I wrote this story many years ago and as such I don't have any plans to return to it and fix up any mistakes there may be. This was a story I greatly enjoyed writing and still love returning to and reading again ever so often. I didn't write this story to win any awards, I did it for fun and I just hope that those who read it can enjoy it as well and feel how happy the story made me when I wrote it! Thanks to reviews I have received I will briefly address two things. One, Sawyer is indeed, for the most part, a Mary-Sue but I love her anyway, this is a disclaimer for those who despise Mary-Sues. GET OUT NOW! :p Two, Thanksgiving is celebrated in this fic and in my defense I was 8 when the Sorcerer's Stone was published and it took me a few years to connect how the books were actually set in England and by then the story was mostly wrote and I loved the chapter so much I didn't feel like changing it. Maybe someday I will but not this day. Lastly, the first 10 chapters were written way back but starting with chapter 11 I just began writing again after publishing this fic. So, imo from 11 up the writing is a bit better.

Fun fact, I wrote a one-shot prequel to this story, as it is my baby, explaining the origins of how Sawyer came to be. Don't worry; it's PG at the most. I'll also be posting it once I get the entire story completely posted up.

Read, review, love, or not. :p



In the middle of an inconspicuous town on a nameless street was an old, worn, tired looking house. The lot where the house sat was bare, not a hint of greenery could be seen making it appear as though it were deserted. Inside the old house was a man by the name of Severus Snape. His long, lanky body proved to lessen any intimidation brought on by his coal black eyes and consistent scowl, complete with a head of greasy black hair. He paced back and forth in his living room, taking a break now and again to look at the clock. He stared at it expectantly like someone was going to jump out at him at any minute, it read 11:55pm and it was only getting later by the minute.

A loud crack of thunder echoed through the house and he knew it was going to rain, he had known when he looked up and saw the clouds burdened by the heaviness of water they needed to pour out on the world. Severus sat down momentarily on a worn sofa and looked around at the small house, taking in the few pictures and awards that hung on the wall. With so few possessions he was capable of packing quickly and leaving on a moment's notice. Severus stood up and began pacing again; suddenly he heard a crack and walked to the door just as he heard a knock. He opened it and standing on the other side was a figure completely covered by a black cloak but Severus knew who was hidden underneath the hood. The figured stretched out its hands placing a small bundle in Severus' arms and gave him a long, sad look. Then the rain began to pour down and the figure looked up.

"I can't keep her, Severus," the figure said with a gentle female voice. "We both know why, if she ever asks she has my hair and I'm sure enough she'll know she has your eyes."

With that the woman leaned forward and kissed the child inside the bundle on the cheek, leaving a tear streaking down the child's face.

"Be safe, my love," she said, then stepped back and walked away, vanishing before Severus' eyes, the sound silenced by that of thunder. For the first time Severus looked down at the small child in his arms, looking into a pair of coal black eyes mirroring that of his own. He reached out a long pale finger and wiped the tear from the child's face but before he had withdrawn his hand a tiny fist reached out and grasped his finger. It was right then looking down at this child, his daughter, that Severus Snape felt true love. The love of a father for his daughter, a love he never expected to be blessed with in his lifetime.

"I shall call you Sawyer, after my father's sister," Severus said softly, and Sawyer smiled, he knew it was a smile and nothing more or nothing less. She was Sawyer Snape, one of the final reasons he decided to fully leave the Dark Lord. He would never want his daughter to do or see the things he had done. Severus would raise her right, the fact she had no mother was anything but a burden, she would have a father. A father that would teach her everything she needed to know and then some, and for once Severus Snape saw his future as something more than just bleak.

For once he had a reason to live and at this moment it was looking up at him, clutching his finger. In that moment she was smiling with a smile that Severus recognized, she would look like her mother and Severus wasn't sure if he liked that or not.