Wo0t! Pretty long chapter for me. I'm really working on making sure I finish this story. I HATE leaving stories unfinished, it drives me crazy. I'll try to write up chapters as fast as I can but I can't promise how soon updates will come and such but I am going to finish this story. I hope you enjoy this new update, it was really fun to write! ^^


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"PART 9"
Riley walked through the front doors of East Carolina University with Ben and Abigail. The three had claimed they were interested in attending the university and wanted to look around campus. They had gotten day passes and had been allowed to spend the day looking at whatever they wanted. Of course they were only interested in looking at one thing and that was where they went to first, Joyner Library. They quietly walked through the library before they got to the case that held the ring. It was on top of a velvet pillow amongst other trinkets that had been discovered around North Carolina.

Riley was sure there was some type of security system that would sound the second they decided to take the ring. If that didn't alert security then the sound of breaking glass would, then Riley got an idea. He walked up close to Ben and whispered the idea to him and he gave a pleased face.

"I'll take care of the ring, you and Abigail stay here," said Ben, and a moment later he left and Riley approached Abigail and told her the plan.

"Not bad, Riley," she said, and Riley gave a fake bow. "We better not hang around here or it will throw suspicion."

Riley and Abigail left the library and went into the main building, trying to look as though they really were checking out the place. As Riley passed by a classroom he stopped and looked through the open door. A very familiar face was coming out of the classroom and laughing with an older man who looked like a professor.

"Enjoy the rest of the university," the man said, and then the other person looked at Riley and smiled.

"Riley Poole," she said, laughing. "Are you following me?"

"Susanna," said Riley, and Abigail seemed to recognize the name from Riley mentioning Susanna a few days ago and discreetly continued on. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm looking to join the university, it may be a little later than most people but I figure you're never too old to learn," Susanna said, shrugging. "What about you?"


"That's great! Why did you decide to look here?"

"I've been looking lots of places," Riley said, trying to think of a plausible lie. "I heard the faculty here is one of the best though and it has some classes I'd really like to take. How about you?"

"I grew up here and I decided to come back home and see my family and they've convinced me to stay."

"Would you care to look around the university together?"

"I'd love to."

Riley fell in step beside Susanna and thought about what a small world it was to run into her here. They walked together around the various places in the university and talked a bit about themselves. Susanna explained that she wanted to become a veterinarian assistant because she had always loved animals. Riley told her he wanted to try out computer science because he was best working with electronics. As they were passing near the library again Riley saw Ben looking at a few displays, trying to look discreet.

"Could I meet you later for dinner or something?" asked Riley, and Susanna smiled.

"Yeah, I'd like that," she replied.

"Great! I'm sorry to have to leave you so soon but I came here with my friend, Ben." Riley pointed at Ben. "And he gets touchy when I flake on him."

"Oh! That's okay, I was planning to leave soon, I've been here since this morning and seen just about everything. Do you still have my number?"


"I'm staying in a hotel about 20 minutes from here, call me and let me know what time you're picking me up."

Susanna kissed Riley on the cheek and then waved goodbye as she walked away with Riley's eyes glued to her as she went. Abigail had come from the opposite side from Ben and Riley turned away from Susanna and wrapped his arm around Abigail as they walked into the library. Once they were in front of the case with the ring Abigail wrapped her arms around Riley's neck and smiled at him.

"Are you ready for this?" she whispered.

"Yeah, do you have it?" asked Riley, and Abigail just nodded. Not a moment later Riley heard Ben making quite the scene as he decided to stomp into the room.

"What the hell is this?" he asked, looking between Riley and Abigail. Abigail pretended to look shocked and Riley tried to mimic her as she pulled away and began to play with her. "Are you cheating me on me, Abigail?"

"So what if I am?" asked Abigail, stepping towards Ben. "It's not like you've ever paid enough attention to me to care what I do in my spare time."

"That's not true!"

"Oh, really? This has been going on for months and you were never suspicion of anything! We've basically thrown it in your face and you're only noticing now because there's nothing else in this place that's more interesting than me to you."

"How could you do this to me, Riley?" Ben asked, walking towards Riley and grabbing him by the shirt. "You're supposed to be my best friend!"

"Maybe if you treated her better I wouldn't have spent so much time trying to console her," Riley replied. Ben then pushed Riley back, hard, and he fell into the case knocking it over and causing him to fall on it as the glass shattered all around him.

"Look what you've done!" Abigail cried, walking over to Riley and kneeling next to him, he saw her switching out the rings discreetly as she leaned over him. "Now who's going to pay for this mess?"

A moment later guards were hovering around them. Once Riley got to his feet they escorted them all into an empty room and Riley happily sat down as his whole entire body now ached. He had glass poking into various parts on his body and his back was killing him.

"What was that all about?" a male overweight security guard asked, huffing a bit from having to move around more than usual.

"I'll tell you what it's about, officer," said Ben. "I found my girlfriend cheating on me with my best friend."

"Is this true?"

"Yes, it is," said Abigail, standing beside Riley and fussing over him. "If you knew how he was you'd be cheating on him too."

"Don't try to pin this all on me, Abigail, you-" Ben tried to say but the guard cut him off.

"I don't care what problems you folks have," said the guard. "You were lucky all the items in that case were tough and not able to be broken or you'd be in worse trouble. As it is you've damaged our property and we're going to need you to pay for that. You have also been banned from ever stepping foot inside East Carolina University again. Understand?"

"Abigail, give me my checkbook," said Ben. Abigail rolled her eyes and pulled a checkbook from her purse and handed it to Ben. He took the checkbook and the guard handed him a pen and told him the price. Riley's eyes grew big at how much it cost to break a stupid glass case but he knew Ben could afford it. Ben ripped the check off and handed it to the guard.

"Great, now get the hell out of here," the guard said, and Abigail helped Riley stand and all three of them walked out of the university and out to the parking lot where they had parked their rent-a-car. Ben got into the driver's seat and Riley carefully slid into the back as Abigail took shotgun.

"That was perfect!" Ben said, laughing. "They really bought it."

"I would have liked a stunt double," Riley groaned.

"How are you doing?" Abigail asked, turning around in her seat to look at him.

"Honestly, I hurt. I have glass everywhere and it is really annoying, they're like little splinters but much more painful."

"We'll get to the hotel and I'll help you get the glass out."


Ben had started the car and was pulling out onto the street.

"Who was that brunette I saw you talking to in there, Riley?" asked Ben.

"Susanna," Riley replied.

"No kidding, the girl you met at the airport?"

"That same one."

"What a coincidence."

"I have a dinner date with her tonight."

"Way to go, Riley!"

Ben winked at Riley in the mirror and he saw Ben take his right hand and slip it into Abigail's and bring it to his lips, where he kissed it. Abigail smiled lovingly at him and Riley wondered when Ben was going to buck up and propose to her already.