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A/N: I wrote this story over the summer, but it wasn't fanfiction. I read it over and realized that this could have been Johnny's life as a child. So enjoy it!

It's Friday. Mommy and I are eating dinner. We talk about school. She talks about college and I talk about kindergarten. We finish and mommy tells me to go to my room to color. I know what it means, so I run to my room.

Daddy comes home and he says something I can't understand because the door is in my way. Mommy calls him drunk. I don't know what it is, but it doesn't sound fun. He yells and calls Mommy a slut. I don't know what that is either.

He says that it was bad that she had me at sixteen. He calls me a terrible mistake. Mommy says that I'm not a mistake and, even if he is, he's the best mistake I ever made!" I don't think that I'm a mistake. I do everything Mommy tells me.

He's not my real daddy. He met Mommy two years ago. He was really nice then.

Our house is little. It's really nice to play in. Daddy doesn't like it on Fridays. He says if Mommy got off her butt and got a job instead of going to school, he would have it made. Mommy tells him if she finishes school, he'll have it made.

They fight about a lot of stuff. I don't understand most of it, but if I said the words Daddy says on Friday, my mouth would always taste like soap!

They fight forever. At first they only use words, but I can always hear a smacking sound. Daddy hits Mommy. He does it a few times and leaves the house. It gets really quiet.

Mommy comes into my room. Her face is starting to turn purple. She looks like a robot because of her eyes. I hug her for a minute, to make her pain go away, but then she leaves. I hug my teddy bear.

He doesn't hug as good as Mommy when it's not Friday.