was about to take off.

"Sasuke, Simon thought you got lost or something!" Naruto yelled excitedly as we came towards the row that they were sitting in.

"Naruto, keep your voice down would you," Kakashi said sternly.

"Why?" Naruto asked, his voice was still loud and booming.

"Because, Simon has a headache, and we are supposed to be protecting them, not making them want to rip their hair out," Kakashi whispered that last part, and Simon gave Kakashi a thankful look before closing his eyes again and resting his head on the back of his seat.

"Okay," Naruto said, his voice much quieter this time.

Sasuke sat down closest to the window and I sat down beside him. Paula and Kara sat down behind us, infront of use was Randy and Simon, and Ryan was sitting beside Kevin Samuels one of the contestants from New York, Kakashi and Naruto were all the way in the front.

"Please take your seats, we are about to take off." Came the voice from the top of the plane. The plane started to move forward and it tipped back. My stomach felt queasy all of a sudden and I unconsciously grabbed Sasuke's hand that was resting on the arm rest. He looked at me, his eyes showing confusion. My face felt like it was on fire, I knew my face was tomato red.

Paula and Kara gave small giggles behind us, and I quickly let go of his hand. He gave me one final look before he returned his gaze out of the window; though this time he moved his hand on his knee.

I sat there in silence, except for the whispers and the giggles coming from behind me. My mind was focused on the feel of his hand, his hand was rough with the hours of training he did. Though they were also smooth in some kind of strange way, I couldn't describe it. I glanced at him through the corner of my eye. He seemed lost in thought, his eyes were transfixed on the puffy white clouds that we were flying through.

I was interrupted from my thoughts by a small tap on my shoulder, I turned around and looked at Kara an Paula. "Can you get Simon's attention? I need to show him the bobble head," Paula giggled.

I reached my hand to the sleeping form in the seat infront of me and gave it a small shove. Simon must have been a really light sleeper because he woke up with a jolt. "What?" He mumbled angrily.

Paula wants to talk to you," I answered. Ryan from the seat across from me gave a small chuckle.

"Oh shut up Ryan," Simon said sleepily as he got out of his seat and walked towards Paula's row. "What is it?" Simon barked, apparently angry that I had disturbed his slumber.

"I found a bobble head of you at the Airport gift shop," Paula laughed as she held the bobble head in front of his face.

Simon rolled his eyes as he took the bobble head then sighed. "You woke me up for this?"

"Yep!" Paula said playfully.

"And will there be romance this year on American Idol?" Ryan said as if we were on the air right now.

"I don't know Ryan," Kara started as she gave me a playful stare. "Ask those two." She pointed her finger and Sasuke and me. My face went flame red again.

Sasuke overheard it too, because he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "Well, this year will be the most interesting Idol yet" Ryan chuckled.

Kakashi had been listening too, because he gave a small chuckle and Naruto was confused onto what exactly was going on.

"Why are you laughing Kakashi?" Naruto asked as got on his knees and looked over his seat at us.

"Nothing, Naruto," I muttered.

"It's okay, Ryan teases me like this all the time." Simon murmured as he walked by me and took his seat.

"What on earth happened, I miss everything!" Naruto yelled frustrated.

I gave a small sigh; this was going to be a long flight.

I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my Cardigan

The plane ride finally ended, I was already embarrassed by my hand grabbing Sasuke's on the plane, like a child does to their parent when they are scared. Simon and Ryan's taunting weren't making it any better. Sasuke even was starting to show signs of annoyance and of course Naruto had no idea what was going on.

"What happened?" Naruto whined as Simon made another sly comment.

"Nothing happened, Naruto," I muttered shooting a death glare at Simon who merely smiled.

I followed Ryan who was still giggling upfront, towards the luggage pick up. I watched at the luggage belt, as the intercom that announced it starting up called it, moved the luggage around a big circle of people, and then disappear again into some kind of shoot only to return a few minutes later, seeming to hopefully be picked up.

Ryan grabbed his bag off the belt and helped Paula next with hers. He looked at me and gave a me a smile, "Can you find yours?" He asked.

"Yep," I replied as my pink bag came around the belt, I quickly grabbed it and watched as the others grabbed theres.

"Man, this is so awesome!" Naruto yelled as his luggage came to him. "They should make a Ramen belt that brings you all sorts of Ramen!" Naruto said excitedly as he day dreamed.

I shook my head, "Cha, he is such a dork!" My inner self barked, I was fuming with irritation.

Sasuke who was standing a few feet from me, gave me a quick glance and said quietly, "Calm down, your Chakra is reacting to your irritation."

I nodded and tried to get control over myself plus, if I didn't let their teasing get to me, then maybe they would stop.

Welcome to the land of Fame excess,

Am I gonna fit in

We walked out of the airport with our luggage in our hands, the city was huge. "Wow," Naruto said exasperated.

"Welcome to Hollywood," Ryan said, just as he had welcomed us to New York.

"Is there anything interesting we should know about this place?" Kakashi asked, remembering the comment about being mugged in the street in New York.

"Besides this is the place where movie magic happens, then no not really," Simon answered for him.

Jumped in the cab,

Here I am for the first time

Look to the right and I see the Hollywood sign

This is all so crazy,

Everybody seems so famous

A limo was waiting for us outside the Airport and all the Hollywood contestants were calling cabs. We waved them a short farewell and headed inside the limo.

It was a little overwhelming at first all the bright lights, the many people, and the thousands of wild fans that waved and hollered at us as we drove by. "Look, there is the Hollywood sign, dogs." Randy smiled.

"Awesome!" Naruto screamed as he looked out of the window, his eyes were glowing and glittering with excitement and amazement.

"It is impressive," Kakashi stated, his one eye giving off a glimmer of amusement.

Sasuke didn't seem to have noticed, because he kept quiet and only gave it a passing glance. He seemed lost in his own thoughts and it was worrying me a little.

"So," Paula started as she crossed her legs. What do you guys think of American Idol so far?"

"It's awesome, though the fire was a little scary," I replied.

"Hmm, it certainly does have some interesting contestants, though Jack Silverston, I would keep an eye on him." Kakashi said. I remembered the man clearly, he was the one that almost got denied his chance to go to Hollywood, he reached for his back pocket when Simon almost said no.

"Yeah, Raiku and his little squad should be closely watched too." Sasuke said.

Kakashi gave him a curious glance and asked casually. "Did they do something suspicious?"

"No," Sasuke sighed and added, "I just don't have a good feeling about them."

"Alright," Kakashi nodded and went deep into his own thoughts.

Ryan whispered something to Randy and he gave a small giggle. "What's so funny?" I asked curiously.

"Oh nothing," Randy smiled.

"Sure," I thought annoyed.

"Naruto, what are you doing," Kakashi asked as the blond Hyper active Knuckle head ninja stood up in the Limo.

"Hey, does this window on the roof open," Naruto questioned the driver ignoring Kakashi completely.

"Yeah," The Limo driver answered confused as he pushed the a button on the dashboard that opened the window.

"Oh yeah!" Naruto yelled happily as he stuck his head out of the sun roof. "We are in America!!!!! I'm Naruto Uzamaki and I am a judge on American Idol!" He shouted out the sun roof, his hair was flying wildly, and his eyes were starting to water.

"What on earth is he doing, CHA!" My inner self demanded, though no one could hear her but me.

Kakashi grabbed the back the back of Naruto's orange jacket and forced him to sit down in the seat. "Naruto, please don't do that," Kakashi sighed as Naruto gave him a foxy grin.

"Man, dog!" Randy laughed as he watched as Naruto made a second attempt to the Sun Roof. "You sure are excited to be in Hollywood."

"You bet!" Naruto smiled, his weird whisker birth marks were becoming a bit more noticeable.

Paula laughed as I slapped my forehead with my palm, I was getting really annoyed with Naruto's little energectic outbursts.

"So," Simon started as he took out pictures of the 300 contestants that we sent on to Hollywood week. "Which one is your favorite?"

"I like Ricky Anderson and the Taro girl," Naruto said enthusiastically.

"Yeah, Ricky Anderson is cool, but Raiku was a good singer too." Simon said as he remembered the kind of dark character.

"So what is this about a Bikini girl, Kakashi asked as his hands went to his weapons pouch, probably searching for his stupid book.

"Oh, it's nothing," Simon said, his face starting to have a tint of peek around the cheeks.

"It has to be something," I said becoming interested.

"No!" Kakashi shrieked, which scared the living daylights out of all of us.

"What's wrong," Sasuke said suddenly, his ninja instincts kicking in. He grabbed the Kunai in his Kunai hoilster.

"I didn't bring my book," Kakashi whined, a look of despair came across his only showing eye.

"You yelled and scared half to death…..FOR THAT!" My inner self yelled furiously.

"Kakashi, you scared us…" I sighed.

"Same old Kakashi," Naruto laughed I and we headed towards the American Idol building, as the Song, "Party in the U.S.A" came on the radio hmmm, a perfect song to play at a time like this.

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